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HERBERT, George, dairyman, Woodlands road.
Herbert, James, tailor, 128 Great Hamilton street.
Herbert, William, tailor, 190 I'rongate, house, G9 Commercial road.
Herbert, William, grocer, G9 Commercial ro;;d.
HERBERTSON, George, of James Hei-bertson and Sons, house, 105 So. Portland st.
Herbertson, Henry, measurer, 25 Gordon street, house, 14 Bedford street.
Herbertson, James, and Sons, wrights and builders, 37ty Bedford street.
Herbertson, James, of James Herbertson and Sons, house. 105 South Portland street.
Herbertson, James, of J. Herbertson and Brothers, ho., 1 Lyisedoch pi., Woodlands rd.
Herbertson, James, and Brothers, wrights and builders, Lynedoch street.
Herbertson, John, architect, 86 St. George's place, house, 4 Bath street.
Herbertson, Thomas H., collector of Canal dues, Port-Dundas.
Hekcui.es Fire Insurance Company; William Neilson, 69 Glassford street, and John
Miller, 37 West George street, agents.
Herefordshire: Perry Store, 53 Hope street.
HERKLF2SS, William, smith and machine maker, Broad close, house, 2G George st.
HERMAN, S., merchant, of Crailsheim and Herman, house, 21 Woodland terrace.
HERON, Abraham, general broker, 14 Rutheiglen loan.
Heron, C, hairdresser, 71 Kirk street, Calton.
Heron, David, nautical instrument maker, and adjuster of compasses in iron vessels,
4 Carrick street, house, 3 Campbell street.
Heron, Dickson, & Co., commission merchants, 78 Miller street.
HERRIOT, Arthur, 119 Graeme street.
Herriot & Co., weighing-machine makers, 115 Grame street.
Heiiot, James E,, of ' Pasley, Jardine, cf Co., 5 Dixon street.
Herriot, John, 115 Kensington place, Sauchiehall street.
HERTZ, Theodore, merchant, 151 West George street, house, 8 Royal crescent.
HETHERINGTON, M., of M. Hetherington cf- Co., house, 8 Houston street.
Hetherington, M., & Co., file-cutters, and file and steel merchants, 101 Dale street,
Hetherington, R., & Son, file-cutters and steel merchants, 8 Surrey lane, house, 36
Cavendish street.
HEUGH, Hugh, of Wilson, Heugli, $ Co., house, 1 West Princes street.
Heugh, Mrs. Dr., 1 West Prince's street.
HEWITT, John H., warehouseman, 3 Brighton place.
HEWITSON, John, saddler, 135 Castle street, house, 44 Weaver street.
HEYMER, William, & Son, tailor and clothier, 145 Trongate.
HEYS, George, dry sailer and commission agent, 83 and 85 Virginia street, house,
101 South Portland street.
Heys & Drew, drysalters and commission merchants, 12 Exchange square.
Heys, S., of Heys cy Drew, house, 23G Duke street.
Heys, Z., & Sons, calico printeis, 7 Dundas street, house, South Arthurlie, Barrhead.
HIGG1NBOTHAM, Edwin, of C. Todd and Higgiabolham, and Samuel Higginbotham,
Son, and Gannis, residence, Springfield house.
Higginbolbam, John E., of C. Todd cf Higginbotham, and Samuel Higginbothum, Son
and Gunnis, residence, Springfield house.
Higginbotham, Samuel, Son, and Gunnis, merchants, 4 Springfield ct, 69 Queen st.
Higginbotham. Samuel, cf C. Todd cj- Higginbotham, and Samuel Higginbotham, Son,
and Gunnis, residence, Springfield house.
HIGGINS, Henry, at F. C. Buttle 's.
Higgins, James, Bowling Bay tavern, 87 Finniesfon street.
Higgins, James, furniture broker, 31 Miller's place.
Higgins, John, English teacher, Chalmers street, house, 34 Macfarlane street.
High Church Cathedral; Duncan M'Farlan, D. D., minister.
Highland Society Institution ; John Beaten, keeper, G9 Montrose street. »
Highland and Glasgow Steam-Packet Office, 14 Jamaica street.
HILL, Alexander, D.D., professor of Divinity, 12 College court.
Hill, Andrew, victualling-house, 53 New street, Calton.
Hill, Archibald, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, caipet and paperhanging warehouse-
man, 26 Buchanan street and 43 Argyle arcade.
Hill, Archibald, baker, 81 Renfrew street.
Hill, David, wine and spirit merchant, 85 Renfrew street, house, 83 do.
Hill, Davidson, Hill, and Clark, writers, 1 South Frederick street.

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