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Peat, Alex, porter of the Commercial bank, 19 Duke st
Pentland, Matthew, clerk, Prince Regent street
Y. J. cooper, 36 Yardheads — ho. Bonington rd.
Permit Office, 32 Bridge street
Perkins, John, drysalter and general agent, 37 BefJg
nard street — ho. 1 Pilrig street ; )
Petrie, Mrs Dr W. Eastfield place 'A
Philip, Alex, tailor, 102 Kirkgate -^
An. merchant, 26 Constitution st. — ho. 4> James pi.
— — Charles, merchant. Dock gates
— — Charles, jun. corn factor and general agent, 16
Cassels place
—' David, baker, 26 Couper street
Robert, shipmaster, 6 Hamburg place
Robert, jun. merchant, Old Church wharf
Pickard, William, grocer. Water lane
Pillans, Mrs, 1 Morton street
Pirgivie, Alex, merchant. Broad wynd
Pirrie, David, wright, 34 Yardheads — ho. 2 Laurie st.
Police Office, Charlotte street
Pollock, James, teacher of dancing, Duke street
Mrs Robert, meal dealer, Burns street
Poison, A. broker, 9 St Andrew street
Pope, James (of R. Shaw and Co.), 1 King street
Post Office, 120 Constitution street
Pousty, James, shipmaster, 36 Bridge street
Prentice, Thos. grocer. Admiralty street
Preston, James, shipmaster, 4 Portland terrace
Prestonholm Spinning Concern, 14 Timber bush
Primrose, George, silk and cotton dyer. Dock street
PsotectorFire 0FFic£,8QuaUtyst.— J. M'Dowall,
Proudfoot, Thos. (of British Linen Co.) 48 Bernard st.
Purdie, James, grocer, 95 Constitution street
Mrs, lodgings, 4 Hamburg place
Miss, milliner, II Tolbooth wynd
Purves, William, esq. Elizafield, near Leith fort
Pyot, James, clock and watchmaker, 2 Coalhill
James, of the Leith Ropery Co. Bath street
Ralph, John, confectioner, 60 Tolbooth wynd
Ramsay, David, merchant, 90 Constitution st. — hous
Duke street
J. W. wine merchant, Wet dock
Ranken, Thomas, esq. Assembly street
Rankine, John, (late Sup. of Excise,) 52 Constitution st
R. teacher of writing and accounts. High scho
— house 52 Constitution street
Redpath, Brown, and Co. iron merchants and genera
agents, SO Constitution street
George, Union tavern, 2 Bernard street
Reid and Co. merchants, 6 Kirkgate
and Co. London porter store. Water close — Wm.
Morrison, agent
Alex, merch*, 6 Kirkgate — ho, 37 Constitution st.
David, nurseryman, Leith walk — ho. 2 Shore
John, nurseryman, Easter road
'—' J. F. solicitor and N. P. 22 Bernard street

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