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Bismuth; Eegulus of Antimony; Silesian Spelter; Foreign Sheet Zinc ; Copper;
Tin ; Brass Sheets, all gauges ; Boiled Brass, all widths in Stock, from 2 to 18 inches,
in any length, suitable for Door and Window Plates, for Engravers, &c. ; Hard-Rolled
Copper for Print-cutters ; Spring Brass, for Printers' Rule-makers and other purposes ;
Copper and Brass Wires; Annealed Brass Wire, for Reed-makers; Soft Copper
Bottling-Wire ; Rivets, and Washers ; Spelter Solder; German Silver, any quality,
to order ; Tin or Lead Foil, for Damp Walls, &c. &c.
In Sheet Zinc and Spelter, Mr. Johnston has made very satisfactory arrangements
with one of the first houses in Germany; he was the first to break down the monopoly
prices in the former article last year, and the growing demands for Zinc have induced
him to keep a stock in his Leith Store, for the convenience of the East and North of
Scotland customers, and thus avoid delay and extra carriage.
These articles being so much used by the Trade, and the inadequacy of the former
Warehouse preventing the keeping of such a stock, Mr. Johnston is now happy to be
able to comply with the numerous requests of his customers. The variety of qua-
lities that are made have led to frequent disappointment, it being well known that a
cheap sort are made to sell in retail shops, and a better quality are sold to engineers,
brassfounders, &c. It will be his interest and study to supply a genuine article, even
although at a price above what some qualities of files are to be had for.
Patent Welded Tubes, for Gas and Steam, may be had all sizes and lengths, as
required, with Knees, Tees, Bends, Couplers, and other requisites connected therewith,
of the best English make, and sold at the English list, with the most liberal discount
to the Trade therefrom, which varies according to the price of iron.
Rough ^Stamped Brass Work. — This department has always had that special
attention which, to the Lampmaker, its importance deserves, so far as .the production
of novel and tasteful designs is concerned. From Mr. Johnston's knowledge of the .
requirements of the Trade, he can always suggest to the Die-sinkers and Stampers
improvements which might otherwise have been overlooked, and, in order to maintain
his position as the only faktt in the kingdom who keeps a full and varied assort-
ment of every requisite for Lamp-makers, he has obtained a direct interest in the
productions of several of the Works in Birmingham.
Every style of pattern in Vases, Turnover Leaves, Rosettes, Ceiling Plates, Bracket
and Lamp Arms, Spouts, Husks, Knobs, Balance Weights, 2, 3, 4, and 6 light Lamp
Bodies (soldered together, or with arms loose or to screw). Chain Links, cast or
stamped, in every variety. Rollers, rough or burnished, and lacquered, of an improved
description. Brass Washers, all sizes, made by machinery.
From the mode of manufacture, every Washer of each size must he exactly alike, and, as
they require no filing up, the advantage over cast ones must be evident to the Trade.
Miscellaneous. — Balance Weight Metallic Cord; Brass Wire Chain, double,
single, and extra close ; Johnston's Newly-Registered Chain (No. 95267, dated March
10th, 1854), which, although as cheap as a Wire Chain of same size, will sustain v.
weight of 3 cwt. ; Pure Bohemian Black-Lead for Bronzing Work ; Lacquers of all
shades, green, gold, and pale; Dipping Aquafortis and Marine Acid; Black-Lead
Crucibles of the best quality ; Flexible Gas-Tube ; Gas-Burners, screwed and plug
(Milne's and common) ; Holdfasts, Circular Lathe Brushes, &c. &c.

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