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Hill, George, hairdresser, 26 Centre street.
Hill, George, pattern book-maker, 23 George street.
Hill, James, physician and proprietor of Garngad House Asylum, 116 Garngadhill.
Hill, John, portioner, 358 Gallowgate.
Hill, John M., of Marshall, Hill, and Hill, house, 134 North Montrose street.
Hill, Laurence, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, and Clark, writers, 1 South Frederick street.
Hill, M. A., tobacconist, 195 Cowcaddens street, house, 72 City road.
Hill, Ninian, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, and Clark, 1 South Frederick street.
Hill, N., commission merchant, 230 Argyle street.
Hill, Peter, 39 Norfolk street.
Hill, Robert, victualler and spirit dealer, 80 Muslin street, Bridgeton.
Hill, Robert, of Marshall, Hill, and Hill, house, 134 North Montrose street.
Hill, Thomas, registrar of sasines for regality of Glasgow, 25 Bath street, house,
Langside cottage.
Hill, Thomas, baker, 11 West Milton street.
Hill, Thomas, Printers' Arms tavern, 60 Hutcheson street.
Hill, Thomas, spirit merchant, 162 High street.
Hill, Thomas, Printers' Arms, 10 King street.
Hill, Walter, toll contractor, 2 Corunna place.
Hill, Walter, pawnbroker, 1 Stirling square, house, 2 Corunna place.
Hill, William, grocer, 173 Main street, Gorbals.
Hill, William, 296 Bath street.
Hill, Miss, 129 Renfrew street.
Hill, Misses, seminary for young ladies, 5 Windsor street, New City road.
HILLCOAT, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 34 Port-Dundas road, 60, 62 Par-
liamentary road, and 26 and 28 Jackson street, house, 27 Port-Dundas road.
HILLEN, Stephen, officer of St. Andrews, 32 Great Clyde street.
HILLHOUSE, Samuel, hosiery and furnishings, and clerk of Art-Union of Glasgow,
217 Upper Main street, Gorbals.
•Hillhouse, William, of Millar, Hillhouse, $ Co., house, 79 Abbotsford place.
HILLIARD & Chapman, Queen's eutlers and dressing-case makers, Prince of Wales
buildings, 56 Buchanan street. —See Advertisement in Appendix.
Hilliard, Harvey, of Hilliard and Chapman, residence, Cockmuir cottage, Springburn.
Hilliard, W. B., cupper to the Royal Infirmary, 42 Castle street.
Hilliard, W. B., cutler, surgical instrument, artificial limb, and bandage maker to the
Royal Infirmary, 148 Buchanan street. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
HILPERT, Andrew, teacher of music, 278 Argyle street.
HILTON, John, hosier and furnishing shop, 37 Maxwell street.
HINMERS, George, millinery establishment, 60 and 61 Argyle arcade, house, 87
South Portland street.
HINSHAW, John, of Arthur and Hinshaw, house, 195 Athole place, Bath street.
Hinshaw, Robert, merchant, 97 Fife place, house, 195 Athole place, Bath street.
Hinshaw, William, & Co., manufacturers, 163 Ingram street and 100 Queen street.
Hinshaw, William, of William Hinshaw <f Co., house, 3 Royal crescent.
HINSHELWOOD, Archd., warehouseman, 64 South Wellington street.
Hinshelwood, John, manager of Glasgow Parcel Delivery Co., and general forwarding
agent, 17 Miller street, house, 18 Waterport buildings.
Hinshelwood, William, grocer and victualler, 88 Great Hamilton st., house, 90 do.
HISLOP, Henry, engraver to calico-printers, 11 North street, Anderston.
Hislop, James, at Drew if M^Clure's, house, Holybank, Partick.
Hislop, R., grocer and victualler, 39 Bishop street, Anderston, house, 37 do.
Hislop, William, grocer and fruiterer, 36 Dundas street,
HITCHINER & Hunter, Stobbs Gunpowder Mills ; Henry Little, agent, 5 Dixon st.
HOBBS, Samuel, house and ship painter and gilder, 60 Anderston quay, house, 118
Hyde Park street.
HOBY, J. W., & Co., engineers, iron-founders, and ship-builders, London ; works,
HODGE, Alexander, of Smith $ Hodge, at Mrs. Dunn's, 282 Buchanan street.
Hodge, Archd., wine and spirit merchant, 59 George street, house, 63 do.
Hodge, John, smith, 56 North street, Anderston, house, 42 Greenhill street.
Hodge, J. & T., tobacconists, 3 Argyle street, house, 7 Somerville place.
Hodge, Robert, victualler, 3 Oxford street, house, 5 do.
Hodge & Campbell, writers, 69 St. George's place.

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