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Livev, Wra. grocer and spirit deal.
Lyall, Hector (of H. Lyall & Son),
house, Sandyliills
M'Causland, Jn. Gartcraig house
M'Causland, Captain Robert Hall,
Gartcraig house
M'Gregor. B. grocer, Eastmuir
M'Lauchlan, Rev. P. St. Paul's
Catholic Church, Eastmuir
M'Nair, Stocks, & Dixon, coal-
masters, Greenfield, and Gars-
cube collieries ; offi. 65 Jam. st
M'Nellie, James, grocer and spirit
merchant, Cardowan
Mackay, John, (of Mackay & Co.),
house, Bertrohill
Mather, Alex. Wellshot house
Mather, Reston, Provanhall
Mather, Robt. Cranhill
Melville, John, Loanwell cottage
Melville, John, warehouseman (at
W. & G. Millar's, cross), Loan-
well cottage
Millar, Wm. smith, Roughazie
Mountvernon Coal Co. works
Murdoch, Alex, farmer, Gartcraig
Murdoch, Jas. farmer, Carntyne
Panton, Jas. of Garthamlock, coal-
masters, Garthamlock house
Park, Archd. wright, Eastmuir
Park, Mrs. grocer, Middlequarter
Paterson, James, M.D., consulting
physician, Craigend house
Perrett, Miss, dressmaker, East-
bank hall
Rae, R. agent for Carntyne estate,
Westmuir coal office
Reid, Robert, spirit dealer, Bar-
Reid, Rev. S. W. Sandyhills cot.
Reid, Wm. spirit dealer, Middle-
Richardson, J. grocer & spir. dlr.
Smillie, J. smith, Middlequarter
Smillie & Wilson, wrights, Middle-
Squire, Robert, builder, Eastmuir
Stark, Wm. joiner, Roughazie
Stodart, John (of Law, Duncan,
& Co.), engineers
Stokes, James, coalmaster (of
M'Nair, Stokes, & Dixon), ho.
Struthers, Wm. grain dealer, Bar-
Thomson, G. bootmaker, Eastmuir
Todd, John, land proprietor, Glen-
duff hill and Sandyhills ; house,
Viewfield house
Todd, Richard, South Mains
Turnbull, John, Birlinnie
Watson, Wm. wood merchant
Watt, Robert (at Ralston, Good-
win, & Co.'s), ho. Carntyne
While, Charles, spirit dealer
White, Wm. teacher, Roughazie
Wilson, Andw. North Mains
Wilson, John (of Wilson & Craig),
ho. Glenduff hill
Wooler, Robert, furniture agent,
School row
Wyper, John, Wellhouse
Yates, Michael, quarrier, contract.
52 West Nile street ; ho. Well-
house cottage
Yeates, Andw. & Co. coalmasters,
Young, Geo. farmer, Springboig
Allan, Thos. & Sons, ironfounders,
Springbank Iron Works, and
North Woodside Iron Works
Allan, Thomas (of Thos. Ahan &
Sons),' Garrioch Hall, Mary hill
Allan, Thos. jun. (of Thos. Allan
& Sons), ho. Springbank Iron
Allan, Wm. & Co."! brickmakers,
Hamiltonhill Brick Works
Barclay, John, Woodside house
Begg, Allan P. cashier, Kelvinside
mines ; house, Athole place,
Bishop, Andrew, spirit merchant,
478 Garscube rd. ; ho. 490 do.
Brechin, Archd. contractor, Pink-
ston rd. by Keppoch hill
Bryce, John, wine and spirit mer-
chant, Keppoch hill
Calder, James, wine and spirit
merchant, 100 Possil rd. ; ho.
3 Windsor ter
Caider, James, grocer, 144 Possil
rd. ; ho. 3 Windsor ter
Caldwell, John, wine and spirit
merchant, Keppoch hill, and 37
Milton st. ; ho. 42 Milton st
Cameron, John, smith, Hamilton
hill toll-bar, Possil rd
Chalmers, John, victualler, 76
Pinkston rd
Cochran, Robert, flint and whiting
mills, North Woodside rd
Cowie, A. Keppoch hill house
Cowie, A. & Co. Keppoch Iron
Works, Keppoch hill
Cowie, James, Keppoch Iron
Works, Keppoch hill
Crumble, John, grocer, 49 Rockv.
Possil rd
Donaldson, W. spirit merchant,
154 Possil rd.; ho. 183 Craig-
hall rd
Forrest, J. 181 Craighall rd
Garscube Glass Works, Firhill rd.;
R. & W. Watson, flint glass
Gordon, Andw. Keppoch store
Gordon, John, grocer, Keppoch hill
Graham, Walter, & Co. ironfdrs.
art metal workers, pipemakers,
gas, water, & heating engineers,
Firhill Foundry
Graham, David, sen. (of D. & G.
Graham), Rosebank cot. Eastpk.
Graham, Geo.(of D. & G. Graham),
ho. Rosebank cottage, Eastpark
Graham, Walter, ironfounder and
Gunning, John, & Co. Glasgow
Salt Works, 60 Firhill rd
Guthrie, Jas. cashier, Possil col-
liery ; ho. Oakbank house, ofF
Possil rd
Haddow, Archibald, storekeeper,
Possil Colliery; ho. 196 Gar. rd
Hardie Bros, brickmakers, Sheep
mount, Garscube rd
Harold, James, manager, Kelvin-
side estate, Kirklee
Henderson, Wm. bottle manufactr.
Well rd. Keppoch hill ; ho. do.
Johnston, Henry, Kelvin cottage,
Maryhill rd
Johnston, Walter, builder, 371
Keppoch hill rd
Johnston, Wm. farmer, Craighall
Possil rd
Koehler, Hermann, pianomaker,42
Buchanan st. ; ho. Keppoch hill
Laing, Robert, timekeeper, Possil
colliery; ho. 183 Craighall rd
Laing, Misses, Eastpark, 210 Gars-
cube rd
Lapraik, Henry, Eastpark cottage,
Garscube rd
Lefevre, M. Eastpark, Garscube ret
Lennox, Alexander, baker, 179
Craighall rd
Lindsay, Adam, cabinetmaker,
112 Possil rd
Lindsay, Peter,mason, 118 Possil rd
Linn, J. F. Broomhill house
LinD, Rev. John F. A.M. proba-
tioner, Free Church, Broomhill
ho. Garrioch, Springbank
Linn, Jas. Broomhill ho. Garrioch
Linn, James (of James Love &
Co), Broomhill ho. Garrioch
Loudon, David, baker, Possil coly.;
ho. Oakbank house
Lowrie, James, Craighall
M'Farlane, Peter, joiner and house
proprietor, 5 Hinshaw st. off
Garscube rd
M'Gill, Thomas, wine and spirit
merchant, 467 Garscube rd; ho,
198 North Woodside rd
M'Mekin, Wm. spirit mercht. 171
Craighall rd. Port-Dundas
M'Dougall, John, spirit merchant,
140 Possil rd ; ho. 142 do.
Mackie, James, dairyman, 18
Maryhill rd
M'Innes, Arch, (of Shaw & M'ln-
nes), Eastpark
Malcolm, James, cartwright and
joiner, Hamilton Hill toll bar,
Possil rd
Malcolm, Robert, builder, East
Malloch, J. & Co. patent and
rolled, and rough plate glass
manufacturers, Firhill, Garscube

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