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Bannerman, Walter, q/'Tl/ZZ/e?- <j- Bannerman; house,
321 West Bath st. & Greenfaulds, Cumbernauld.
Bannerman, Mrs., 27 Woodside place.
Banneinian. Mr.<., 43 Holm head street.
BANZIGEK, Hirsch, & Co., Swiss manufacturers,
and commission agents, 67 Buchanan street.
Baptist Chapel, 120 High John street; Rev.
John Sliearer, minister.
Baptist Chapel, East Regent place, 76 Blackfriars'
street ; Rev. F. Johnston, minister.
Baptist Church,, 24 Stockwell street; Geo. Steedman
and Kobt. Kerr, pastors.
Baptist Church, Baronial Hall, South Portland St. ;
Rev. Alexander M'Leod, minister.
Baptist Chapel, 21 Hope street; Rev. Dr. James
Paterson, minister, 33 Elmbank place.
Baptist Chapel, 42 North Frederick street ; Rev.
John Williams, minister.
BARBOR, Major, barrackmaster, infantry barracks ;
house, 9 Eastfield place.
BARBOUR, i)ltver 1{., confectioner and fruiterer,
15 Great Hamilton street.
Barbour, I'eter, grocer, 133 Garngad rd. ; ho. 135 do.
Barbour, Robert, plumber and lead merchant, 1 18
Bothwell street, and Peel street, Partick ; house,
12 Keivingrove street.
Barbour's Umbrella Manufactorx", 72 Sauchiehall
street : house, 1 Wemj'ss place.
BARCLAY, Curie, & Co., wood and iron ship-
builders, engineers, boat-builders, joiners, black-
smiths, painters, and blockmakeis; counting-house.
Slip-docks, foot of Broomielaw; j'bbing-yard, 59
M'Alpine street ; engine works, Whiteinch.
Barclay, Ebenezer, clotiiier, 32 London st. ; house,
2 Morris phice, Monteith row.
Barclay, George, of Barclay, Paton, cj- Co. ; house,
22 Canning place.
Barclay, Hngli, of Barclay tj- Watt; house, 29
Houston street.
Barclay, Hu^h, monumental sculptor, Sighthill
cemetery ; house, 68 Taylor street.
Barclaj', James, M.D., physician and surgeon, 123
West George street.
Barclay, Paton, & Co., merchants, 102 Brunswick st.
Barclay, Perkins, & Co.'s London poiter store, Car-
ron whaif, Port-Dundas.
Barclay, Phillips, & Co., ship-furnishing ironmon-
gers, 17 Anderston quay.
Barclay, Robert, of Barclay, Curie, tf Co. ; house,
6 Fitzioy place.
Barclay, Hobert, 21 Park terrace.
Barclay,R.,spirit merclit.,1 1 iJopeworkla.; h.24do.
Barclay, Hobert, 2 Morris place, Monteith row.
Barclay & Son, slaters, 14 Main St., Calton ; house,
133 i^ondoii street.
Barclay, Tluimas, of Barclny, Phillips, 4' Co.; house,
470 St. Vincent street.
Barclay, Thomas, D.D., Principal of Glasgow col.
Barclay, Thomas, messenger-atarms, Fyfe place,
106 West George street.
Barclay, Thomas, pattern designer, 241 Eglinton st.
Barclay, vVm., spiiitdealer, KM Hi>;h st.; ho.209do.
Barclaj-, Wm., pawnbroker, 123 Main St.. Gorbals.
Barclay & Watt, architects, 101 West Nile street
BARKEli, George, boot and shoemaker, 2 Argyle
arca<le; bouse, Croy place.
Baiker, J. D., general warehnuseman, and umlirelln,
paras.'i, cap, boot, and shoe ii;anulacturer, 18, 20
. Glassford street; house, 10 Newton street.
Barker, Henry M., 84 North Hanover street.
Barker, John, of Barker <J- Rennie ; house. Green-
bank, Partick.
Barker, John W., at James Black <f Co.'s; house, 14
West Princes street.
Barker & Rennie, brush manufacturers, 5 Candle-
riugs and 19 Turner's court.
Barker, Samuel, master mariner, 80 Alma place,
Paisley road.
BARLAS, Alexander, at John Pender cj- Co.'s ; ho.
37 Garnethill street.
Barlas, Alexander Richard, accountant, and local
manager of Unity Fire and Life Association, 98
Queen street ; liouse, 1 1 Osborne place, Bucking-
ham square, Govan. — See Adv. in Appendix.
Barlas, George, hairdresser and perfumer, 16J Bu-
chanan street ; house, 63 Commerce street.
Barlas, James, 20 Bloomfield [ilace, Hillhead.
Barlas, Mrs., 20 Sandyford place.
Barlas, Misses, southern private institution for the
education of young ladies, 8 Maxwelton place.
BARLOVV, Thomas C, artiste in fireworks; work-
shop, Finnieston street; store. Centre st. ; house,
246 Argyle street. — See Ado in Appendix.
Barlowe, T., teaclier of the coniet-a-piston, Theatre
Royal ; hou.se, 246 Argyle street.
BARNES, M. & A., glass and china merchants, 40
Dundas street ; house, 48 Glebe street.
Barnes, liobert, at St. liollox Flint Glass iVoi-ks ; ho.
48 Glebe street.
BARNETT, Husxh, of Small 4- Burnett; house, 13i>
Hill street, Garnethill.
Barnett, Hugh, jun., of Rutherfurd, Paterson, cj' Co.;
house, Sackville place, 136 Stirling's road.
Barnett, Sannicl, at William M'Lean cj- Co.'s, Ih
Cochran street ; bouse, 100 Crown street.
BARNEY, John, at Gvurluy, Linn, cy IJuie's ; house^
163 Eglinton street.
BARNHILL, Alexandei-, agent of the Reunion.?
d'Assureurs particuliers, and of the Compagnies
d'Assuraiices maritimes, a Paris, 52 Howard St.;
house, 84 Buccleuch street.
Barnhill, Alex., & Co., commission merchants, 52
Howard street.
Barnliill, James, & Co., tanners, 63 Spoutmouth,.
and 90 Old vennel.
Barnhill, James, of James Barnhill cJ- Co. ; house,
111 Breadalbane terrace, Garnethill.
Barnhill, Mrs , sen., 90 Buccleuch street.
Baronial Hall, 45 So. Portland street; William"
Sheriffs, keeper.
Baisony Church (Established), Townhead; Rev.
Dr. N. M'Leod, minister.
Barony Parish Parochial Board, 14 College St.
Barony Parish Session Clerk's Office, 62 West Nile
Street; Da\ id M'Brayne, clerk.
Barony Parish Poor's Rate Assessment Collector's
Office, 24 Hutcheson street.
BARR, Alexander, spit-it dealer, 55 Tobago street,
Calton ; house, 49 do.
Barr, Alexander, of William Barr if Sons ; house,
350 Sauchiehall street.
Barr, Allan, 20 Hill place, Stirling's road.
Barr, Audw., Newhaven restaurant, 86 Gla.=Fford st,
Barr, Andrew, agent for Crossmyloof Loaf Factory,
29, 31 O.Nford street, and" 9 Victoria place,
Govan ; house, 6 Cavendish street.
Barr, Arcliihald, Shields Colliery Office, 28 Miller
street ; house, 20 Glebe street.

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