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Bohemian. — Cut Crystal Lamp Dishes, Star Pans, &c, drilled and fitted with
pins, ready for mounting ; Arms, Vases, Pillars, Eosettes and Points ; Prisms, all
sizes and styles of shape and cutting ; and every other requisite for the manufacture
of those elegant crystal chandeliers and girandoles, which would have been much
more in use in this country but for the high prices charged for the English cut
glass; and, till recently, the Foreign glass had to pay an excessively high duty. As
a crystal lustre can now be produced at very little more than the price of a good brass
one, the Trade may calculate on an increasing and permanent demand for these ele-
gant articles.
In Coloured Bohemian Glass, Mr. Johnston is receiving, from time to time, samples
from various makers in that country of every new style of ornamentation and shape,
most of which being engaged patterns, are to be had only through him. A large
assortment of Vases, Arms, Pillars, Lilies, &c, of all colours of Glass, plain, gilt,
stained, and enamelled in a style unsurpassed in this country for cheapness and taste.
In Bohemia, the Glass Manufacture is very much subdivided, few houses manufactur-
ing more than one description of article — some excelling in flint, others in white, and
others in the various colours, from which it will be apparent that no single maker or
agent for one maker can supply variety of articles to the Trade advantageously. From
the extent of Mr. Johnston's Foreign Glass trade in England and Scotland, he has,
through the medium of his Hamburgh bankers, been enabled to open a connection with
the best manufacturers in Bohemia who excel in the respective branches of the trade.
English. — Opal, Blue, Green, and Ruby Glass Arms and Vases, Lilies, Beer-
pump and Bath-pull Handles, &c., in considerable variety.
Since the introduction, on the above-mentioned scale, of Foreign Glass, the trade in English
Coloured Glass has declined, the Foreign being as superior in quality to the English as the lat-
ter is to the Glasgow Fancy Ornamental Glass manufacture. Besides being superior in quality
of colour and style of ornament, the Bohemian Glass is now much cheaper.
Moons or Shades — In all shapes, plain, obscured, engraved, and cut, in every
variety of pattern. Painted Moons, for Shops and Lobbies, in all varieties of style.
Patterns painted to order on shortest notice. The lithographed sheets of patterns may
be had on application. Chimneys, plain and French shapes, all sizes.
Agent in Scotland for the Brilliant Reflectors of the Patent Glass Silvering Co. of
London. They are applicable to Signal Lights, Shops^ Railway and Private Carriages,
Binnacle Lights, &c, and surpass anything hitherto accomplished ; their durability,
united with their moderate price, render them the cheapest as well as the best. Com-
mon Plated Reflectors tarnish with the consumption of gas or oil, and soon get use-
less by the necessity for frequent polishing and cleaning. The Glass Reflectors do not
tarnish, and consequently require no cleaning. They have been adopted by the Ad-
miralty for the use of her Majesty's Navy, the Great Western, Great Northern, East-
ern Counties, South-Eastern, and other Railway Companies. A full assortment of all
the sizes kept in stock. The other elegant productions of this Company are very
varied, and although not kept in stock, can be had to order on short notice ; and, as
the risk of breakage and expense of carriage will be avoided by having articles brought
down in the usual packages to the Warehouse here, orders will be punctually at-
tended to.
The Patent Pinnacle Anti-Corrosive Gas-Burner (Argand), can be most
advantageously used with the above Reflectors. The light is purer and more brilliant
than that given by the common Argand Burners, which are liable to rust up in the
iron part where the holes are drilled. The points or pinnacles of this new Burner
being made from a durable, hard, white, anti-corrosive metal, have no tendency to go
out of repair. They are made of two sizes, 18 and 24 hole, with chimney -holders;
also moon or reflector-holders, as required. Having been tested hy one of the man-
agers of our gas-light companies, they are found to consume quite as little gas as
the old style of Argand, which only gives half the light the pinnacle one does.

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