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13ATCHEL0R, Rev. Henry, Congregational minis-
ter, Elgin Place Church ; house, "J Nelson terrace,
Wilson street, Ilillhead.
BATES, Mrs. Dr., G8 St. Vincent crescent.
BATHGATE, John, 3 Steven street.
Bathing Estalilishnienf, Dr. .Jack's, hot air, Roman,
and Turkish bath.s, vapour, douche, and ordinary
hot baths, 300 Argyle street. — See Advertisement
in Appendix.
IJatliing Eft.iblis-hment, 2." Hutclieson street.
Bathing Eslablishment, 36 Hill street, Anderston.
Bathing Establishment (Victoria), 106 W. Nile st.
BATTJSON, J. & T., grocers and prov. merchants,
30 and 32 Dundas street and 3 Douglas street;
Iionse, 421 Parliamentary road.
H.4TTY, Richard, of John APNuir <S^ Co.; house, 6
Wilton crescent.
BAUCHOP, James, grocer, 419 Parliamentary road.
BAUMANN & Abercroniby, foreign commission
merchants, 49 West George street.
E.iumann, William, foreign commission merchant,
■PJ West George St.; ho. 12 Grosvenor terrace,
BAWDEN, John, engineer, 24 St. Vincent crescent.
BAXTER, A. G., of Baxter <]• Smith; ho. 3 Craig-
nestock crescent.
Baxter, Ale.x. W., of Wm. Chisholm^ Co.; house,
50 King street, Tradeston.
Baxter, Dl., clerk, G.P.O.; house, 44 Sauchiehall st.
Baxter, Isaac, & Son, Italian warehouse, confec-
tioners, grocers, oilmen, and wine merchants, 137
Bu£han:\n direct,
Baxter, Isaac, glass merchant and glazier, 13 Find-
lay st , Cowcaddeng.
Baxter, James K., wine and spirit merchant, 247
High St. ; ho. 251 do.
Baxter, John, china and glass warehouse, 57 Ja-
maica Street ; house, 50 do.
Baxter, John W., of Robertson, Thompson, ^- Co. ;
house, 70 Buccleuch street.
Baxter, John, wrighr, 03 North Frederick street and
85 North Hanover street; house, 70 John st.
Baxter & Smith, plumbago, crucible, and melting-
pot manufacturers, 6 North Paterson street.
Baxter, Walter, of Isaac Baxter tf Son; house, 25
Blythswood square.
Baxter, William, draper, hosier, and smallware mer-
chant, 440, 442 Argyle st. ; house, 206 North st.
Baxter, William, last and boot-tree maker, 55 East
Howard street.
Baxter, Mrs. M., hosiery and furnishings, 109 Eg-
linton street.
Baxter, Mis., underclothing and quilting establish-
ment, 202 Dumbarton road.
BAYLY, Major John, R.E., superintendent, Ord-
nance Survey Ollice, 205 St. Vincent street.
Bayley, Joseph, grocer, 23 Rodney street.
BAYLIS, James S.. Milton Collosseum Concert
hall, Milton arcade, 190 Cowcaddens ; ho., do.
BAYNE, David, teacher of the pianoforte and sing-
ing, 343 Bath crescent.
Bayne & Dnckett, boot and shoemakers, 85 Argyle
street and Sydney court, 02 Argyle street.
Baynes, James, City and Suburban Gas Co. ; house,
27 Gloucester .street, Kingston.
Bayne, James, tailor and clothier, 45 Eglinton St.
Bayne, James, printcutter, 9 Mains street.
Bayne, James, teacher of pianoforte, 343 Bath cresc.
Bayne, Thomas, drj'salter and commission merchant,
71 George square; house, Pollokshields.
Bayne, Miss M., milliner, straw-hat and dressmaker,
64 Bedford street.
Bayne, Miss Isabella, dressmaker, 9 Scotia street.
BAYVEL, C. A. F., professor of French, Southern
Academy, Young Men's Christian Association and
Free Normal Seminary ; house, 10 So. Apsley pi.
Bazaar, Candleriggs; Public Weigh-house, John
Sawers, collector.
Bp]ALE, John W., messenger- at-aims and sheriff-
oiBcer for the counties of Lanark, Renfrew, and
Dumbarton, at Henri/ Miller's, 25 Queen street t
house, 123 Dumbarton road.
BEATON, Walter, & Co., warehousemen and clo-
thiers, 172 Cowcaddens street.
Beaton, Walter, cf Walter Beaton ^ Co. ; house, 5
Bank street, Hillhead.
Beaton, Misses, 437 Parliamentary road.
BEATTIE, Alexander, sailmaker, 2G Springfield la.
Beattie, Alex., at Morrison's ij- Co.'s, 49 Jamaica st.
Beatlie, James, bootniak., 42 Brunswick pi. ; ho., do.
Beattie, John, & Co., sugar brokers and agents for
Henderson & Constable, London, 31 Virginia st.
Beattie, John, of John Beattie cf- Co.; house, 257
Brandon place.
Beattie, Peter, inspector of poor, Barony parisli, 14
College street ; house, 42 Rosebank terrace.
Beattie, Walter, at Miller, Hose, tj- Co.'s ; house, 2
Wcllcroft place.
Beattie, William, commercial traveller, Greenbaiik,
Beattie, William, Engineers' Office, Caledoni.irt
Railway, Buchanan Street Station.
Beattie, Misses, milliners, 199 Athole pi., Bath st.
Beattie, Mrs., 47 Renfrew street.
BEAUMONT, Mi-s. J., victualler, 15 Blalta street.
BECK, Geo., of Camphell ^- Beck, cabinetmakers ?
house, 54 Oxford street.
BECKER, J. II., of Bankier, Lietke, cj' Co., Olden-
burg consul, 25 Gordon st. ; house, 15 Windsor st.
BECKETTS & Co., calico printers, 16 St. Vin-
cent place.
Beckett, Hugh, at R. Dalglish, Falconer, ij- Co.'s;
house, 9 Hamilton drive, Hillhead.
Beckett, Hugh, warper, 59 Hutcheson street.
Beckett, James, secy. Union Bank of Scotland ; ho.
Solesgirth, by Kirkintilloch.
Beckett, James, of Becketts (J- Co., 16 St. Vincent \<\.
BEDGAR & Crosbie, grain mcrchts., 20 Hope st.
Bedgar, John H., of Bedgar cf Crosbie; house, 21
St. Vincent crescent.
BEGBIE, And., flesher, 7 Elderslie st; ho. 24 do.
BlilGG, Alexander, & Co., wholesale shirt manufac-
turers, 58, CO, and 62 Brunswick street.
Begg, Alex., of Alex. Begg ij- Co., 15Madeira couit :
house, 42 Pollok street.
Begg A. & T., Wrights and glaziers, 14A Clyde st.
Calton ; house, 82 New road, Parkhead.
Begg, A., of Alex. Begg tj- Co. ; ho. 71 Stirling's rd.
Begg, Alex., & Co., millinery, and manufacturers,
1 5 Madeira court, Argyle street.
Begg, James, jun., stationer and account book
manufacturer, 31 Miller street.
Begg, Jas., of Begg if Stevenson ; ho. 184 Crown st.
Begg, John, boot and shoemaker, 143 George st.
Begg, Robert H., 129 Renfrew street.
Begg & Stevenson, drapers, 17 Gallowgate.
Begg, Wm., typefounder, Glasgow Letter Foundry,
301 Parliamentary road; house, 1 M'Aslan
street. — 'See Advertisement in Appendix.

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