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Stewart, Hucrh,engineer& machine
maker, 683 Dake st. and 24
Cumbernauld road; ho. 387
Duke st
Stewart, John, painter and paper-
hanger, 272 Great Eastern rd
Stewart, Walter, Haghill house
Stewart, Mrs. Kennyhill, Cumber-
nauld road
Stout, Andrew, spirit merchant,
202 Great Eastern road ; house,
281 do.
Strafford, Henry (at Eigby &
Beardmore's), 38 Chapel ter
The Prioress, Convent of the Good
Shepherd, Dalbeath
The Reformatory School, Dalbeath,
by Parkhead
Thomson, A. & Co. rope manufs.
190 Great Eastern rd
Thomson, John, & Sons, seed and
grain merchants and manure
manufacturers ; office, 49 Hope
St. ; works and stores, Grofc st.
Todd, George, of Haghill
Turner, Luke, gut band, whip
string, and sausage skin manu-
facturer ; house and work.
Vinegar hill, Camlachie
Van, Mrs. Christina, clothier and
draper ; house, Van st. ; shop.
Van st
Waddell, Jas. comb manufac. -35
Trongate; house, 15 Westmuir
Wagget, J. pawnbroker, 222 Gt.
Eastern rd
Walker, Mrs. spirit dealer, Spring-
bank, London rd
Wallace, Jas. (of Wra. Wallace &
Son), Burnbatik, east
Wallace, Wm. & Sou, bleachers
and finishers, Burnbank, east.
Letter-i and orders left at Mr.
Fisher's, 5 West Nile st
Watson, G. baker, Gt. Western rd
Watson, R. grocer, 11 Westmuir;
house, 4 Gray's lane
Webster, Alexander, engine and
machine maker, 683 Duke st.
and 24 Cumbernauld rd. ; ho.
13 Crawford st. east
Webster & Stewart, engineers and
machine makers, 683 Duke st.
and 24 Cumbernauld rd
Wellwood, S. wine and spirit
merchant, 81, 83 Gt. Eastern
rd.; house, 4 Broad st
Wilson, W. spirit merchant, 155
Westmuir st
Wilson, W. grocer, 143 West-
muir st
Willox, Wm. wine and spirit mer.
68 Gt. Eastern rd.; house, 74
Whitevale st
Winning, Henry, mineral borer
and. well sinker ; house, 1 Win-
ning's place, Westmuir st
Winning, Thos. mineral borer, 16
Winning's row, Westmuir
Wood, John, gardener. New Bank
gardens ; ho. New Bank
Wotherspoon, Robt. letter carrier,
ho. 303 Gt. Eastern rd
Wright, Alex. L. ho. Morton cot
Young, David, chemist & druggist,
70 Gt. Eastern rd
Young, James, spirit dealer, 127
Great Eastern rd. ; hoube, 3
East Union st
Young, W. surgeon, 274 Great
Eastern rd
Robt. Hunter, sen. magistrate ; J.
Morrison, jun. and G. Thomson,
jun. magistrates; J. White, A.
C. Shanks; R. Carrick, J. An-
derson, A. Hosie, D. Macfie, J.
Ferguson, A. Storrie, & J. M.
Wylie, commiss.; M. Walker,
burgh clerk; G. Paisle}', treasurer
& collector; J. Paterson, M.D.,
medical officer; A. Edwards,
snperintendent of police and
Adam, George, smith, 21 Orchard
St. ; ho. 8 Dowanhill pi
Adam, Jas. contractor, Whiteinch
Addie, Peter, mercht. Greenbank
Aikman, Thomson (of T. Aikman
& Co ) ho. Middlefield
Aitken & Mausel, sbipb. Whitein.
Alexander, Wm. (of Wm. Alex-
ander & Son), Apsley house
Allan, David, teacher of vocal
music. Old Dumbarton rd
Allan, James (at Wm. Graham &
Co.'s), ho. 6 Crawford st
Allan, Peter, bookseller and sta-
tioner, 134 Dumbarton rd. ; ho.
4 Dowanhill st
Allan, Robt. wine and spirit mer-
chant, 361 Dumbarton rd. ho.;
359 do.
Allan, William, spirit merchant
Anderson, Archd. house painter &
paperhanger, 8 Peel st. ; ho. 9
Prince's buildings, Merkland st
Anderson & Co. ironfounders, Par-
tick ; ho. Meadow vale
Anderson, David, spirit merchant,
22 Hozier st ; house, 25 Merk-
land street
Anderson, Rev. Henry, Rose vale
Anderson, John, mason, 2 Bu-
chanan st
Anderson, John, Pekia cottage
Anderson, Thomas, contractor,
Bunhouse mill
Arkley, Thomas, National Bank of
Scotland, 246 Dumbarton road ;
ho. 3 Manle ter
Armour, Andrew, agent, 20 Law-
rence place
Auehincloss, John, mason, 36
Hyndland st
Baker, James, spirit merchant, 4-
Peel St. ; ho. 6 do.
Barbour, Graham, plumber and
gasfitter, 192 Dumbarton road ;
ho. 2 Crawford st
Barbour, Thos. flesher, Windsor pi
Barclay, Curie, & Co. shipbuilders,
Barclaj', D. S. & Son, funeral
undertakers, 111 Dumbarton rd.
Partlck, and 69 Victoria street,
Govan; ho. 107 Dumbarton rd
Barclay, Hugh, architect, 2 Maule
Barker, John (of Barker & Co.).
ho. Meadowbank ores
Barr, Miss, dressmaker, 190 Crown
place ; ho. 76 Raglan place
Barrie, John, spirit merchant, 32
Orchard st
Barrow, F. A. Viewpark villa
Bayne, Thomas, baker, 6 Dowan-
hill pi.; ho. 5 Dowanhill pi
Bayne, Samuel T. grocer, 2 Bridge
St.; ho. 10 Dowanhill st
Bertram, Peter, stationer. Free-
land bank
Binnie, James, assistant to H.M.
inspector of schools ; house, 252
Stewartville pi
Binnie, Miss M. hardware mercht.
Hamilton pi
Birrell, Dawson (of Chamberlain
& Birrell), 2 Lawrence pi
Birrell, Walter, Middlefield, Par-
Bisset, Wm. teacher, 23 Elgin fer
Black, Thomas, slater and plas-
terer. Peel St. 324 Hamilton pi
Boag, Wm. spirit merchant, 4C5
Crawford pi
Boyd, Edmund, master of educa-
tional method, Free Church
Training College ; ho. 3 Hamil-
ton street
Brock, Jame.'?, English master,
Partick Acad. ; ho. Inch bank
Brown, A. J. & R. Caledonian
bolt & rivet wks. Castlebank st
Brown, James, baker, 339 Dum-
barton road
Brown & M'Millan, Partick Cloth
Hall, Windsor pi
Brunton, Andrew, chemist and
druggist, 250 Dumbarton road ;
house, 252 do.
Burgess, Jas. glazier and painter,
320 Dumbarton rd
Cairns, Francis, cabinet and chair
maker, 85 Dumbarton rd. ; ho.
83 do
Calder, Rev. John, Partick manse
Calder, Thos. joiner and glazier,
359 Dumbarton rd. ; house, 4
Orchard st
Cameron, Allan, grocer, 62 Ander-
son St. ; ho. 60 do

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