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Fotheringham, Henry, grain and
seed merchant, Claythorn St. ;
house, Carntyne pi
Fulton, VVm. publican, 17 West-
muir St. ; ho. 8 Watson pi
Gallacher, C. pawnbroker, 3
Burgher st
Garrowa)-, Robert (of R. & J.
Garroway), house, Rosemount,
Cumbernauld road
Garven, James, teacher, Parkhead
Ses. Scbool
Gibson, Miss Jane, matron. City
of Glasgow Fever hospital. Bel-
vedere, London rd
Glen, Jn. salesman. Co-operative
Society, Camlachie ; house, 20
Society St
Glen, Thomas (at Wm. Miller &
Suns', 54 Gordon St.), house,
Springfield house, Dalmarnock
Gourlay, George, grocer, 366 Gt.
Eastern rd
Gray, James, joiner, 60 Dalraar. st
Grant, George (of Geojge Grant
and Sons), house, Westhorn,
London road
Haddow, Alex, spirit dealer, 127
Great Eastern rd. ; ho. 5 East
Union st. Camlachie
Haddow, John, saddler, 96 Great
Eastern rd. ; house, 5 E. Union
St. Camlachie
Harrison, George, & Co. manufac-
turing chemists. Porter st. off
Gt. Eastern rd. ; ho. 35 Roslea
Hart, John, carter, 214 Westmuir
Howat, J. carter, Dalmarnock st
Jarvis, John, manager, Dalmar.
Paper Mills, Springfield rd
Kay, Alex. Weir, clerk and store-
keeper. City of Glasgow Fever
Hospital, Belvedere, London rd.;
house, 623 New Dalmar. rd
Kinniburgh, H. carter, 296 Great
Eastern rd
Lamb, Peter, tailor, Riddrie, Cum-
bernauld rd
Lang, William, flesher, 16 West-
muir st
Lawson, John, engineer and mill-
wright, Blounlblue, Camlachie ;
ho. 50 Whitevale st
Lemon, Alexander, & Co. boot-
lace, rope, and twine manufac.
Vinegar hill, Camlachie ; house,
713 Gallowgate
Lennox, Alexander, rope and twine
manufact. Vinegar hill, Cam-
lachie; ho, 713 Gallowgate
Lyon & Co. brick, tile, and pottery
manufact. Mountblue works,
Camlachie; ho. Mountblue
M'Cracken, Wm. flesher, 6 New
road ; hou.se, 8 New road
M'Ewan, Alexander, agent, City
of Glasgow Bank, 9 Westmuir
St. ; ho. Helenvale cottage
M'Ewan, Malcolm, tobacco manu-
facturer, Helenvale cottage
M'Ewan, Wm. (of Wm. M'Ewan
& Co.) Helenvale
M'Feat, Thomas, house factor, 20
Salamanca st
M'Gibbon, James, rope and twine
maker, 404 Gt. Eastern rd
M'Kenzie, John, grocer, 125 West-
muir St.; ho. 130 do
M'Lellan, D. G. manager, Carn-
tyne Chemical Works
M'Mnrraj', John, grocer, 70 Gt.
Eastern rd
M'Neil, Malcolm, portioner, 171
Gt. Eastern rd
M'Quarrie, Robt. wine and spirit
merchant, 114 Gt. Eastern rd
Marr, Thomas (of Morrison, Marr,
& Co.), ho. 195 Gt. Eastern rd
Marshall, Jn. collector for eastern
necropolis; ho. 33 Dalmar. rd
Martin, VVm. & Sons, needle and
fish-hook manufrs. Springgrove,
Cumbernauld rd. ; ho. Spring-
Mather, James, flesher, 244 Great
Eastern road
Miller, A. victualler, 221 Great
Eastern road
Miller, Thos. P. Springfield house,
Miller, Wm. & Sons, turkey-red
dyers and calico printers, Spring-
field, Dalmarnock
Miller, Wm. P. Springfield house,
Mitchell, Jas. monumental sculp-
tor, 189 Great Eastern road;
house, 185 do
Moffat, T. cowfeeder, 18 New rd
Montgomery, Wm. nurseryman
and florir^t, Haghill Nursery ;
ho. Carntyne lodge; shop, 365
Argyle st
Morgan, Jos. draper and clothier,
313 Gt. Eastern rd.; ho. 3 15 do.
Morton, Thomas, grocer, 305 Great
Eastern road
Muir, J. Post-office, Gt. Eastern rd
Murdoch, Alex. Dalmarnock farm,
Murdoch, Jas. farmer, Carntyne
Murray, J. wine and spirit merch.
319 Great Eastern road; house,
3 Ewing place
Napier, James, & Co. chemical
manufacturers. Vinegar hill,
Napier, James, jun. (of J. Napier
& Co.), house, 21 Koselea drive,
Napier, James (of James Napier
& Co. Camlachie), house, Cup-
muif, Partick
Nisbet, Thomas, master quarrier,
Westmuir quarry, Westmuir St.;
house, 2 East Hamilton street,
Paterson, William, grocer and pro-
vision merchant, 10 New road
Paton, John, skinner. Vinegar hill
Paton, Robert M. wine and spirit
merchant, 163 Great Eastern
road; house, 165 do
Pollock, Archibad, 324 Great
Eastern rd
Porter, John, brick-maker & brick-
builder, Jeanfield Brick Works,
London rd. ; ho. 339 London rd
Rae, J. agent. Great Eastern road
Redpath, Adam, family grocer, 12
and 14 Westmuir street
Reid, Dujald, brick- builder; ho.
& works, 7 Back Causey, West-
muir street
Reid, Hugh, draper and house-
factor, 29 Westmuir street
Reid, James, wholesale and retail
wine and spirit merchant, Moun-
tainblue. Great Eastern road .
Reid, John, tailor, 287 Great
Eastern rd
Riddell, Daiiiel, purchaser. Park-
head and Westmuir Economical
Societj', Westmuir st
Riddell, Robert, butcher, 101 Gt.
Eastern road
Rigby & Beardmore, manufd. of
armour and boiler plates, marine
engine and other forcings,
Parkhead Forge and Rolling
Robb, Andw. veterinary surgeon,
260 Great Eastern road
Robb, W. carter, Great Eastern rd
Robertson, Chas. superintendent,
Eastern Necropolis ; house, 82
Dalmarnock st
Ross & Passmore, rope and twine
manufacturers, Greenvale Rope
Work, Cumbernau'd street
Robertson, Rev. Anselm, manager
of the K.C. Boys Reformatory,
Robin & Hutcheson, wholesale
and retail wine and malt liquor
merchants, 49 Great Eastern
Rodger, William, saddler, 45 Gt.
Eastern rd. ; ho. 4 Brooml. ter.
Shannon, Wm. blacksmith, 229
Smith, D. Riddrie Bank cottage
Steel, Thos. victualler and grocer,
99 Gt. Eastern rd. ; ho. 7 Coal-
hill St. Camlachie
Steven, Wrn. brickmaker, builder,
and contractor, 481 London rd. ;
ho. 483 do. ; brickworks, at
Mauldslie, London rd. ; Porter
St. and Society st. Gt. Eastern
rd. ; Crossbill, Cathcart rd
Stevenson & Co. glass bottle
manufacturers, Camlachie
Stevenson, W. Newlands farm
Stewart, Alex. 37 East Hope

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