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Camptell, William, bookseller, stationer, librarian,
bookbinder, and news agent, 32d: Argyle street;
house, 136 Holm street.
Campbell, William, confectioner and pastry baker,
54. Kirk street, Calton.
Campbell, William, fruit merchant, 188 Sandyford
buildings, Snndyford.
Campbell, William, of J. <S,- W. Camplell ij- Co. ;
residence, Tillichewan castle, Dumbartonshire.
Campbell, William, tailor and clothier, 11 Union
street; house, 18G North street.
Campbell, Wm , coal agent, 38 West Campbell St.
Campbell, William, jun., of Eeid cj- Peebles; resi-
dence, Italian villa, Cove.
Campbell, Wm., cartoon maker, 48 Gordon street;
house, 3 Church street, Partick.
Campbell, William, at Daniel Gilchrisfs, 54 Ducdas
street ; house, 56 dc-.
Campbell, Wm., spirit merchant, 3 & 5 Port-Dundas
road; house, 27 do.
Campbell, Wm., victualler, 44 Clyde st., Aiiderston.
Campbell, Mrs. and Miss, boarding and day school,
124 South Portland street.
Campbell, Mrs. Alex., rag, rope, waste, iron, and
general merchant, 431 & 433 Parliamentary road;
house, 432 do.
Campbell, Mrs. A., grocer, 1 Bedford street.
Campbell, Mrs. Arch., spirit dealer, 100 Eottenrcvr.
Campbell, Mrs. Alex., 116 South Portland street.
Campbell, Mrs., midwife and ladies' nurse, 53 Stir-
ling street, Cowcaddens.
Campbell, Mrs. D., shirt maker, 101 Renfrew street.
Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, provision, and
spirit dealer, 52 & 54 Clyde street, Anderston ;
house, 48 do.
Campbell, Mrs., of Ederline, 17 West Prince's street.
Campbell, Elizabeth, smallwares, 75 George street
house, 95 do.
Campbell, Mrs. Isabella, spirit retailer, 22 West
Milton street.
Campbell, Mrs. I., spirit dealer, 90 Broomielaw.
(Campbell, Mrs., Jas,, lodgings, 162 Sauchiehall st.
Campbell, Mrs. John, 15 Oxford street.
Campbell, Mi's.M., general ironmonger, 22 Miller's pi.
Campbell, Mrs. M., crape dj'er and dresser, 31
Robertson street.
Campbell, Mrs. M., lodgings, 186 Sauchiehall st.
Campbell, Mrs. Wra., 27 Abbotsford place.
(Campbell, Jlrs., 22 Westminster terrace.
Campbell, Mis., milliner & dressmaker, 51 John st.
Campbell, Mi.ss, lodgings, 3 Elmbank street.
Campbell, Jane, bed and window curtain maker, 42
Macfarlane street.
Campbell, Miss Maria C, teacher, 2 No. Coburgst.
Campbell, Sliss, 80 South Portland street.
Campbell, Miss Jessie, dressmaker, 16 Sauchiehall st.
Campbell, Miss Lavinia, teacher of pianoforte and
singing, 53 North Hanover street.
Campbell, Miss, 289 Sauchiehall street.
Campbell, Misses, dressmakers, 229 Sauchiehall st.
Cajipbelton Distillery Company; agent, Duncan
M'BIillan, 45 Dunlop street.
Campbelton Steam Packet Company, 22 Anderston
quay, John M'Michael, agent.
Canal Basin Poundry Companj-, engineers, mill-
Avrights, and founders, Charlotte street, Port-
Dundas, and 135 Buchanan street.
Caniil Company's Otnce, Port-Dundas ; Robert
Headman, secretarv.
Candleriggs Loan Company, pawnbrokers, 40 Can-
dleriggs and 79 Bell street.
CANDLISH, Miss, lodgings, 95 George street
CANNAN, David, surgeon, 14 Ure place.
Cannan, John, salesman, Garnkirk Coal Co., fire-
brick manufacturers, 243 Buchanan street; ho.
14 Ure place.
CANSH, Maxwell, wine and spirit merchant, C9
Bell street ; house, 24 Adelphi street.
Caol Ila Distillery, Islay, 230 Argyle street; N.
Hill, agent.
Caol ' nan Eileanan Distillery, Jura, 230 Argyle
street; N. Hill, agent.
CAEALLI, N. M,, commission merchant, 159 West
George street.
CARATI, A. A., Greek consul, 86 Miller street ;
house, 302 Bath street.
Carati, C, & Co., merchants, 86 Miller st. ; goods
entrance, 93 Virginia street.
CARBARNS, John, slater, 239 High street; house,
10 Duke street.
CARONO & Co., furnishing ironmongers, brass-
fouriders, smiths, bell-hangers, tin-plate workers,
and gasfitters, 66 Buchanan street.
Cardno, P., of Cardno ij- Co. ; l.o., 21 So. Apsleypl.
CAREY, John W,, cabinet and chairmaker, 17
Greenside street ; house, 92 Rutheigleu road.
Carey, William, Drumcavil Limestone and Rock
Sandworks, at M'Naughton cj- HoocVs, 20 Union
street; house, 158 Castlemilk place.
Caiifin Colliery OlTice, Monkland Canal Basin, 28
Miller street and 1 Dixon street.
Carfin & Cleland Collierj' OtEce, 1 Dixon street.
CARGILL, James, spirit dealer, 74 Kirk st. Cal-
ton ; house, 65 do.
CARGIN, Thomas R., fiuicy paper box maker, 68
Glassford street.
CARLAW, William, wood turner, 87 Slockwell st.
CAELILE & Stirling, comb and spoon makers,
and cutlers, 3 Saltniarket; house, G East Nile st.
Carlile, Thomas, 128 South Portland street.
CARLIN, John, clothier and hatter, 36 Queen st. :
house, 12 Franklin terrace.
CARLTON, Charles, & Co., house painters & paper-
hangers, 499 Gallowgate; ho. 4 Cambridge st.
CARMICHAEL, Alexander, 60 Drygate.
Carmichael, D. & A., tea dealers, 25 North Port-
land street.
Carmichael, Daniel, at FoUol; Gilmovr, cj' Co.'s ;
house, 1 India street, West.
Carmichael, Daniel, tobacco and snufF manufacturer,
372 Gallowgate; house, 374 do.
Carmichael, Duncan, tailor and clothier, 315 Argyle
street ; house, do.
Carmichael, J. H., 125 Eglinton street.
Carmichael, James, cotton broker, 123 Ingram St.:
house, 164 St. George's road.
Carmichael, John, commission merchant, 97 Union
street; house, 415 St. Vincent street.
Carmichael, Neil, wine and spirit merchant, 35, 37
Kent street ; house, 5 East Russell street.
Carmichael, Robert, at Kelly cj- Co.'s; house, 265
Dumbarton road.
Carmichael, Mrs. W., teacher of singing and piano-
forte, 221 Sauchiehall street.
Carxbroe Iron Works Office, 127 St. Vincent st.
Carnbroe & Eimes Colliery OiEce, 127 St. Vincent st.
CAENACriAN, J. S., ship medicine chest ware-
house, 75 Jamaica street; ho. 54 Abbotsford pi.

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