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Barr, Archibald, shawl and dress manufacturer, 66
Miller street ; house at Paisley.
Barr, Arthur, spirit merchant, 81 Dale street,
Barr & P>uchanan, tea merchants and grocers, 150,
152 Hifjjh street.
Barr, C, cabinetmaker, 223 Eglinton street ; house,
188 PoUoUshaws road.
Barr, D^ivid, of Monoricjf, Paterson, Forbes, 4" Barr ;
house, 4 Sandyford place.
Barr & Ewing, tobacco manufacturers, 21, 23 St.
Andrew street.
Ban-, Gavin, of Barr cj- WUUamson ; house, 2 Clif-
ton street.
Barr, Rev. .James, D.D., minister of St. Enoch's ;
residence, Woodhead, Bothwell.
Barr, James, bookbinder, 2!^- Caiming St., Calton.
Barr, James, fret cutter, 132,J, Main St., Anderston.
Barr, James, of Hunter, Barr, cj- Co. ; house, 2 Sur-
rej' place.
Barr, James, o/" T-FiW/aOT Barr l} Sons ; house, 280
Batli street.
Barr, James, & Co., timber merchants, 25 Gerrais-
ton stieet ; bouse, 35 Port-Dundas road.
Barr, James, brick builder, 30 East Rose street.
Barr, John M., baker, 24 Nicholson St.; ho. 22 do.
Barr, John, dairyman, 70 St. James' rd. ; ho. 63 do.
Barr, John, 30 Commerce street.
Barr, John, of Barr, Wyiie, <J- Co.; house, 27
Sandyford place.
Barr, John, dairy, 4 St. Andrew street.
Barr, John, engineer and boiler- maker, 100 Clyde
street, Anderston.
Barr, John, victualler, 149 Main street, Anderston ;
house, 145 do.
Barr, John, grocer, spirit, and provision merchant,
162 New DahnariiDck road; house, 100 do.
Barr, Laurence, wright, 74 Cumberland street.
Barr, Peter, rope and twine manufacturer. Upper
Crown street, house, 22 Bedford lane.
Barr, Robert, clerk and cashier, 59 Bishop street ;
house, 9 Richard street.
Barr, Robert, of Barr tj- Watt; house, 12 Florence
place, Stanley street.
Barr, Robert, engineer, ofD. Cook <^ Co. ; house,
17 Paterson street, Kingston.
Barr, Robert, of Burr ^- Eicing ; house, 76 Great
Hamilton street.
Barr, Robert, baker, 4 Adelphi place ; house, 66
Rutherglen road.
Barr, Robert, brickmaker and builder ; brickworks.
Foundry open, Camlachie; h. 87 Gt. Hamilton st.
Barr, Samuel, teacher of music and pianoforte seller,
85 Siuichiehall street.
Barr, Thomas, provision mercliant, 233 Argyle st. ;
house, 239 do.
Barr, Walter, commission merchant, 17 Oswald st.;
house. Woodland villa, Govan.
Barr & Watt, tea merchants, 94 Mitchell street.
Barr, William, oil and colour merchant, 77 Main st.,
Gorbals; house, 3 Edwin place, Surrey street.
Barr, Wm., watchmaker and jeweller, 3 I (I Argyle st.
Barr, Wm., of Barr <.f Buchanan ; ho. 12 Ure place.
Barr, William, wine and spirit merchant, 85, 81
Jamaica street ; house, 83 do.
Barr, William, nf William Barr ^f Sons; house, 350
Sauchiehall street.
Barr, William, & Sons, fancy muslin manufacturers,
54 Gordon street.
Barr&VViliianison, commission agents, 90 Mitchell st.
Bair, Wylie, & Co., commission merchants, 182 W.
George street.
Barr, Mrs., crape and feather dyer, 27 Charlotte St.
BAituiiEAD and Neilston Railway' Station, head of
Main street, Gorbals.
BARKETT, William, clothier, 1 Bridgeg ite ; house,
160 Saltmarket.
BARRIASSON, N., & Co., at Cognac ; agent, Geo.
Johnston, jun.. Royal Exchange, South area.
BAKRIE, James, mineral boring contractor, 8
Young street.
Barrie, John, grocer, 40 Dundas street, Kingston ;
house, 145 Nelson street, Tradeston.
Barrie, John, hill clerk, 134 Mid-wharf, Port-Dun-
das ; house, 74 Maitland street.
Barrie, John, branch pilot, 94 Alma pi., Paisley rd.
Barrie, Peter, Caledonian Railway office, 3tJ2 Bu-
chanan street ; house, 30 Taylor street.
Barrie, William, manufacturer, Ayton place; ho.
47 North Albion street.
BARRON, Alexander, house factor and insurance
agent, ai /. i}' IK. Taylor's, 5 Alston street; ho.
Barron, James F., of Wilson cj- Barron ; house, 42
Elderslie street.
Barron, J., & Co., engravers, 7 Argyle street.
Barron, William, 73 Abbotsford place.
BARRoW, F. A., drysalter, glass agent, and com-
mission merchant, 62 West Howard street; ho.
10 Napier place, Sandyford.
Bauuowi'-iet.d Dye and Print-works. See Henry
Monteith & Co.
BARRY & Co., chicor3'^, cocoa, and mustard manu-
facturers, London ; agents, Wm. R. D. Gascoyne
& Co., 9S West Nile street.
Barry, David, tinsmith, brazier, and gasfitter, 17
Lancetield quay; house, 105 Dumbaiton road.
Barry, David, hairdresser, 5 Canning st., Calton;
house, 169 Great Hamilton street.
Burr}-, James, ham merchant, 103 King street.
Baiy, M. Y., tinsmith, gasfitter, and bell-hanger,
101 Dumbarton road.
Barry, Silvester V., fret cutter, 315 Argyle street;
house, 46 Cavendish street.
BAIiTHOLO.ME >, Alex., of Hay, Bartholomew, ^
Co.; house, 177 Renfrew street.
Bartholomew, Hugh, engineer and mammer. City
and Suburban Gas Co. ; works, 122 Old Dalmar-
noek road ; house, 1 1 6 do.
B.triholomew, John, & Co., merchants, 1 Dundas
street; works, Cumberland street, Calton, Bar-
rowfield, and Dalmarnock.
Bartholomew, John, (f J. Bartholomew 4' Co., 1
Dundas street.
Bartholomew, Robert, of J. Bartholomew cJ- Co. ;
hnusp, 234 West George street.
BARTON, Wm., ropemaker, sailmnker, and ship
chandler; waiehouse, 91 Broomielaw ; works,.
153 South Scotland street, and 91 Warroch st. ;
house, 68 Pollok street.
Barton, Wm., auctioneer, at C. It. Broion y- J. Mac-
iiidoc's; house, 140 Duke street.
Barton, Mrs. B., 4 Windsor ternice.
Uarton, Mrs., boarding-house, 182 Broomielaw.
Bartonsiiii-I. Coal Company, coalinasler.s, 159
West George street.
BASS,Katclifr,&.Gretion,brewers, Burton-on-Trent;
Bulloch, Lade, & Co., 43 Dunlop street.

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