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Henderson, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 50 Rottenrow.
Henderson, Thomas, of Handysides <f Co., house, 24 Gloucester street.
Henderson, Thomas, of Thomas Henderson cf' Co., resid., Balgray ho., G. "Western road.
Henderson, Thomas, clothier, 28 St. Vincent place, house, 43 Holmhead street
Henderson, Thomas, & Co., merchants, 33 Virginia street.
Henderson, Walter, & Co., agents, 22 Ingram street. j
Henderson, Walter, of Walter Henderson rj- Co., house, 40 Buccleuch street.
Henderson, William, & Sons, soap and candle manufacturers and oil merchants, 88
and 90 Newwynd.
Henderson, William, baker, 29 Hospital street, house, 31 do.
Henderson, W. C, wholesale and retail confectioner, 27 Trongate, ho., 137 London st.
Henderson, W. S., bone charcoal work, and dealer in flint glass, watch glasses, &c,
406 Dobbie's loan, house, 18 Crawford street.
Henderson, Rev. William D., minister of Laurieston Church, 116 South Portland St.
Henderson, William, pavement merchant, 112 Blythswood terrace.
Henderson, Mrs. John, 102 New City road.
Henderson, Mrs. Geortre, lodgings, 12 North Coburg street.
Henderson, Miss, 15 Blythswood square.
Henderson, Miss, dressmaker, 2 Havannah street.
Henderson, Miss S., furnishing shop, 256 High street.
Henderson, E. and J., dressmakers, 69 Eglinton street.
HENNEDY, Roger, pattern drawer, 17 Holmhead street.
HENRY, Alexander, & Co., silk, gauze, and shawl manufacturers, 14 Garthland st.
Henry, Alexander, of Alexander Henry $ Co., 3 Sauchiehall street.
Henn - , Alexander, confectioner, 381 Argyle street, house, 35 Cadogan street.
Hendry, Alexander, stationer, bookbinder, and librarian, 58 Sauchiehall street.
Henry, A. & S., & Co., commission agents, 14 Princes square, 48 Buchanan street.
Henry, Arthur, wood merchant, 40 Cook street, Tradeston.
Hendry, Brothers, iron and general metal merchants and commiss. agents, Dixon st.
Hendry & Cooper, hat and cap manufacturers, 173 Great Hamilton street.
Henry, Ebenezer, & Sous, manufacturers, 81 Buchanan street and 9 Gordon street.
Henry, Ebenezer, of Ebenezer Henry if Sons, house, Breadalbane terrace, 105 Hill st.
Hendry, George T., of Hendry, Brothers, 143 Hill street, Garnethill.
Hendry, James, of Hendry, Brothers. Dixon street.
Henry, James, at William Broion cf Co.'s, house, 6 Nicholson street.
Henry, James, blacksmith, 55 Duke street, house, 233 High street.
Hendry, James, of Sutherland <f Hendry, house, 67 Oswald street.
Hendry, James, merchant, 49 Montrose street.
Hendrie, James, oven-builder, 99 Gallowgate.
Hendrie, John, horse dealer, livery stabler, 14 Kent place, off North street.
Henry, John, livery stable keeper, 130 Renfrew street, house, 132 do.
Hendry, John, of G. L. Walker <f Co.'s, 20 Canal street, Port-Eglinton.
Hendry, John, keeper, Trades' hall. 9 1 Glassford street.
Hendry, John, measurer, 67 Oswald street.
Hendry, John, cabinetmaker, 36 Thistle street, house, 76 Hospital street.
Hendry, John, spirit dealer, 64 Kirk street, Calton.
Hendry, John, general grocer, 107 New City road, and 18 Shamrock street, house,
37 Abercorn street.
Hendrie, Malcolm, bookseller and stationer, 246 Gallowgate.
Henry, Matthew, of Ebenezer Henry (j- Sons, 81 Buchanan street.
Henry, Patrick, contractor, 2 Kent street.
Hendry, Thomas, 36 Port-Dundas road.
Hendry, William T., at Hendry, Brothers, Dixon street.
Henry, William, Atlantic Steam-ship tavern, 9 Anderston quay.
Hendrie, William, accountant and general agent, 116 St. Vincent street.
Hendrie, Mrs., wine and spirit merchant, 132 Main street, Gorbals.
Hendrie, Mrs. Dr., 95 Holland street.
Hendry, Miss, 86 North Frederick street.
Hendrie, Mis*, dressmaker, 230 Main street, Gorbals.
HENRETTY, Peter, broker, 47 Bridgegate.
HEPBURN, Robert, bootmaker, 56 George street.
Heeald Newspaper Office, 182 Trongate.

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