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Old Wynd.
Day and Evening Classes. — Mr. Liddell,
head master.
Kitchen for domestic training.
Home for Working Girls and Training of Ser-
vants. — Miss Thomson, superintendent.
47 Geeenhead Street.
Founded on a bequest to the city of Glasgow, by
the late James Buchanan, for the maintenance,
education, and industrial training of destitute boys.
The pupils reside with their friends at night, but
receive three substantial meals daily at the institution.
They are taught reading, writing, and arithmetic,
besides the elements of navigation, gymnastics,
tailoring, shoemaking, and carpentry, to fit them for
the navy and army, the merchant and marine ser-
vice, and as emigrants to the colonies. Three hun-
dred and forty boys are educated and maintained at
the institution.
Directors — From the Town Council, the Hon. the
Lord Provost, Dr. MTntyre, Bailie T. A. Mathieson,
J. Burt; from the Merchants' House, the Lord Dean
of Guild, A. Ronaldson, M. Connal, and W. Holms;
from the Trades' House, the Deacon-Convener, T.
Blyth, J. Mair, and D. Black. Governor and head
master, Rev. W. Leggatt; matron, Miss E. Porteous;
medical attendant, W. Reid.
(rottenkow and mossbank, millerston.)
Established 1847.
The Right Hon. Lord Blantyre, patron ; The Hon.
W. Rae Arthur, Lord Provost, president; Sir J.
Campbell, of Stracathro, R. Dalglish, M.P., A.
Galbraith, P. Clouston, Sir J. Lumsden, Professor
Sir W. Thomson, W. Graham, M.P., A. Orr Ewin?,
M.P., W. Buchanan, J. Blackie, jun., C. C.
Mackirdy, vice-presidents.
The Managing Committee. — W. Connal, Chair-
man, W. M'Ewen, Lord Dean of Guild, R. Aitken,
G. Beith, A. Birrell, H. Brown, jun., J. Campbell,
J. Carmichael, T. C. Christie, P. Clouston, W.
Crichton, R. D. Douglas, T. Ferguson, C. B. Findlay,
W. Holms, A. Kay, T. Murray, Rev. D. Menzies,
Dr W. MacGill, Rev. J. M'Kay, C. C. Mackirdy, J.
M'Laren, H. Neilson, Dr J. Paterson, G. Ralston, J.
Ramsay, A. D. Rutherfurd, J. Scott, D. Smith, J.
Stevenson, R. Walker, jun., D. Wallace, J. B.
Wingate, G. Younger.
House Committee for Rottenrow. — W. Crichton,
House Committee for Mossbanh. — J. Campbell, of
Tillichewan, convener ; A. Rutherfurd & J. W.
Guild,, C. A., auditors; Dr W. MacGill, medical officer;
E. Simpson Macharg, 138 West George Street,
treasurer and secretary.
Number of inmates, December 31, 1869, boys,
385; girls, 243. Total, 628.
R. Dalglish, M.P., president ; the Hon. Lord
Provost Arthur, W. Graham, M.P., Sir J. Campbell,
Sir W. Thompson, LL.D., F.R.S., vice presidents ;
Extraordinary directors, the Very Rev. Principal
Barclay, Prof. A. Thomson, M.D., F.R.S , Prof. W.
T. Gairdner, M.D., Prof. Grant, LL.D., F.R.S., R.
Napier, J. Tennant, M. Provan, C.A., W. Euing, A.
Galbraith, R. Ker, Rev. W. C. Smith, D.D., W.
M'Ewen, Dean of Guild, W. Holms. Trustees, W.
Rae Arthur, Esq., J. M'Clelland, Esq., J. Gourlay,
Esq. Ordinary directors, R. Leggat, chairman, G.
Chapman, M.A., vice-chairman; J. Gray, treasurer.
A. R. Wright, J. Allan, J. Struthers, R". Munro, J.
B. Wright, J. Paterson, T. A. Broadbent, J. L.
Watson, A. Herriot, T. Lapraik, M. D., G. Spiers, A.
Young, G. M'Leod, R. Lochore, J. Steele, J. Hutche-
son, M.A., J. Gardner, T. Kennedy, J. Leitch, J.
Birch, Rev. W. H. Cave. J. Murdoch & Rodger,
solicitors, 48 West Nile Street. H. Johnston,
The object of the institution is to place within the
reach of the public the fullest and most recent infor-
mation on all subjects of general interest, whether
commercial, literary, or scientific ; to provide an
agreeable place of resort in the intervals of business;
to excite, especially among young men, a taste for
intellectual and elevating pursuits ; and to secure
the means of its gratification by affording the utmost
facilities for systematic study, in various branches of
useful knowledge. Terms of subscription, life mem-
ber's ticket, transferable, fifteen guineas ; do. do.,
not transferable, ten guineas ; for gentlemen above
21 years of age, 20s annually; do. do., lis. half-
yearly ; do. do., 6s. quarterly ; for gentlemen under
21 years of age, 15s. annually; do. do., 8s. half-
yearly ; do. do., 4s 6d. quarterly ; ladies (for use of
library only), 7s 6d annually.
Incorporated a.d. 1869: a Section of the
The object of this society is the advancement of
the art and science of Architecture, and the art inte-
rests of the various trades connected therewith. The
membership is therefore largely composed of the prin-
cipal tradesmen occupied in building operations, as
well as architects. The rules contemplate meetings
of the different professions and trades for discussing
subjects interesting to themselves, if in accordance
with the objects of the society ; and require that
nearly half the council of management must be archi-
The following are the office-bearers for the year
ending Nov., 1870. President, C. Douglas, LA.;
vice-presidents, A. Thomson, LA., and J. Mossman,
sculptor ; hon. secretary, H. K. Bromhead, LA., 159
West George Street ; hon. treasurer, J. Howatt,
measurer, 146 Buchanan Street; councillors, J.
Thomson, LA., D. Cottier, glass painter, J. Macdon-
ald, brickbuilder, J. Salmon, LA., W. Connell,
plumber, T. Russell, iron founder, C. T. Bowie,
painter, A. Watt, architect, J. Honeyman, jun.,
LA., W. M. Clark, LA., J. J. Stevenson, LA., and
J. Hay, ventilating engineer. Late vice-presidents,
A. Kenned}', LA., and J. Steel, modeller.
The meetings are held the third Monday evenings
in the months of Oct., Nov., Dec, Jan., Feb., Mar.,
at eight o'clock, in the rooms of the Philosophical

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