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Cast-Iron Goods. — Rain-water Pipes, Cups, Shoes, Swan Necks, Runs (plain
half-round and ogee patterns), Angles, Drops, Stop Ends, &c. ; Jaw-Boxes, with
improved overflow ; Sink Traps ; Water-closet Metals ; Boilers (plain and spouted),
sold on the same terms as at the foundries in Glasgow, and priced at the recognised
Glasgow list, as agreed upon by the Trade at their meetings.
Zinc Goods. — Pipes, Runs, Ridges, &c.
Pans, Balls, &c. — Mr. Johnston now employs in Birmingham a number of hands
for this description of work., and can execute orders to any extent, from any weight
of metal, and of any size that may be required. Tinn'd Copper Cistern Balls,
all sizes, from 4 to 10 inches. Water-closet Pans, made of an anti-corrosive har-
dened alloy of copper, which are more durable, and less liable to be affected by the
acid than when made of the usual sheet copper. From the mode of manufacture,
these pans are strongest in the bottom part (where they are most liable to wear
through), and, being made from one solid piece of metal, there are no soldered seams
to open and give way. They are now produced of such strength and superior finish,
as to have almost entirety superseded every other description in this country. Brass
Closet- Pans, made by the same machinery as the above, burnished and lacquered,
and by some are preferred to the copper or anti-corrosive ones. Brass Counter,
Cabin, and Wash-hand Basins, of all sizes, from 10 to 16 inches diameter inside of
the flange. These Basins are now made as deep as required, being quite half-round
in the bowl (a matter only recently accomplished bj r machinery) ; and from their
superior finish, absence of hammer-marks, and moderate price, they have now entirely
superseded the old rough process of hand manufacture hitherto in use, and which cost
about fifty per cent. more. These Basins are seamless, and although those in stock
are made of burnished brass, they can be made of copper, and tinn'd ; or of zinc, if
Superior Brass and Iron Wire Chain ; Wires, Tubes, Zinc ; Marine Acid, and other
articles required bj r the Trade, are included in the Tube, Metal, and other depart-
ments already detailed.
Earthenware Basins. — In compliance with suggestions from so many of the
Plumbers in Scotland, Mr. Johnston has added these goods to his list, and hopes to
offer such inducements as to style of patterns, quality, and price, as to command a
large sale, which will be convenient to the Trade, and mutually advantageous.
*„* The Plumbers' Price List may be had on application.
Wholesale Agent for Scotland for Sclilessinger's Newly-Invented Autograph Machines, by
Which Merchants, Bankers, and others, may, from a Written Letter, Circular, Price List, or
Sketch, throw off, in a few minutes, any number of copies, with secrecy and despatch.
A Discount to the Trade.
Orders received for Copying Presses, Embossing Presses, Milner's and other Fire- Proof Safes,
Iron and Brass Bedsteads, for shippers and the home trade.
While acknowledging the support Mr. Johnston has met with in
introducing into the Metal, Tube, and Fancy Lamp Material Trade,
a system of small profits on his own manufactures, and moderate com-
mission for his agencies, he has to apologise for many delays, irregu-
larities, and disappointments to valued customers — in England and
Ireland as well as in Scotland — in the execution of orders, which were
unavoidable, on account of the inadequacy of the late premises, and
the pressure of a trade which was increasing with a rapidity quite
unanticipated, and, consequently, not properly arranged for. Addi-
tional assistants, the introduction of more capital into the business,
the extent and suitability of the new premises, will go far to remedy
these occurrences in future.

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