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The Lords Commissioners of her Majesty's Trea-
sury have been pleased to concede to this Club all
the privileges usually granted to other Royal Yacht
The distinguishing flags of the Club are, "Blue
Burgee, with. Yellow Crown and Anchor, and Blue
The Annual Regattas of the Club take place at
various ports on the Clyde.
E. Hope Robertson, 58 St. Vincent Street, secy.
Boat-House and Club-Room, York St., Little Govan.
Archibald K. Murray, president ; Robert Rennie,
vice-president; George Neish, 107 Union Street,
secretary; H. C. Smith, treasurer ; W. Campbell Ure,
captain; Thomas Ure, flag captain ; W.Alexander,
A. G. Carswell, W. E. Peck, committee.
Alexander, J.
Alexander, W.
Barclay, A.
Barclay, G.
Carswell, A. G.
Comrie, G. S.
Dalgleish, G.
Drummond, D.
Dunn, J.
Ferguson, J.
Graham, J.
Horn, J.
Ingram, J.
Innes, J.
Johnstone, J. G.
Liddell, J.
Linn, J. B.
Marshall, J. W.
Miller, W.
Murray, A. K.
Murray, J.
M'Kinlay, M. J.
M'Leod, T.
M'Pkun, R.
Neish, G.
Peck, W. E.
Rennie, R.
Rodger, C.
Rodger, J.
Rodger, W.
Smith, H. C.
Steedman, W.
Stevenson, J.
Ure, T.
Ure, W. C.
Wunsch, J.
Boat-House and Club-Room, Little Govan.
Patrons. — Sir Michael R. Shaw Stewart, Bart.;
Hon. G. F. Boyle; Robert Dalglish, M.P.; and Wm.
Graham, M.P.
Captain Kirkwood, 1st L.A.V., commodore; Hugh
Campbell, vice-commodore; A. M'Fadyen, president;
David Fisher, vice-president; Jno. Beckett, treasurer;
Wm. R. Leckie, secretary; William Fletcher, captain;
William M. Gemmill, A. Watson, and D. Watson,
members of committee; Geo. Geddes, club-master.
Alexander, William
Bain, William
Barclay, Alexander
Bickett, John
Bonnar, Thomas
Campbell, Hugh, jun.
Campbell, James
Dougall, William
Downie, William
Drybrough, John
Easton, George
Easton, William
Fisher, David
Fletcher, David
Fletcher, William
Gaw, William
Geddes, George
Gemmell, William M.
Haswell, Thomas
Hughes, Peter
Large, Charles
Leckie, William R.
Lee, James
M'Fadyen, Angus
M'Millan, Robert
Plunkett, James
Steven, James M.
Thomson, Duncan C.
Watson, Archibald
Watson, David
Watt, John R.
Welsh, Robert
Wilson, Robert G.
Wood, Robert
Instituted 1856.
Boat-House and Club-Room, York St., Little Govan.
Gymnasium, 151 George Street.
Robert Dalglish, M.P., commodore; John Tennant,
George Anderson, vice-commodores ; Thos. Barclay,
president ; James Easton, jun., Robert Gray, jun.,
vice-presidents ; J. H. Lindsay, treasurer ; J. Came-
ron Kerr, 151 George Street, hon. secretary; James
Paul, captain; Rob. Cruickshank, flag-captain; Geo.
Geddes, club-master.
Life Members.— Hon. G. F. Boyle, M.P.; Sir A.
Alison, Bart.; George Baird, Samuel Higginbotham,
J. Eaton Reid, J. Campbell, jun., J. F. Jamieson,
J. Warren Law, Thomas Barclay, W. G. Murray,
J. H. Roger, J. M. Roger, J. Easton.
Honorary Members. — Col. Stuart and the Officers
of the 21st Royal North British Fusiliers, Alexander
Crum, A. Crura Ewing, W. West Watson, Ninian
B. Stewart, W. Inglis Scott, R. 0. Cogan, C. Camp-
bell, Robert Walker 1 , J. H. Young, E. Higginbotliam.
Aitkeri, James
Allan, Alexander
Barclay, A.
Barclay, T.
Barr, W.
Breen, G.
Cameron, D.
Coutts, J. A.
Crawford, C.
Cruickshank, Rob.
Davidson, J.
Easton, John
Fleming, James
Geddes, G.
Gray, Alexander
Gray^, R., jun.
Henderson, J.
Inglis, J. G.
Kerr, J. C.
Lang, Robert
Lindsay, J. H.
Lindsay, T.
Love, W.
M'Kay, A.
M'Killop, J.
Melville, G.
Melvin, R. G.
Moore, T.
Parker, J.
Paul, J.
Purdie, P.
Rait, F. D.
Ralston, W.
Rankin, R.
Roger, J. H.
Roger, J. M.
Steel, J. M.
Stevenson, J.
Taylor, J., jun.
Tuff, W.
Tumbull, J.
Ware, J.
Warrington, W., jun.
Whyte, J. G.
Wilson, J.
Woodside, A. W.
Young, Joseph
Yuill, John
Life membership, five guineas; ordinary member-
ship, one guinea. Annual subscription for gymna-
sium, 15s.
Sheriff Henry Glassford Bell, hon. president ; B.
Eekhout, president; W. W.Mitchell, vice-president;
D. Melville, 47 Queen Street, treasurer; Archibald
K. Murray, 16 St. Enoch Square, secretary; Sir
Archibald Alison, Bart., Jas. Smith of Jordanhill,
William Weir, M.D., Duncan Smith, George
M'Farlane, C.A., J. R. Richardson, D. J. Penny,
Archibald Orr Ewing, D. E. Outram, James Home,
extraordinary directors ; J. R. Duguid, W. F.
Murray, T. K. Ross, Angus M'Arthur, J. D. Camp-
bell, William Campbell, council. Meets every
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings in the
club rooms, 138 Bath Street, from September to May

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