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Patroness — The Queen,
The Hon. G. F. Boyle, M.P., Millport, commodore ;
Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart, vice-commodore ;
William Houldsworth, rear-commodore; Adam Mori-
son, T. L. F. Livingstone, Robert Blair, R. F. Shaw
Stewart, Charles T. Conper, jun., David Richardson,
Captain Thomas Swinburne, R.N., Thomas Houlds-
worth, A. S. Schaw, J. M. Rowan, Francis Powell,
and James Smith, stewards.
Abercromby, A. A.
Adam, John L.
Addie, Gavin
Addie, James
Addie, John
Aitken, James, jun.
Aitken, Robert
Allan, Francis B.
Alston, George
Arbutlinot, George C.
Arnott, Thomas L.
Arthur, James
Baird, James
Baird, George
Ballantine, James
Ballantine, James
Barclay, Robert
Baxendale, J. Hornby
Baxendale, R. B.
Beresford, J. Claudius
Binnie, Robert
Binny, A. J.
Blair, Robert
Bourne, Peter
Bourne, Major Thomas
Boyle, Hon. Geo. F.
Brenan, P. P.
Bridson, Harry
Brodie, John A.
Brown, A. J. Dennistcun
Brown, Hugh, jun.
Browne, R. Bennett
Buccleuch, Duke of
Buchanan, Andrew
Buchanan, John
Burns, John William
Byrne, Andrew E.
Caird, James T.
Cameron, Donald C.
Campbell, Lieut. -Col. D.
Campbell, James, jun.
Cheetham, C. F.
Cockburn, Henry D.
Colvin, William
Collinge, James, jun.
Cooper, Henry R.
Couper, Charles T., jun.
Cowan, John
Cowan, John
Crockatt, George
Dalglish, R., M.P.
Darcus, Solomon
Davidson, Robert
Dempster, D. F.
Dennistoun, Alexander
Dennistoun, Alex., jun.
Donald, Thomas
Douglas, Colonel John
Dundas, George H.
Dunlop, James
Dunmore, Earl of
Duteste, Ernest
Eglinton&Winton,Earl of
Elder, George
Ellice, Edward, M.P.
Ellis, Clement
Ewing, Archibald Orr
Ewing, H. E. C, jun.
Ewing, John Leckie
Ewing, Patrick
Fergusson, Hickson
Finlay, Alex.S., M.P.
Finlay, Alexander
Fleming, James Nicol
Forrester, James M.
Fraser, Peter Scott
Fraser, William
Galbraith, Andrew
Gibb, Elias
Gibb, William
Gilkison, Robert
Gilmour, William M.
Glasgow, Earl of
Graham, R. C.
Graham, W. C.
Hamilton, Capt. J. G. C.
Hamilton, G. W.
Hankey, Captain W.
Hannan, James
Hawkins, Henry
Hay, William, jun.
Henderson, Robert
Hill, Lawrence, jun.
Higginbotham, Edwin
Hinshaw, William, jun.
Holms, Robert Kerr
Houldsworth, Henry, jun.
Houldsworth, J. H.
Houldsworth, J. Muir
Houldsworth, Thomas
Houldsworth, William
Huggins, W. B.
Jackson, Thomas
Jamieson, James F.
Johnstone, David
Kennard, Arthur C.
Kerr, Robert
Kidston, George J.
Kidston, Richard
King, Samuel
Kippen, Durham
Kippen, Richard
Lamont, James, M.P.
Lang, H. Morris
Law, David
Leadbetter, R. H.
Leitch, Adam
Livingstone, T. L. F.
Lloyd, John J.
Lockett, Joseph
Lowndes, John J.
Lumsden, George
Macewen, Robert F.
Macfie, Robert
Macfie, John
M'Goun, D. J.
Macgregor, A. B.
Maciver, Charles
Mackenzie, Sir W., Bart.
Mackinnon, Peter
Maclaren, R.
MacLellan, A. H
Macleod, Kenneth
Macleod, Norman A.
Macnair, Andrew
Macnaughton, A., S.S.C.
Mair, Hugh
Malcolm, John
Malcolm, Samuel S.
Malcolm, William
Maxwell, Herbert E., yr.
Meldrum, Edward
Mills, John Stewart
Mitchell, Moncrieff
Morrison, Adam
Muir, Alexander
Muir, Thomas
Muir, William
Murray, George
Napier, Robert
Neilson, Walter M.
Oipherts, Francis M.
Orde, Sir John P., Bart.
Orr, James
Orr, John
Oswald, Alexander
Patten, Hugh M.
Pattison, Alexander D.
Penney, David J.
Phillip, John, R. A.
Pirrie, John
Pirrie, Robert
Powell, Francis
Rainv, George II.
Rait,"C. J.
Ramsay, Peter T.
Ranken, A. A.
Redfern.W. M.
Reid, Francis R.
Reid, James
Reid, John
Reid, John Eaton
Richardson, David
Richardson, James
Richardson, Rev. H. H.
Richardson, John
Richardson, Thomas
Robertson, R. Hope
Robertson, R. William
Robinow, M. E.
Rolls, Alexander
Rowan, J. M.
Salmon, James
Savage, Christopher D.
Schaw, Archibald S.
Scott, Archibald C.
Scott, James, of Kelly
Scott, John, yr. of Garvel
Scott, Michael H.
Scott, Robert F.,R.N.
Scott, William Inglis
Simons, William
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, Duncan
Smith, J., of Jordanhill
Somers, the Rt. Hon. Earl
Steele, James
Steven, Thomas
Stevenson, James, jun.
Stewart, Alexander, U.S.
Stewart, Francis P.
Stewart, Sir Michael R.S.,
Stewart, Ninian B.
Stewart, R.F.Shaw
Stirling, James
Stirling, William
Stott, Captain Gibson
Strang, Robert
Taylor, M. S.
Tennatit, Charles J.
Tennant, John
Thorburn, Thomas
Turnbull, John Joseph
Vaughan, Thomas
Walker, John
Walrond, Francis C.
Watson, John E.
Watson, William West
Whyte, William
Wright, J. B.
Wyllie, James
Wynne, John H. C.
Young, Rohert
Yuille, Andrew B.
Reid, James R.
The admission for ordinary Members is .£5 entrance
money, and £3 annual subscription.
Honorary Members are also admitted. The per-
sons eligible are admirals, captains of the Royal
Navy, and officers commanding Queen's ships and
revenue vessels.
The yachts of this Club have the special privilege
by warrants from the Lords of the Admiralty, of
wearing the blue ensign ; they have also the privi-
lege of entering the ports of France, Holland, &c,
free of dues.

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