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Robertson, Wm. Easton (of John
Robertson & Co.), ho. Blairbeth
Robertson, Wm. Easton, Blairbeth
Robertson, Wm. watch and clock
maker, 14 Main St.; house, 15
Chapel st
Rodgers, Thos. Murray, teller,
National Bank of Scotland, 431
Gallowg. city ; ho. Rutherglen
Rogers, John, clerk, Farme Col-
liery ; ho. 23 King st
Ross, Alexander, spirit merchant,
54 Main st
Ross, George S. grocer and spirit
merchant, 18 Main st. ; house,
21 Cathcart st
Rowan, W. H. (at John & James
White's), house, Clydeford
Rush, Jn. pawnb. 127 Main st
Russell, Archibald, coalmaster,
Shawfield park, Glasgow rd
Russell, Archd. Sunnyside Brick
Works, Wishaw; vitrified pipes,
&c. ; ho. Shawfield park
Rutherglen EconomicalVictualliDg
Society, 8 Main st
Sawers, James, fruits and confec-
tions, 1 King st
Scott, Wm. surgeon, Renther ho
Scottish Provincial Assurance Co.
1 Glasgow rd
Scouler, John, 25 Cathcart st
Scouler, Mrs. spirit dealer, 29
Glasgow rd
Seath, Thomas B. shipbuilder ; ho.
Shaughnessy, J. wine and spirit
merchant, 108 Main st
Shaw, J. C. clergyman, 112
Main street
Shearer, A. spirit dealer, 1 and 3
Chapel st
Shearer, George, grocer and dairy-
man, 66 Mill st
Simpson, Rev. George, of Bridge-
ton, 87 Old Dalmarnock rd. ;
house, South villa
Smart, Alex, (at Stonelaw Colli-
ery; ho. Wellhouse
Smart, Walter, agent for the Scot-
tish Union Insurance Company,
23 Cathcart st
Smart, Walter, teller, City of Glas-
gow Bank, .104 St. Vincent st.
city ; ho. 23 Cathcart st
Smart, Mrs. 23 Cathcart st
Smith, William, blacksmith, 10
and 12 Glasgow rd. ; house, 39
Chapel street
Stevenson, Rev. William F. manse,
Main st
Stewart, And. (at Arthur & Co.'s,
city), ho. Gillbank, Bourtreehill
Stewart, D. grocer, grain, and
provision merchant, 123 Main
st. ; ho. 121 do
Stewart, Wilson, & Co. power-loom
manufacturers, Burnside Weav-
ing Factory
Stewart, Wilson, & Brodie, power-
loom cloth manufacturers and
merchants, Burnside Factory
Stobo, Mrs. Alex, spirit dealer, 96
Main st
Stonelaw colliery office, 36 Ar-
gyle arc. city ; wks. Stonelaw
Taylor, Alexander, hairdresser, 11
Cathcart st
Tennent, James, confectioner, 154
Main st
Thomson, A. restaurant,40 Main st
Thomson, John, inspector of poor,
99 Main st. ; ho. 40 Mill st
Thornton, P. shoe maker, 114
Main st
Turnbull, M. B. M.D. physician,
57i Main St. ; ho. 70 do
Veitch, Alex, (of Veitch, Bolden,
& Co.), ho. Westfield cottage
Walker, J. grocer, 48 Main st. ;
house, 50 do
Wallace, James, agent, National
Bank of Scotland, 53 Main st. ;
ho. 51 do
Wallace, James, portioner, 62
Main street
Wallace, Robert, draper, clothier,
boot and shoe maker, 60 and 62
Main street
Warnock, D. flesher, 27 Main st. ;
house, 25 do
Watson, William & David, tin-
plate workers, bellhangers, and
gasfitters, 175 Main st
White, John & James, chemical
manufacturers, Shawfield works
White, J. (of J. & J. White), ho.
Shawfield, & Ardarroch, Gare-
White, J. (of J. & J. White), ho.
Overtown, Dumbarton
White, John Orr (at J. & J.
White's), ho. Havfield
White, John C. 80 Wilson st. ;
residence, Corselet, Dumbarton
Wilson, Alexander, baker, 33
Main street
Wilson, J. grocer, 38 Burnhill st
Wilson, J. grocer, 151 Main st. ;
ho. 158 do
Wilson, Mary, draper, 160 Main
st. ; ho. 162 do
Wilson, Robert, spirit merchant,
29 Main st. ; ho. 31 do
Wilson, W.T.(of Stewart, Wilson,
& Co.), Braehead villa, Cathcart
Wilson, W. T.(of Stewart, Wilson,
& Brodie), ho. Braehead villa,
Wright, W.T.(of Clyde Paper Co.),
house, Eastfield
Wylie, And. grocer, 19 Cathcart
st. ; house, 17 do
Adam, John, Larchgrove
Adam, Wm. (at John Robin &
Co.'s), Housegreen, Shettleston
Alexander, J. farmer, Roughazie
Alexander, Robert, farmer, Easter
Alexander, R. farmer, Roughazie
Anderson, James, farmer, Sandv-
Baird, Jas. spirit dealer, Middle-
Baird, John, farmer, Cartsheugh
Brown, B. Matthew, manufactur-
ing chemist, Parkhead ; house,
Manscroft cottage, Shettleston
Buchanan, Andw. Greenfield
Buchanan, J. spir. deal. Carntyne
Cameron, W. C. bootmaker, 383
Gallowgate ; ho. Carntyne
Campbell, James, post-office, and
Campbell, Peter, schoolmaster,
Eastmuir Schoolhouse
Carmichael, Thomas, grocer and
provision merchant
Cassels, Mrs. Elizabeth, Lodge
Clark, W. spirit dealer, Wellshot
Crawford, And. farmer, Craigend
Cullen, James, general smith,
Gartocher rd ; ho. Eastmuir
Duncan, Geo. engineer, Shettles-
ton ; ho. Eastbank hall
Dunn, John (of Robt. Gray & Co.),
house, Ferndean, Shettleston.
Dunsmore, J. grocer and spirit
Forbes, P. millwright and engineer
Gairdner, Charles, manager of the
Union Bk.; resid. Mountvernon
Gardner, Wm. carter, Crownhill
Gerrand, A. teacher and registrar
Gilchrist, J. S. & C. dyers, Miln-
croft dveworks
Gilchrist," W. (of W. Gilchrist &
Co.), Milncroft
Gilchrist, Wm. Milncroft house
Gilchrist, Mrs. Milncroft house
Gilmour, J. grain dealer
Goldie, Wm. spirit dealer
Gray, Robert, & Co. Westmuir
Colliery ; office, 2 Oswald st
Hamilton, James, farmer
Hamilton, John, grocer and spirit
merchant, Eastmuir
Hamilton, T. farmer, Hollowglen
Henderson, J. farmer, Sandyhills
Hill, Wm. writer (of Hdl, David-
son, & Hoggan), 106 Ingram st.;
ho. Barlanark
Houston, John, manufacturer, 105
Miller st. ; house, Sandyhills
Hunter, Wm. Springboig house
Jack, Jas. grocer and spirit deal-
Firpark pi
Johnston, Rev. Gilbert
Johnston, John, farmer, Blackfalls
Law, Duncan, & Co. engineers,
boiler, and agricultural imple-
ment makers, railway waggons,
and iron house builders, &c.
Leckie, Robert, grocer, Sandyhills

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