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Corporation Buildings, Sauchieiiall St.
The Hon. the Lord Provost, president ; the Lord
Dean of Guild, the Deacon Convener, and J. Hannan,
vice-presidents; M. Bannatyne, honorary secretary;
W. Connechie, acting secretary ; W. W. Watson,
treasurer; R. Greenlees, W.S.A., head master; A.
Banner, second master; R. Brydall, third master;
E. Patrick, assistant; A. Russell, mechanical draw-
ing ; J. B. Paul, assistant ; D. Thomson, archi-
tectural drawing ; J. Quinten, assistant; D. Glen,
280 George Street.
In union with the Society of Arts, London.
This institution was founded for the purpose of
affording systematic, literary, scientific, and practical
instruction to operatives, people in business, and their
children, on self-supporting principles. The qualifi-
cation for membership is, to be entered as a student
in any of the classes for six months, to pay for a
pupil or student for the same period, or subscribe 5s.
Bailie A. Osborne, president; J. Wylie, F.E.I.S.,
vice-president ; T. Cowan, treasurer ; J. Craig,
secretary ; and twelve directors.
Local Board of Examiners for the Society of Arts.
— Major G. Anderson, M. P., chairman; Rev. G.
Jeffrey, Rev. J. M'Kay, Rev. H. S. Paterson, M.D.,
Rev. W. Leggatt, Rev. W. Muckersie, Rev. W. C.
Smith, Rev. J. Isdale, Rev. T. B. M. Niven, vice-
chairmen; R. Dalglish, M.P., R. Somers, T. Menzies,
F.E.I.S., H. A. Lambeth, D. B. Hutcheon, F.E.I.S.,
T. Morrison, A.M., J. Meikleham, J. Mossman, J.
Wilkinson, D. T. Aiken, F.E.I.S, D. Fletcher,
F.E.I.S., J. M'Birnie, M.D., A. MTaggart, F.E.I.S.,
T. Neil, F.E.I.S., Bailie Osborne, Bailie Salmon,
J. Donald, F.E.I.S. ; J. Craig, secretary to the Board.
Founded in the 12th Century.
Patrons, the Hon. the Lord Provost, Magistrates,
and Town Council. Committee of management,
the Lord Provost, Bailie W. Miller, Bailie Salmon,
the Dean of Guild, W. Bannerman, W. Collins, J.
Hamilton, R. Lochore, tertius, R. Neill, A. Neilson,
R. G. Ross, W. Walls; Bailie Salmon, convener;
Bailie W. Miller, sub-convener.
Latin, Greek, Classical Geograplry, History, and
Antiquities, W. S. Kemp, B.A., head master; I). H.
Paton, second master; John Hutchison, M.A., as-
sistant master, elected 1866.
French and German, Felician A. Wolski, elected
English Grammar, Composition, Elocution, His-
tory, &c, J. Bell, elected 1859.
Mathematics, Geography, Arithmetic, and Natural
Philosophy, J. Bryce, M.A., LL.D., F.G.S., elected
Writing and bookkeeping, John D. Maclean,
elected 1868.
Drawing and Painting, J. A. Hutchison, elected
Natural Science, W. Keddie, elected 1867.
Fencing and Gymnastics, C. Long, elected 1867.
Janitor, John Clark, elected 1855.
The session commences on 1st October. The
vacation begins on the 1st of June, and ends on the
1st of August.
43 Ropework Lane.
Rector, A. Sim, F.E.I.S. ; First Master, A. Wat-
son ; Second Master, G. M'Pherson ; Third Master,
T. F. Connor ; Fourth Master, J. Chapel ; Music
Master, W. H. Lithgow; Matron, Miss J. Baxter;
janitor, J. Armour.
President, H. E. Crum Ewing, Junr., Esq. ; vice-
presidents, Messrs. H. M. Hannan, A. Sloan, J.
Reid, J. A. Spens ; treasurer, J. R. Rainey, 12 St.
Vincent Place; secretary, J. Ritchie, tertius, 175
Hope Street ; convener of Cricket Committee, J. E.
Orr, 49 West George Street ; convener of Football
Committee, J. W. Arthur, 11 George Square;
convener of Literary Institute Committee, W. Arrol,
16 Dixon Street.
Only former pupils of the Glasgow Academy are
eligible as members.
Elmbank Place— Established 1846.
President, Anderson Kirkwood, LL.D. ; directors
the President, H. Baird, W. G. Blackie, Ph.D., h!
Brown, D. H. Lusk, J. Stevenson, J. H. M'Clurc,
P. White, W. M'Ewan, W. Anderson, W. Brown,
M. M'Call, W. Mackenzie, Dr. J. Coats, J. K. Brown',
A. Arthur, and the Secretary ; secretary and
treasurer, J. S. Fleming; rector, D. Morrison, M.A.
Classical Department — Head masters, the Rector,
A. Watson, A. 0. Barrie, M.A., and W. Whitelaw,
M.A. French Department — J. Amours, B.A.
German Department — C. Schlomka, M.A. English
Department — head master, W. B. Moyes, M.A. ;
assistants, J. Galloway, H. S. M'Intyre, J. D. Fitz-
gerald, and J. Thomson. Mathematical Depart-
ment — head master, W. Marr; assistants, W. Ness,
J. Brown, and J. Barles. Writing and Book-keeping
Department — head master, J. Maclaren ; assistant,
J. Macewan. Natural Science — W. Keddie. Draw-
ing Department — C. Woolnoth, W.S.A. Fencing
and Gymnastic Department — C. Long. Vocal
Music — J. M'Lelland. Dancing and Deportment —
Messrs. Thomson. Janitor, II. Hogben.
His Grace the Duke of Aigyle, patron ; the Right
Hon. the Earl of Eglinton and Winton, president;
Dr. A. D. Anderson, St. Vincent Street, honorary
vice-president; Hon. the Lord Provost, Principal
Barclay, W. Buchanan, Esq., R, Dalg-lish, Esq.,
M.P., J. Jamieson, Esq., Sir A. Orr, W. Euing,
Esq., P. Clouston, Esq., vice-presidents; Rev. Dr.
Henderson, Dr. N. M'Leod, Dr. A. M'Ewan, A.
Galbraith, J. C. Bolton, D. Barr, W. Kerr, A.
Hannay, D. Y. Stewart, W. Galbraith, W. M'Onie,
G. Thomson, Rev. Dr. Smith, Cathcart, Rev. R. S.
Oldham, G. Smith, W. Millar, W. Paterson, A.
Arthur, H. Muir, A. Whitelaw, directors; S. M.
Penney, 16 St. Vincent Place, secretary; D.
Macmaster, 71 Queen Street, treasurer; Dr. A. D.
Anderson, 159 St. Vincent Street, Dr. T. M'Call
Anderson, 1 Woodside Crescent, physicians; J.
Thomson, teacher ; Miss Coutts, matron ; Miss
Ritchie, assistant matron ; R. Docherty, W. Cald-
well, J. Richardson, assistant teachers.

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