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Mercantile Advertiser, Shipping Gazette,
and National Property List, published every
Tuesday, 74 Buchanan Street.
Morning Journal, Daily, 13 Turner's Court,
87 Argyle Street.
North British Advertiser, Saturday Morn-
ing, 10 Royal Exchauge Square.
North British Daily Mail, 102 to 114 Union St.
Penny Post, Saturday, Ann Street.
The Hon. George Frederick Boyle, Garrison, Mill-
port, commodore; Francis Powell, Torr-Aluinn,
Dunoon, vice-commodore ; John M. Rowan,
Atlas Works, Glasgow, rear-commodore. Mem-
bers of Committee — John Eaton Reid, Adam
Morrison, James M. Forrester, Richard Ferguson,
Thomas Falconer, Charles Henderson, and A. H.
M'Lellan ; hon. treasurer, Wm. York, jun., ]56
West George Street ; hon. secretary, B. Barton
Bell, 17 Gordon Street.
Adam, William
Addie, John
Anderson, George
Arnott, Thomas L.
Bell, B. Barton
Bell, John D.
Boag, John
Bovd, John C.
Boyle, Hon. G. F. C.
Bremner, John
Brock, Andrew
Bryce, David, jun.
Bryce, William
Buchanan, Daniel
Campbell, John
Coates, Arthur Hill
Collins, William
Cook, James
Corbie, Captain John
Dempster, John
Dick, Alex. B.
Doig, William
Downes, Thomas, jun.
Eadie, James, jun.
Falconer, Thomas
Ferguson, Richard
Finlay, A.S., M.P.
Finlay, David W., M.D.
Fletcher, Donald
Forester, J. M.
Forrester, Henry
Fulton, David
Fyffe, W. H.
Fyffe, William, jun.
Glen, James
Grant, James, jun.
Gunn, Charles
Hart, Robert
Hamilton, J. G.
Hamilton, John
Henderson, Charles
Henderson, J. T.
Kemp, David C.
Kennedy, Archibald
Kennedy, John
Livingstone, T. L. F.
Lawson, Henry
Lockett, John Augustus
Macbride, James
MacEwan, Robert F.
M'Gown, David J.
M'Gregor, John
M'Intosh, Robert
M'lver, David
M'Lellan, A. H.
MacMaster, Duncan
Martin, John
Matheson, John
Miller, James
Morrison, Adam
Morrison, John, jun.
Muiihead, Thomas F.
Munn, James
Ogilvie, W. B. „„
Paul, John, Greenock
Powell, Francis, V.C.
Provan, James
Rait, Crichton
Reid, John Eaton
Richardson, H. H.
Robertson, Robert Wm.
Rowan, John M., R.C.
Savage, C, D.
Seath, Thomas B.
Sharp, Robert
Sim, Alexander
Sloan, Wm. C. T.
Smith, James
Smith, Charles C.
Spencer, Andrew
Spencer, John
Stewart, Ninian B.
Teacher, Adam
Tennent, H. L.
Thorn, Robert
Ure, John
Walker, Peter
Walker, Robert, Jan.
Woodside, A. W.
York, William, jun.
Property Circular, every Tuesday, 59 St.
George's Place.
Scottish Journal, Saturday, Ann Street.
Sentinel, Saturday, Ann Street.
The British Friend, 1st of each month; office,
24 Whitevale.
The Daily Express, Daily, 80 St. Vincent St.
The Glasgoav Free Press, Saturday, 26
Oswald Street.
The yachts of this Club have the special privilege,
by warrants from the Lords of the Admiralty, of
wearing the blue ensign of her Majesty's fleet.
Tbe opening cruise of the Club generally takes
place in June (starting from Gourock Bay); the
Regatta in July, at one of the ports on the Clyde ;
and the closing cruise in August.
The distinguishing flag of the Club (besides the
blue ensign of her Majesty's fleet) is " Blue Burgee,
with Red Lion rampant on Yellow Shield."
The annual subscription is £1 (entrance fee, One
Guinea). Life Members' subscription, £10.
B. Barton Bell, 17 Gordon Street, Hon. Secretary.
Instituted 1848.
Robert Arthur, president; Alex. Glen, vice-
president ; Charles Cruickshank, William M'Comb,
and James M'Arly, council ; Archibald Campbell,
John Stuart, Colin Campbell, Thomas M'Arly, jun.,
and William M'Pherson, match committee; William
M'Pherson, Westfield, Pollokshields, hon. treasurer;
Thomas M'Arly, jun., 1 Stanley Place, Paisley
Road, hon. secretary. Annual subscription for ordi-
nary members, £1 lis. 6d. ; hon. members, £1 Is.
The monthly meetings of the club are held on tho
first Thursday- of each month.
Laing, W. R. A.
Arthur, R.
Allen, John
Balgarnie, J.
Bone, D. D.
Brown, A.
Brown, R. J.
Campbell, A.
Campbell, C.
Campbell, J. D.
Clarke, H.
Cruickshank, C.
Cumming, J.
Connochie, D. W.
Donald, G.
Douglass, J. H.
Duff, D.
Duff, J.
Drysdale, R.
Elliot, G.
Glen, A.
Glen, J. M'N.
Gilchrist, J.
Hall, J.
Hart, J.
Hamilton, J.
Hendry, E.
Henry, J.
Jopson, D.
Lawson, W. S.
Luske, W.
Linn, W. C.
Miller, J.
Morrison, J. M.
Malyon, J. W.
M'Donald, D.
M'Donald, K.
M'Donald, S.
M'Arly, T., jun.
M'Arly, J.
M'Lean, J.
M'Comb, T.
M'Comb, W.
M'AUister, A.
M'Pherson, W.
M'Kinnon, J.
M'Lurkin, T. B.
M'Nally, A.
Nimmo, J.
Stuart, J.
Tait, J. C.
Taylor, A.
Taylor, A.
Walker, E. M.
Wallace, J.
Wood, W.
Webster, G.
Walker, J., jun.
Young, J. C.

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