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CARNEY, Charles, spirit mercht., 124 Biidaegate.
Carney, Patrick, hiirdwaie & furniture dealer, 126
BriJgegate; house, 4 Merchant Line.
Carnie, Charles, & Co., calico printers, 116 St
Vincent street.
CARR, Thomas, City of Glasgow Life Assur. Co.,
40 St. Vhicent place; house, Inchbank, Partick.
Carr, Henry H., at Ritchie, Watson, cj- Co.'s, Etna
Foundry, Lilybank road.
Carr, Mrs., 7 Coniniui street.
CARRICK, D. M., of Win. Carrlch 4- Son; resi-
dence, Fruinlield, Helensburgh.
Carrick, Andrew, accountant, 14 Holmhead street.
Carrick, Andrew, watchmaker, jeweller, & nautical
instrument maker, 20 Clyde place ; house, 12 So.
Kinning place. Paisley road.
Carrick, David, wood turner and twine agent, 48^-
Barrack street ; house, 50 do.
Carrick, David, 6 Parson street.
Carrick, David, basketmaker, 43 St. Andrew sq. ;
house, 42 do.
Canick, George, v/ine & spirit merchant, 62, G4
Glassford street ; hntise, do.
Carrick, .James, Koyal liDtel, 50 George square.
<'arrick, James, shuttle weaving utensil maker, 44
Trongate ; house, 250 High street.
Carrick, John, architect, & superintendent of streets
& buildings for the Dean of Guild Court and Statute
Labour Trustees, Poiice Chambers; ho. 121 Hill
street, Garnethill.
Carrick, John, & Co., timber merchts., 23 Kent st.
Carrick, John, of John Carrick ij- Co ; house, 14
Monteith row.
<jarrick, Peter, furnishing shop, 62 Nelson St., Trads.
Carrick, Robert, commission agent, 101 Miller st.
Carrick, Robert, teacher of English, 60 Barrack st.
Carrick, Robert, glass merchant and glazier, 408
Argyle street ; house, 5 Richard street.
Carrick, William, cooper, at John Chisholrns, 46
Wallace street ; house, 48 do.
Carrick, Wm., & Son, accounts., & agents for Atlas
Fire & Life Assurance Co. of London, — See Ad-
rertisement in Appendix — & Family Endowment
6 Annuity Society of London, Virginia buildings,
43 Virginia street, and 46 Miller street.
Carrick, Christina, confectioner & Post-office re-
ceiver, 282 Garscube road.
CARRIGAN, Mrs., spirit dealer, 87 M'Alpine st.
CARROL, Robert, metal reliner, 427 Gallowgale;
house, C18 do.
Carrol, Mrs. M., cork manufr., 119 West Nile st.
Oarron Co., ironmasters and founders, 123 Bu-
chanan street ; Thomas Dawson, agent.
Carron Company's Office, for screw steamers to Lon-
don, Canal bank., Port-Dundas ; Thos. Dawson,
CAPvRUTHERS, William, shoemaker, 84 Dundas
street ; house, 107 do.
Carruthers, Wm., 44 Shamrock street.
CARSLAW & Henderson, muslin manufacturers, 91
Mitchell street.
CARSON, D.ivid, of Carson, Warren, cj- Co.; ho.
7 Kew terrace.
Crion, James, house fiicfor, 281 High st, ; ho. do.
Carson, Sam., victualler, 98 Havannah; ho. 96 do.
Carson, Warren, &Co., glass bottle manufrs.. Canal
street. Letters & orders left at Mr. D. Campbell's,
druggist, 136 Arjjyle street.
CARSS, John, & Co., bookbinders, 31 Argyle st.
Carss, John, baker, 70 Sauchiehall street.
CARSWELL, Allan, sen., builder, 104 Queen st. ;
house, 6 Provanside, Stirling's road.
Carswell & Christie, house and land factors, chief
agents for the Equitable Fire, and National
Alliance Life, and Accidental Insurance Com-
panies, 7 Union street.
Carswell, Hugh, of John Muir cj' Co. ; house, Mrs.
Clj'de's, 61 Main's street, Blythswood holm.
Carswell, J. S., of Carswell tj- Christie ; house, 4 Kel-
vingrove street,
drswell, Neil, messenger, Roval bank ; house, 9
Tarbert street,
Carswell, Robert, writer, of Walker cf Carswell;
house, 206 North street.
Carswell, Samuel, provision dealer and commission
agent, 70^ King street; house, 50 do.
Carswell, William, wriglit and packing-box maker,
12 Killermont street; house, 90 Eegent terrace.
Carswell, William J., accountant, factor, & insurance
agent, 3 Royal Bank place, Buchanan street.
CARTER, F. A., mercht., Shawlands, Crossmyloof.
Carter, James, eating house, 7 Abercromby street.
Carter & M'Nab, trimming manufacturers and ware-
housemen, 164 Trongate.
CARTWRIGHT, .Mrs., baskets, brushes, toys, &c..
Bazaar; house, 28 St. Andrew street.
CASE, R. J. Captain, 9 Rutland place, Govan road.
CASEY, Mrs. James, furniture dealer, 21 Miller's
place; house, 14 do.
CASH, Robert, bill-poster and circular deliverer,
23 Well street, Calton.
CASSEDY, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer,
35 and 37 Miller's place; house, 33 do.
CASSELS, David, spirit merchant, 84 Cowcaddens
street; house, 99 do.
Cassels, James, surgeon, 20 Sauchiehall street; house,
3 Windsor place, Sauchiehall street.
Cassells, James P., surgeon, 5 Bishop st,, Anderston.
Cassels, John, Springboag house, Shettieston. Let-
ters left at 83 Great Hamilton street.
Cassels, Peter, grocer and provision merchant, 34
Well street.
Cassels, Peter, grain merchant, 83 Great Hamilton
street; house, 18 Monteith row.
Cassels, Robert, manufacturer of malleable iron, 81
Miilburn street; office, 23 St. Enoch square.
Cassells, Thomas, grocer, 459 Gallowgate; house,
4 Newhall terrace.
Cassels, Mrs. David, spirit dealer, 56 High street ;
house, 41 London street.
Cassels, Mrs. John, 11 Stirling street, Lauriestou.
Cassel.s, Mrs., sen., 105 South Portland street.
CASSIE, James H., & Co., merchants, 13 Dixon st.
Cassie, Miss, hosier, 50 South Portland street; agent
for P. Hay, silk dyer, Paisley.
Cathedral, High Church ; D. Macfarlan, D.D.,
Catholic Chapel and School, 68, 72 Abeicromby
street, Jas. Morrin, teacher; ho. 4 St. Joseph's pj.
Catholic School, North Woodside road; Henry Ra-
nechan, teacher.
Catholic School and Chapel (St. John's), 36 and 38
Portugal street.
Catrinb Works Company, at James Finluy (J- Co.'i,
22 West Nile street.
Cattle Market, Graham's sq., & east end of Duke st.
Cattle Market City of Glasgow Bank Branch, Cattle
Market; William Robeitson, agent.

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