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This society was instituted in the year 1759, and
was incorporated by seal of cause from the Magis-
trates and Town Council of Glasgow, upon the 2nd
day of January, 1770. None are eligible as members
of the society except persons of the name of Graham
and their descendants, or those married to individuals
of that name or their descendants. The entry-money
to strangers is £5 5s., and to sons and other lineal
descendants and sons-in-law of members, £3 3s.
Patrick Scotland, preses ; Alexander Nisbet, trea-
surer; Wm. Graham of Lambhill, James Graham,
wood merchant, James Grahame, stockbroker, Ales.
Crum, merchant, Andrew L. Graham, writer, Wm.
Sommerville, merchant, Simon M'Lennan, merchant,
and Dr. W. G. Blackie, publisher, directors; James
Graham, 187 West George Street, clerk; Robert
Goodwin, 235 George Street, factor ; George Graham,
Instituted 20th January, 1858, for the purpose of
affording relief to individuals natives of, or connected
with, Aberdeenshire, temporarily resident in or pass-
ing through Glasgow, who have through sickness or
want of employment fallen into distress ; to assist
natives of Aberdeenshire in procuring situations; to
encourage education in the county by the distribution
of prizes in the various schools, &c. Annual mem-
ber's subscription, 2s. 6d. ; life member's, £2 2s.
The Right Hon. the Earl of Kintore, patron ;
William Burns, president ; Alex. D. Dean, vice-
president; William Sellar, treasurer ; Gilbert Heron,
Alexander Manson, William Gray, Robt. M. Walker,
Robert Brown, John Wilson, William Mowatt, Jas.
Watt, Geo. W. Clark, Alexander Strachan, William
Dow, James Melvin, directors ; Alexander Gerrard,
92 Trongate, secretary.
Instituted 1857.
Patrons — His Grace the Duke of Hamilton ; his
Grace the Duke of Argyll ; his Grace the Duke of
Athole; his Grace the Duke of Montrose; his
Grace the Duke of Sutherland; the Earl of Sea-
field ; the Earl of Perth ; Lord Strathallan, Sir
Michael R. S. Stewart, Bart. ; Sir Archibald Alison,
Bart.; Robert Dalglish, M. P. ; Sir James Campbell
of Stracathro ; the Hon. Captain Drummond ;
Clunie Macpherson, &c. ; chief, his Grace the Duke
of Athole; president, James Campbell, jun., of Tilli-
chewan ; vice-president, Daniel Mackay, I Dixon
Street ; directors, Captain James Dewar, Dr. Thos.
Buchanan, Donald M'Lennan, John Elder, William
Gilchrist, Farquhar M-Rae, Neil M'Eachran, Alex.
Maekay, Captain G. M. Kerr, Captain D. M'Lure,
Wm. Mathison, J. Fisher; honorary treasurer, J.
Elder, Mitchell Street; honorary secretary, W.
Mathison, West George Street.
The objects of the society are — (1) the preserva-
tion of the language, literature, music, poetry, dress,
antiquities, and athletic games of the Highlanders
of Scotland; (2) to found bursaries, or make annual,
or other grants of money in aid of diligent, or dis-
tinguished students, natives or sons of natives of
the Highlands of Scotland; and (3) the affording
temporary aid to deserving and destitute persons
from the Highlands in Glasgow. The society has
upwards of 1100 enrolled members.
For the Education and Support of the Destitute
Orphans of Mixed Marriages.
Founded in Glasgow in 1855, by Mrs. Fredk. M.
Kinnier, honorary secretary for Glasgow Auxiliary.
The object of this society is to provide diet, lodg-
ing, clothing, and scriptural education for destitute
orphans who have had but one Protestant parent,
and for whom Protestant sympathy and protection is
most earnestly sought.
The orphans adopted by this society are domesti-
cated in respectable Protestant families throughout
the country, under the care of the clergymen of the
respective parishes, and when fit, are apprenticed to
Protestant masters and mistresses, of approved char-
acter. The annual expense of each child, under this
system of management, does not exceed £6 ; and
any benevolent individual, by collecting or guaran-
teeing this sum annually to the society, can nomi-
nate an orphan to be brought up under its care.
Orphans are eligible from all parts of the kingdom
where no local provision can be made for their pro-
For the support of the orphans under the care of
this society the committee are dependent on Christian
benevolence from year to year ; the principal source
of income being the kind exertions of gratuitous
Donations and subscriptions will be thankfully
received and acknowledged by Mrs. F. M. Kinnier,
19 Claremont Street, Nortb, honorary secretary of
the Glasgow Auxiliary for Ireland ; and at the office
of the society, 9 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin.
Andrew Muter of Milton, preses; William M'Ewen,
merchant, vice-preses; James Burns Kidston, writer,
secretary; Robert Jeffray Walker, merchant, trea-
surer; Hugh Moncrieff, writer; William French,
merchant; William Gillespie Mitchell of Carwood;
Mungo Lauder, warehouseman ; James Mitchell,
writer; John Kidston, writer, Rev. John Robson, D.D.;
Rev. Alexander M'Ewen, D.D. ; George Robson,
accountant ; John Frew, manufacturer, ordinary
The object of this society is to contribute to the
benefit of the children and widows, and the advance-
ment in life of the children of ministers of the United
Presbyterian Church of Scotland, or of any of the
churches comprised in that body.
Instituted 1*51.
Rev. William Leggat, president : Bailie Salmon,
vice-president; David M'Oubbin, hon. treasurer;
John Wight, hon. secretary; directors, Wm. Wilson,
W. R. Arthur, Gordon Smith, James Hedderwick,
J. R. Moves, Robert Mactear, John Maxton, James
MacLeisb, Thomas Gildard.
The obect of this society is for the purpose of pre-
serving Scottish memories, and thereby cultivating
the sentiments of patriotism. Members proposed
for admission may receive the necessary forms from
the honorary secretary at 150 Hope Street, Glasgow.

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