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Gorman, Wrn. W. Southcroft
Gow, Alex. ; house, Clydesdale
Gow, Alex. Clydesdale Dye Wks
Gray, Geo. writer and depute-
clerk of the peace, County
buildings, 111 Brunswick st. ;
ho. Balvaird
Gray, John R. (of Armour, King,
& Gray), ho. Bellevue
Greenhill, D. surgeon, 20 Main
st. ; ho. 22 do.
Grove, Wm, plumber, gasfitter, &
zinc worker, 58 Main st. ; ho.
71 do.
Gunn, Ales, inspector of county,
police; office, 101 Main St.;
ho. 20 Westmuir place
Hall, David, Newton villa, off
Stonelaw st
Hamilton, G. Southcroft, Shawfi.
Hamilton, John, justice of peace
constable, 69 King st
Hamilton, Robert, & Co. stone
manglers, glaziers, and calender;
ho. Muirbank
Hamilton, Wm. boot and shoe
maker, 50 Main st
Harvey, Wm. tinsmith and gas-
fitter, Cathcart st
Harvey, Mrs. dealer in china,
crystal, and earthenw. 18 Queen
st. ; ho. 50 King st
Hastie, Mrs. Mary, spirit mer.
93 Main st
Heald, Mrs. furnish. 39 Main st
Hendry, Mrs. grocer, 9 Main st
Higgins, Arthur, boot and shoe
maker, 61 Main st. ; ho. 59
Main st. Bridgeton
Hill, John M. (of R. & J. M.
Hill, Glasgow), house, Shaw-
field house
Hood, Robert, manager, Stonelaw
collieries ; ho. Sherwood cot
Horsburgh, Robt. manager, Clyde
Paper Mills ; ho. do.
Inglis, James, 363 Rutherglen rd
Innes, Mary, grocer and provision
merchant, 6| Westmuir place ;
house, 22 do.
Johnston, Gordon, salesman, Eco-
nomical Victualling Society, 8
Main st. ; ho. 47 Mill st
Johnston, James (of Alex. Hope,
jun. & Co. city), house, Sheriff
park, off Mill st
Johnston, Ronald, pledge sale
shop, 92 Main st
Kerr, Robert, spirit dealer, 3 Main
st. and 2 King st
King, Andrew (of Armour, King,
& Gray), ho. Shawfield cottage,
Glasgow rd
Kirk wood, J. spir. deal. 47 Main st
Kirkwood, J. contractor,36 Kingst
Kirkwood, Wm. carrier, Little la
Lang, Robert, tailor and clothier,
36h King st
Lane;, W. grocer and prov. mercht-
147 Main st. ; ho. 86 J King st
Lawson, A. tailor, 25 Mill st
Leitch, Peter, spirit merchant, 75
King st. ; ho. 73 do.
Leitch, Wm. &Son, machine mak.
iron turners, and smiths, 51
Greenhill rd. ; ho. 126 Main st
Lennox, Mrs. milliner and dress-
maker, 167 Main st
Livingston, Archd. cartwright, 5
Chapel St.; house, 21 Main st
Love, Geo. wine & spirit mercht.
22 Westmuir pi. ; ho. 24 do
M'Athy, Mrs. Thomas, grocer, 13
New st
M'Call, Alexander, Birmingham
commission agent, 11 Union st.
city; ho. 103 King st
M'Callum, Elizabeth, pawnbrok-
ing sale shop, 164 Main st
M'Donald, Andrew, slater, 144
Main st
M'Donald, John, blacksmith, 12
Stonelaw st. ; ho. 13 do.
M'Feat, Thos. tailor, 16 Main st
M'Fee, James, plumber and gas-
fitter, 15 J Main st. ; ho. 170 do.
MacLeim, Thomas, farmer; house,
High Crosshill farm
M'Lean, W. & Son ; dyeworks,
Clydesdale ; office, 129 Hope st
M'Leod, Mrs. A. fruiterer & con-
fectioner, 26 Main st
M'Nish, Joseph, draper & clothier,
30 Main st. ; ho. 28 do.
M'Phee, Dugald, slater and plas-
terer, 24 Mill street; house, 13
Oswald st. Bridgeton
Matheson, John Campbell (of Neil
Matheson & Co.),ho. Torbollho.
Matheson, John (of Neil Matheson
& Co.), house, Eastfield
Matheson, Neil, & Co. Turkey-red
dyers, Eastfield dyework
Miller, John, spirit dealer, 174
Main st. and 1 Stonelaw st
Miller, Mrs. W. baker, 49 Main st
Milne, John B. (at Clyde Paper
Mills), ho. 9 Newhall ter. Brid.
Mitchell, Lewis, librarian, book-
seller, and stationer, Town Hall
buildings; ho. 103 Kingst
Mitchell, Wm. wright, 14 and 16
Glasgow rd.; ho. 6 Chapel st
Mudie, Corbet (of Miller & Mudie,
city), ho. Rock cottage, Green-
hill rd
Murdoch, Alex, coffeehouse, 31
King st
Murray, Donald, agent, City of
Glasgow Bank, 1 Glasgow rd
Murray, Donald, collector of poor
rates, 1 Glasgow rd
Murray, Donald, agent for Scot-
tish Provincial Fire and Life
Assurance Co. 1 Glasgow rd
Murray, Hugh, plasterer, 82 King
st.; ho. 10 Main st Bridgeton.
Murray, James, brickmaker and.
brickbuilder, Chapel st.; ho. 52^
Canning st. Calton
Murray, Mrs. J.baker, 23 Mainst
Murray, Robert S. banker, City of
Glasgow Bank, Glasgow rd.; ho.
Prospect hill, Cathcart
Murray, Robert S. collector and
treasurer to Rutherglen police
commissioners, 1 Glasgow rd
Neilson, Thos. grocer and spirit
dealer, 141 Main st
Norfolk Farmers' Cattle Insur-
ance Society; D. Murray, agent,
1 Glasgow rd
Paterson, Adam, writer, 45 West
George St.; ho. Springhall
Paterson, Robert, teacher, Bridge-
ton Public School, 96 Main st.
Bridgeton ; ho. Berelands
Paterson, Agnes, wine and spirit
merchant, 95 Main st
Peat, Wm. (of Scoular & Peat),
ho. Cathcart st
Peatie, Mrs. milliner and dress-
maker, 173 Main st
Picken, John, grocer and spirit
merchant, 153 Main St.; house,
Peddie, Matthew, 41 Chapel st
Pinkerton, J. gardener, Goose-
berry hall
Pinkerton, James, sen. (of J. Pin-
kerton & Son), ho. 43 Main st.
Pinkerton, James, wholesale and
retail grain and provision mer.
45 Main st.; ho. 43 do
Pollock, H. B. boot and shoemaker,
4 Castle st
Pollock, Matthew, wiue and spir.
merchant, 145 Main st. ; house,
300 Mauldslie ter. London rd
Public Library and Working Men's
Club, Town hall
Reid, Francis Robertson, Stonelaw
Colliery ; house, Gallowflat
Reid, Hugh, saddler ; house, 84
Main st
Reid, James R. Stonelaw Colliery;
house, Woodburn
Reid, James Robertson, Justice of
the Peace for the Lower Ward;
house, Woodburn
Reid, Wm. spirit dealer, 132 Main
st. ; ho. 74 do
Reid, William, grocer, 72 Main st
Richardson, A. & S. grocers and
provision dealers, 86 Main st. ;
house, 88 do
Richardson, James, com. traveller,
7 Chapel st
Riddell, Alexander, wine and spirit
mercht. 66 Main street ; house,
170 do.
Robertson, Davd. Stonelaw towers
Robertson, James C. Blairbeth
Robertson, John (of J. Robertson &
Co. city), ho. Blairbeth
Robertson, John ; resid. Blairbeth

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