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Dundee, RoyalBk.,KingSt.,R.M.Brodie
" Royal Bank, W. Port, H. West
" Rl.Bk.,CastleSt., G.M'Kenzie
" Union Bank, D. S. Ferguson
" Aberdeen Town & County Bk.,
[J. Lowe
" North, of Scotland, A. G. Fleming
DuNFEEMLiNE Bank of Scotland, J. Barclay
" British Linen Co., J. Landale
" City of Glasgow Bk., J. Ross
" Commercial, D. G. Rutherford
" National Bank, W. Beveridge
DuNKELD, Bank of Scotland, J. Duff
" Commercial Bank, G Carphin
" Union Bank, J. Dickie
DuNLOP (Ayrshire), Clydesdale Bank, T. Laidlaw
Dunoon, City of Glasgow, A Mitchell
[and A. Mitchell, Jan.
" Union Bank, W. Munroe
Dunning, Union Bank, M. &M.H. Lawson
DuNSE, Bank of Scotland, R. F. Hardy
" British Linen Co., J. Wylie
" City of Glasgow, J. 0. Robson
" Royal Bank, W. A. Hunter
DuENO (Pitcaple)....Aber. Town& Co., G.Webster
Dysaet, Bank of Scotland, A. Harrow
Eaglesham, Clydesdale Bank, J. Tassie
Earlston, Commercial Bank, H. Balfour
East Kilbeide, City of Glasgow, Patrick Riach
East Linton, National Bank, Jonathan Hall
Ecclefechan, Royal Bank, T. Shankland
EcHT, Aberdeen & County, J. Coutts
Edinbuegh, Bank of Scot, So. Dist., R. B. Mathie
" do. Newton, C. Bruce
" do. Greenside, D. J.Wilson
" do. Morningside, Wm. Watson
" do. Stockbridge, J. Hewat
" Brit. Lin., S. Clerk St., J.W.Urquhart
" do. 141 Princes St., E. Chancellor
" do. George IV. Bridge, D.Curor
" do. Canongate, C. Ferguson
'' City of Glas., Grassmarket, G. Steele
" do. Hunter Sq., H. S. Pillans
" do. Hanover St., Wm. Bain
" Comra., 30 Grassmarket, R. M. Russell
" do. West End, 1 Shandwick
[Place, T. S. Mitchell
" do. 100 So. Bridge, P. Robertson
" do. 2 Greenside PI., J. Gulland
" do. 4 N.W. Cir. PI., Rt. Comrie
" Clydesdale, George Street, J. Greenhill
« do. High St., H. T. Thomson
" National, Head Office, W. J. Duncan
" do. Leith Walk, J. Moodie
" do. Nicholson Square, M. Ross
" do. Princes Street, A. M. Fraser
" do. ToUcross, A. L. Fyfe
" ' do. Haymarket, J. Donaldson
" Royal Bank, Hunter Sq., W. Morton
" do. Newington, J. T. Peacock
" do. Hope St., Geo. Andrew
" do. Victoria St., Robt. Walker
" do. Pitt Street, T. A. Thomson
" do. Leven St., T. Swanston
" Union Bank, West-end, T. Gordon
do. 54 Geo. St., J. M. Gow
" do. 25 Downie PL, J. Morton
" do. 168 Canongate, A.S.Nimmo
" do. Newington, A. M. Touch
Edzbll, Union Bank, J. Guthrie
Elgin, British Linen, Brandon & Gall
" Caledonian Bk., W. Macdonald
" City of Glasgow, J. Jameson
" Commercial Bk., A. Mackenzie
" Nor. of Scot., H. M. S. Mackay
" Royal Bank, A. Russell and
[Forsyth & Stewart
" Union Bk. of Scotland, J. Milne
" Bank of Scotland, A. Cameron
[and J. Allan
Elie , National Bank, W. R. Ketchen
Ellon Aberdeen & County, J. Rae
" North of Scot. Bank, T. Milne
" Union Bank, G . F. Raeburn
Eeeol, Union Bank, T. R. Kinmont
Eyemouth, Commercial Bk., A. J. Dawson
" Royal Bank, W. Carter
Falkiek, Bankof Scot., D. M.Peebles
" Clydesdale, Russell & Aitken
" Commercial Bank, C. S. Gauld
" National Bk., J. A. Henderson
" Royal Bk. of Scot., J.&W.K.Gair
Falkland, City of Glasgow, C. Gulland
Feiockheim, North of Scotland, G. Tocher
Fauldhousb, National Bank, J. Sutherland
F'BY-P'T-ON-CEAiG,City of Glasgow, J. White
Fetteecaien, City of Glasgow, Alex. Don
Fife (Keith) North of Scot., H. H. Smith
Fochabers, UnionBk.of Scot., H. R. Levay
" Aberdeen Town & County Bank,
[C. Grey
Foefae, Bank of Scot., Robert White
[and D, Einny
" British Linen, W. Gordon
" Commercial Bank, G. Lyon
" National Bank, J. Young
" Royal Bank of Scot., J. Yeaman
[and David Steel
" Union Bk. of Scot., W. Lowson
FoEEES, Brit. Linen Co., J. D.Davidson
" Caled. Bank, R. & A. Urquhart
" City of Glasgow, Jas. Michie
" National Bank, F.C. Mackenzie
Foeteose, Caledonian Bkg. Co., P. Grant
Fort- William, British Linen, N.^B. Mackenzie
" Bank of Scotland, D. M'Leish
" National Bank, D. MacNiven
[and E. Cameron
Feaseebuegh, Aberdeen & County, W. Park
" Bank of Scotland, R. Smith
" North of Scotland, A. Watson
" Union Bank, G. Wallace and
[J. Blackball
Fyvie, Aberdeen & County, J. Mackie
Gaieloch, Caledonian Bank, A. Burgess
Galashiels Bk.of Scot.,W. & A. Rutherford
" British Linen, G. D. Craramond
" National Bank, W. Haldane
" Royal Bank. R. Stewart
" Commercial Bank, Jas. Small
Galston, Union Bank, J. Hendrie
Gaedenstown, N. of Scot. Bk. Co., D.Chalmers
Gatehouse (Fleet),. Bank of Scot., H. D. Glover
" Union Bank, W. Cairns
Gabmouth, Caledonian Bank, James Mill
GiEVAN, .....City of Glasg., R. Cunningham
" Commercial Bank, W. Murray
" National Bank, A. Martin

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