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Rule, Thomas (of Gillon §• Rule), 8 Wellington place
Runceman, Wm. dairyman, 38 Couper street
Russell, Alex, builder. Bank place. Ferry road
Andw. grocer and spirit dealer, 139 Kirkgate
George, letter-carrier, Coburg street
Hugh, tailor, 3 Tolbooth wynd
John, cooper, 13 Constitution street
John, builder, 4 Queen place, Leith walk
Rev. Dr M. Summerfield
William, tailor, 38 Yardheads
William, clerk to David Tod, Eastfield
Rutherford, William, wright, 7 Giles street
Samuel, George, candlemaker, Coatfield lane
-^ R. of Leith Candle Co.— house Coatfield lane
Sandeman, Edward, merchant, 9 Constitution street-
house 8 Forth street, Edinburgh
■ Patk. collector of shore dues — ho. Thomson pi.
W. B. of shore dues office, 3 Morton street
Sanderson, IMrs Mark, 75 Constitution street
Saunders, James, wood merchant, G' Junction st. so.
John, jun. agent and broker, 19 Constitution st.
— house 2 Albany street
Mrs W. 5 Cannon street
Scarth, James, merchant, 137 Constitution si.--house
Assembly street
Pillans, W.S. (of Gray §• Scarth), 43 Bernard st.
Mrs, sen. 35 Bernard street
Sceales, Andrew, jun, of Customs, Jamaica street
A. M. and Co. wine merchants, 60 Yardheads
James, rope and sail maker, 51 Bernard street
house 1 Cassels place
John (of Coldstream and Co.), Fillyside house
■ John, esq. Fillyside house
Miss, James place
Schultz, Alex. Leith sugar refining Co. Ramsay place
Scotland, J. grocer, Hillhousefield
Thomas, teacher and session clerk. 29 Brido-e st.
Scottish Porter and Ale Brewery Co. 46 Yardheads
Scott & Allan, wine and spirit merchants, 3 Kirkgate
Alex, vintner, 45 Charlotte street °
Andrew, shipmaster, Madeira place
Andrew, broker, 2 Water lane
David, shipmaster. Citadel
Charles, & Co. merchants, 20 Constitution
— hfluse 29 Gayfield square, Edinbureh
George, W.S. (of Boss and Scott), 17 Bernard
street — house 2 James place
James, grocer and spirit dealer. 35 Bridee street
James B. and Co. brewers, St Anthony street
J. B. brewer, St Anthony court
Philip, shipmaster. Citadel
Robert {of Scott .y Allan), Allanfield, Ferry-road
William, merchant, 18 Quality street
• Mrs Thomas, lodgings, 2 Bridge street
■- Mrs, 2 James place
Mrs, 34 Couper street
Mrs, vintner, 1 Tolbooth wynd

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