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CAUGHIE, David, teacher, Free Normal Seminary,
Coweaddens st. ; house, Chapelside cottage, by
CAULFIELD, Francis, at James Couper cf Sons;
house, 119 St. James's road.
CAVENIE, J., clothier, 10 Glassford street ; house,
12 Rose street, Garnethill.
CAW, John B., & Co , commission merchants and
insurance brokers, 2 North ct.. Royal Exchange.
Caw, John B , of John B. Caw <j' Co.; house, Rose-
bank terrace.
Caw, Neil, of John B. Caw cf- Co. ; ho. 1 2 Queen's fer.
Caw, Mrs., 1 2 Queen's terrace.
Centual Register Office, 101 Ilutcheson street.
Cess & Tax Office for the citj' and counties of Lan-
ark & Dumbarton, 43 Virginia street ; T. P. Sliarpe,
CHADWICK, James, grocer, 231 High street;
house, 39 Duke street.
CHALMERS, Alexander, hairdresser, 3 Bell street;
house, 5 East Russell street.
Chalmers, Alexander, wine & spirit dealer, 97 King
street ; house, do.
Chalmers, Ale.x., spir.mer., 43Grovest.; house, 47 d".
Chalmers, Allan, clerk, Buchanan street Station, 54
Maitland street.
Chalmers, Andrew B., teacher, 17 Deanside lane;
house, 49 Dean street.
Chalmers, Archibald, tobacconist, and oil and colour-
man, G9 Maitland street.
Chalmers, Geo. B., tobacconist, 5 Charing Cross;
h6use, 161 Shamrock street.
Chalmers, Henry, commission merchant & agent, 85
Chalmers, Henry, tea merchant, 41 Finla}' street;
house, 18 West Russell street.
Chalmers, Hugh, slater, 53 Young street.
Chalmers, J. A. & W., Wish-aw coal office, 3 South
Portland street.
Chalmers, James, grocer, 21 Graham street.
Chalmers, James, boot & shoemaker, 96 Coweaddens
street; house, 3 Finlay street.
Chalmers, J., provision & Italian warehouse, 42 St.
George's road.
Chalmers, John, wine & spirit dealer, 118 Main St.,
Chalmers, John, hairdresser, 113 Bridgegate.
Chalmers, John, fancy bread & biscuit baker, 30, 32
George's road.
Chalmers, John, jun., slater & chimney sweeper, 16
Kirk street. Calton.
Chalmers, Thomas, & Co., merchants & warehouse-
men, 161, 167 Trongate.
Chalmers, Thos., tailor & clothier, 5 We. College St.
Chalmers, Thomas, spirit dealer, 71 Ingram street ;
house, 43 Montrose street.
Chalmers & Tosh, ironmongers, tinplate workers,
bellhangers, gasfittcrs, & packing-case makers,
174 Trongate; works, Margaret .street.
Chalmers, AVilliam, of Chalmers cf Tosh; house, 26
Hopetoun place.
Chalmers, William, ironmonger, 135 Hospital St.
Chalmers, William, slater, 3 Green street, Culton.
Chalmers, William, surgeon, 42 Trongate ; house,
34 Eglinton street.
Chalmers, Mrs. Thomas, 208 West George street.
Chalmers, Mrs., lodgings, dCi South Poitland st.
Chalmers, Mrs., milliner & dressmaker, 209 St.
Vincent street.
Chalmers, Miss, lodgings, 46 Oxford street.
Chalmers, Janet, tobacconist, 21 Saltmarket ; house,
160 High street.
CiiAMBKR of Commerce & Manufacture.*, Exchange
CHAMBERS, Thomas, sheriff officer, 5 Melville
place, 132 Trongate.
Chambers, W. & R., publishers & booksellers, 64
Argvle street ; H. Campbell, agent.
CHAMBERLAIN, John, of Watson, Chamberlain,
(fBirrell; house, 15 Hill street, Garnethill.
Chamberlain's Office, City buildings; John
Strang, LL.D., chamberlain.
CH.\MBERLAYNE, Edward, superintendent, Bri-
tish & Irish Magnetic Telegraph Co, 22 & 24
E.xchaniie square; house, 317 Sauchiehall street.
CHANCE, Brothers, & Co., g'ass manufacturers;
David Ramsay & Co., agents, 128 St. Vincent st.
CHAPLIN, Alexander, & Co., er.gineers, iron house
6 roof builders. Alma place, Cranstonhill.
Cliaplin, Alexander, of Alexander Chaplin <(• Co. ;
house, 407 St. Vincent street.
CHAPPELL &. Anderson, brick-makers, brick-
builders, & cojitractors; office, 83 Bothwell street;
brick-works, Coalhill street, Camlachie, and New
road, P;irkhoad.
Chappell, Joseph, of Chanpell (f Anderson; ho.
7 Chappell terrace. New ruad, Parkhead.
CHAI'MAN, Peter, commercial traveller, /or Jt/i?}
Holmes, Leeds, 179 Crown street.
Chapman, Thomas, of HilUard (]■ Chapman; hou.=e,
114 Bothwell street.
Chapman, Thomas, at Ilutton if Alexander's; house,
14 Kinning place.
CnAiiiiNTE and Glasgow Traders' Office, 51 Union
street ; M'Kean & Lament, agents.
CH.AULES, Margf., dress and stay maker, 45 High
street ; house, do.
Charles, Miss, lodgings, 327 Sauchiehall street.
CIIATONET, Jne, FiLs, la Rochelle; John K. &
Daniel Orr, agents, 13o^ St. Vincent street
CHERRY, Davia, dairy, 14^ Rose st., Ilutchosont.
Cherry, John, boot and shoemaker, 79 Beli street.
Cherry, Thos., spirit dealer, 16 Canning St., Calton.
CiiE.ss Club; Jas. Horn, secy., loO We. Regent st.
ClIISIIOLM, Rev. Archibald, Roman Catholic
clergyman, St. Mungo, Stanhope street.
Chisholm, George, brokei-, factor, commission and
insurance agent, 98 West Kile street.
Chisholm, John, spirit merchant, 175 West Nile st.
Chishohn, John, cooper and sugar sampler, 46 Wal-
lace street ; ho. 3 Margaret St., off 105 Eglinton si.
Chisholm, Rev. R., clergyman, St. Mary's Catholic
Church, 68 Abercromby street.
Chisholm, Rev. Valentine, Roman Catholic clergy-
man, 38 Portugal street.
Chisholm, William, & Co, coopers, 11 Centre St.,
Tradeston ; house, 50 Kin^ street, do.
Chisholm, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 13G Main
street, Anderston.
CHOMAR, G. D , dealer in aitificial flowers, sewed
muslins, &c., 47 Sauchiehall street.
Chomar, Jlrs., milliner and dressmaker, 47 Sauchie-
hall street.
Christ Church (Episcopalian), Crown Point street,
Mile-end ; Rev. J. W. Reid, minister.
Christian News and Day Star steampress printing
& publishing office, 142 Trongate & Brun.swiuk la.
CHRISTY, A., 3 Queen's place.

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