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Cameron, A, M'Crae, surgeon, 34
Smith St. Whiteincli
Cameron, David M. evangelist, 4
Dowanhill st
Cameron, D. Dykes (of Hatfield,
Cameron, & Co.), ho. Mulberry
Cameron, Duncan, Sandbank pi
Cameron, Ewing, Clydeview
Cameron, Mrs. D. A. Clydeview
Cameron, Mrs. E. ; ho. Mulberry
Campbell, Alex, grocer and wine
merchant, 122 Dumbarton rd. ;
ho. 2 Victoria st
Campbell, Duncan, grocer and
wine merchant, 364. Dumba. rd
Campbell, James S. 3 Lincoln pi
Campbell, John, teller, N. S. Sav-
ings Bank; ho. 5 Maxwell st
Campbell, Thos. church officer,
Lincoln pi
Campbell, Wm. 2 Lawrence pi
Campbell, Mrs. Janet, grocer and
wine merchant, 349 Dumbarton
rd. ; ho. 351 do
Campbell, Mrs. 2 Lawrence pi
Carmichael, Robert, wright, 12
Kelvin st. ; ho. 2 Argyle pi
Carrick, Robt. provision mercht, 1
Castlebank; ho. Lincoln pi
Cassils, Chas. 2 Hamilton cres.
Cassils, Mrs. 4 Annfield ter. west
City of Glasgow Branch Bank ;
G. Paisley, agt. 314 Dumb, rd
Clark, John, 6 Meadoivbank cres
Clark, John, gardener, Clayslap?,
372 Dumbarton rd
Clark, Joseph, druggist, herbalist,
and dentist, 133 Dumbarton rd
Clow, Andrew, watchmaker, 40
Hyndlaud st
Cochrane, Mrs. 6 Hamilton cres
Connell, Chas. (of Chas. Connell
and Co.), ho. Clydeview
Connell, Chas. & Co. iron and
composite shipbuilders, Scots-
town ship buildg. yd. Whiteinch
Cook, Chas. grocer and ho. factor,
74, 76 Anderson st. ; ho. 70
Andarsoa st
Cook, John, grocer and wine mer-
chant, 52 Orchard st
Co-operative Society, 38 Smithst.
Cooper, Robt. Ashburne lodge
Costigane, John T. 3 Sandbank pi
Costigane Brothers, mercht. tailors
and warehousemen, 338, 340,
342, & 344 Dumbarton rd
Craig, Jas. senr. Westfield ter
Craig, John (of R. & J. Craig),
ho. Netherlee
Craijr, Robt. Hunter, Westfield ter
Craig, Robt. (of R. & J. Craig),
ho. Netberlee
Cummiug, Wm. Greenbank
Gumming, Wm. accountant, 20
Lawrence pi
Cunningham, Hugh, grocer and
provision merchant, 50 Smith
St. Whiteinch ; ho. 52 Centre st.
Cunningham, John, missionary,
Whiteinch ; ho. Sandbank pi
Danskin, A. B. insurance surveyor,
4 Eldon terrace
Dargan, Wm. 1 Merkland pi
Davidson, K. (of K. & R. David-
son), ho. Rose cottage
Davidson, Robt. Rose cottage
Davidson, Mrs. 19 Elgin ter
Davie, Jas. bootmaker, 332 Ham-
ilton pi. ; ho. 336 do
Dewar, Wm. farmer, Meadowside
Dick, A. H. B. Sc. M.A. LL.D.
lecturer on history ; ho. Rose-
land house
Dickson, Wm. Gillespie, senior
sheriff substitute ; ho Westfield
Donaldson, James, Clydeview
Donaldson, John (of Donaldson
Brothers), 6 Maule terrace
Douglas, John, manager, omnibus
station, Whiteinch
Douglas, Mat. slater, yard, 31
Anderson st. 309 Virginia pi
Douglas, Wm. slater, 73 Orchard
St. 302 Windsor pi
Dron, Alexander, 17 Elgin ter
Duncan, Robert, ironfounder and
engineer, Partick Foundry; ho.
Dunlee, Partick hill
Dunlop, Jas. & Co. iron masters,
Dunlop, Robt. bak. & confectioner,
357 Dumbarton rd
Dunlop, Peter, baker, 72 Castle-
bank st
Dunn, Saml. (of Dunn & Wright),
Laurel bank
Dykes, Mrs. A. 5 Hamilton cres
Eadie, Robt. ironmonger, Clyde st
Eaglesham, James, Fairlie pk
Eaglesham, Jas. Fairley Park Ho.
Easton, David, M.D. ho. Ashville
Edwards, And. superintendent of
police, 47 Anderson St. ; ho.
Sandbank pi
Edwards, David, 15 Annfield ter
Edgar, Wm. F. grocer and wine
merchant, 3 Dowanhill pi
Ewing, T. B. joiner & Venetian
blind manufactur. 1 & 19 An-
derson St. 302 Dumbarton road
Ewing, Wm. (of Wm. Ewing &
Co.), 13 Elgin ter
Ferguson, John, shipbuilder, Clyde
Holm Ship Yard, Whiteinch;
house, Larkfield
Fernan, John, grocer and provision
merchant, 44, 46 Anderson st
Fernan, Terence, grocer. Crown
pi. ; house, 10 Dowanhill st
Finlayson, Wm. writer, 10 Maryfi.
Fleming, David K. (of Montgo-
merie & Fleming), 3 Annfield tr
Fleming, P. & R. ironmongers 1
Dowanhill pi
Fleming, Thos (of Miller & Flem-
ing), house, 66 St. Vincent st
Fletcher, Christopher, joiner, 42
Old Dumbarton rd
Forrester, Dav. hatter and hosier,
210 Dumbarton rd.; ho. 212 do.
Forsythj David, saddler and har-
ness maker, 142 Dumbarton
road ; ho. 5 Dowanhill pi
Frame, Wm. Thornbank
Eraser, Hugh (of Eraser & M'Laren)
house. Wood croft
Fulton, Jas. farmer, No. Balgray
Fulton, John, farmer, Balshagry
Gallaugher, Daniel, E.G. clergy-
man, Bridge st
Gallacher, Rev. Wm. R.C. clergy-
man. Bridge st
Gallie, James, 4 Buchanan st
Gardner, John, flesher, Hamilton
pi. ; house, Rosevale
Gardner, Wm. smith and iron-
monger, 303 Dumbarton road;
house, 9 Hamilton st
Gemmell, James, Fairfield, Partick
Gibb, A. G. (of R. M'Kay & Co.),
house, Meadowbank pi
Gibson, Rev. Robt. M. East U.P.
Church, 4 Maule ter
Gibson, Wm. merchant, Hopevilla
Gilbert, Mrs. J. Graham, York
Hill house
Gilchrist & Goldie, brick and tile
makers, Crow road
Gilfillan, Mrs. Wm. Roseland pi
Gilkison, David, Clyde view
Gilmour, John, draper and fur-
nishings, Hayburn pi
Goldie, John, grocer and wine
merchant, Windsor pi
Goold, James, baker, 283 Dum-
barton road
Graham, Adam, writer, Thornwood
Graham, George, 2 Ferry road
Graham, Jas. grocer, 1 Graham st
Graham, T. J. H.M. Customs, 5
Lawrence pi
Granger, Thomas (at Provanhill
Coal Co.), ho. 14 Dowanhill st
Granger, Thomas, superintendent
Gaswork; ho. 165 Durabart. rd
Grant, Rev. Charles M. A.M. B.D.
minister of St. lilary's; house,
Gray, Robert, 2 Lawrence pi
Greig, James, 8 Annfield ter
Greenlees, James, bootmaker, 7
Dowanhill place ; ho. 220 Dum-
barton rd
Griffiths, P. W. wax chandler,
Scotstown Mill rd. ; ho. Argyle
pi. Hyndland st
Harkness, A. spirit merchant, 215
Dumbarton road
Harris, John, bootmaker, 224 and
317 Dumbarton rd.; ho. 226 do.

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