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Tarbet Street.
1 Gate-lodge of the Old Man's Asylum
6 Gilmour, John
7 Entrance to Dean Street
9 Ounninglianie, Alexander, slater
11 M' Call, AVilliam, Wright
Fergus, William, shoemaker
1 3 Phillip, William, boot crimper
15 Heggie, James, cabinetmaker
16 Steven, James, grocer
14 Fergus, William, agent
12 Massie, Mrs Peter Henry
10 Bryce, William, beadle and agent
8 Fisher, Mrs, grocer
Taylor Street.
23 Hodge, Archibald
Robertson, A., thibet-cutter
.31 Ewing, James, clerk
39 Murdoch, J., grocer and spirit dealer
43 Hutcheson, Hugh, grocer
69 Little, Thomas, grocer and spirit
Villafield Place
77 Campbell, John, house-factor
Oulton, Charles, M.D.
Steel, Mrs George, Villafield
Dawson, Jonathan
79 Dick, Allan
M'Pherson, Angus
Somerville, John, clerk, bank of
90|Black, Rev. Dr William
fiS'M'Clyraont, John
Donald, Walter, nail manufacturer
Brown, Robert
Black, Robert
74 Bannerman, Jo,hn
Chisholm, William
Stirling, Mrs John
72 Lamont, John, agent
70 Kerr, William , wright and builder
68 Miller, Jas., grocer .nnd spirit dealer
66 Hair, James, general grocer
64 Graham, Mrs, lodgings
62 Hamilton, M' Arthur, spirit dealer
68 Beat tie, John, traveller
60 M'Laren, Peter, tailor and clothier
44 Greig, Robert, wright
M' Arthur, R. <fe J., dressmakers
34 Glasgow Nursery Institution
Taylor, Mrs, matron
26 Morison, C. D., clerk
22 Muir, J. R., & Co., wrights and
1 6 Muir, Mrs, victualler
14 Hall, Robert
Lawrie, Alexander
Tennent Street.
Cochrane, A. & R., glass-works
Paterson, A. G., wood-yard
Listen, A., & Co., chemical works
Thistle Street.
5 Mather, Mrs John, cattle dealer ,
Smith, Primrose, baker
7 Martin, Duncan, grocer
13 Malcolm, R.,jun.
Moore, John, smith
15 Murray, James, boot & shoe maker
21 Steel, R.
Dobbie, Fetes, cabinetmaker
25 Steel, R. & J., timber merchants
37 Muirhead & Co., dyers
45 Turner, William, carter
51 Brown, William, builder
63 Downie, D., silver-plate chest and
mangle maker
59 Butters, Benjamin, grocer
75 Aird, Andrew, printer
Denholm, Miss, dressmaker
77 Simpson, Charles, agent
Kinnell, Thomas, & Son, boot and
shoe makers
Edmiston, John
203 M'Lean, Allan, plasterer
207 Craig, William, grocer & victualler
191 Clyde, William
Bow, William, brick builder
193 Thomson, Miss A., dresser &, mangier
112 M'Farlane, Malcolm, tinsmith
110 M'Kenzie, D., at P. Sr R. Fleming's
M'Glashan, Duncan, book-keeper, at
Gwbals Distillery
108 Rae, James, spirit dealer
98 Strang & M' Williams, bootmakers
96 Paterson, James, dairyman
94 King, Alexander, grocer
90 M'Caig, D., boot and shoe maker
82 Clark, William
Forbes, Thomas, cabinetmaker
78 Johnstone, George, baker
76 Munn, Wm., grocer and victualler
74 Adam, James, oil and colour shop
70 Johnstone, Peter, Gorbals inspector
of weights and measures, and poor
54 Boyle, Edward, spirit dealer
52 Reevie, John, bill-poster
50 Thomson, William, grocer
46 Paton, John, victualler
40 M'Donald, D., grocer
36 Cuthbertson, James, teacher
34 Corsan, James, & Co., dyers
Stevenson, William, wright & glazier
30 Loggie, George, cabinetmaker
Smith, Peter, cabinetmaker
28-^Blackwood, J., picture frame maker
26 'Jardine, William
22 Peters & Maefarlane, coppersmiths
and tin-plate workers
16 Kyle, Alexander, print-seller
10 Crawford, Duncan, grocer
6 Kelly, John, broker

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