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Reid, Robert, clerk, 3 Morton street
Thomas, shoemaker, 62 Giles street
^— Wm. & Son, booksellers, stationers, and printers,
40 Shore — ho. 2 south Forth street
— William, Adelphi gardens, Bonington bank
— Mrs Walter, 37 Bernard street
Renwick, John, porter and soap agent, 11 Mitchell st.
JReoch, James, merchant, 13 Tolbooth wynd — house 1
j Union street, Leith walk
Richardson, Arch, rectifier, 9 Giles street
. W. bookseller and hairdresser, 16 Kirkgate
Richmond, Joshua, shipmaster, 2 Madeira street
Rintoul, Mrs, 1 Morton street
Ritchie, Archibald, shipmaster, north Fort street
George, merchant, 6 Cassels place
James, carver and gilder, 2 Bath street
John, gardener, Seafield
Walter, plasterer. Crown st. — ho. 72 Constitu-
tion street
Robertson and Co. corn merchants, 23 Quality street
— house 9 rilrig street
I Alex, painter, 7 Bernard st. — house 46
■ Archibald, gardener. Hermitage hill
. • Daniel, esq. 28 Couper street
. David, shipmaster, west end Couper street
< David, & Son, coopers and cork manufacturers,
10 Elbe street
David, cooper. Ferry road
. David, tailor. Tontine Buildings, Foxe's lane
. James, shipmaster, 2 Hope terrace
James, general parcel waggon ofKce, 47 Ber-
nard street, and l.')5 High st. Edinburgh
— — Hev. Dr James, Suramerfield
James, watclimaker, 4 Bridge street
John T. merchant, 43 Mitchell street— house
Wm. cooper, 10 Elbest. — house Thomson place
—— :\Irs James, 2 PortLnd terrace
i Mrs Robert, 72 Constitution street
— Mrs Thomas, 6 Albany street
Mrs, vintner and carriers' warehouse, 47 Ber-
nard street
Miss, dressmaker, 3 Morton street
Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 71 Kirkgate
Roderick, Samuel, lodgings, 4 Hope terrace
Rodgors, Mrs, spirit dealer, 37 Couper street
Rogers, A. (of Hutchison and Rogers), Thomson's pi.
Alexander, sen. 2o Baltic street
Ronaldson, Archibald, 2.> Constitution street
Ronal, Mrs, vintner, Saiidport street
Rose, Lachlan, & Son, shipbuilders, Wet dock— house
Cromwell street, west end
Miss, stay and corset maker, 32 Charlotte street
Ross and .Scott, esqrs. W..S. 1 7 Bernard street
Alex, solicitor and sheriff clerk, 1 7 Bernard st,
Alex, flcshcr, 2 Duke street — house 1 9
. David, gardener, Locliend road
Tolin, and Son, roiK- and sail makers. Links —
sail-loft, Dock street
John, smith. Citadel
Mrs, lodgings, 16 Couper street
Rowan, Mrs Alex, grocer. Cannon street

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