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Copestake, Moore, Cramptoii, &; Co., lace mami-
fachirers, 15a Princes street
Copland, David (manager Scottish Yiilcanite
Company), 6 Lonsdale terrace
Copland, G., merchant, 15 South Clerk street
Copland, Harry Y. D., 27 Stafford street
Copland, James ((re?!. Reg. Ho.), 1 Buccleuclist,
Copland, John P., 11 Laui'iston park
Copland, E. T., tailor and clothier, 37 Frede-
rick street
Copland, Thomas, mason, 7 Coninna place
Corbet, Patrick, teacher, Ne^v Greyfriai's sch.,
Corbet, Peter, grocer, 9 Elbe street
Corbet, Mrs, 11 South St James' street
Corkindale, Donald, 2 Wardie crescent
Corlett, Miss, 60 Castle street
Cormack, Alex., L.D.S., dental surgeon,
1 George square
Cormack, David A., solicitor, agent Law Life
Assurance Society of London, and Commer-
cial Union Assurance Co., 33 York place
Cormack, George, 21 Barony street
Cormack, James, bootmaker, 10 X. Pitt street
Cormack, James, 11 Bernard terrace
Cormack, Eobert, bootmaker, 20 Eose street
Cormack, Mrs, 21 Leopold place
Cormack, Mrs, 13 Gajiield square
Cormack, iirs, ladies' nurse, 37 William street
Cormack, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 45 Tolbooth wpid
Cormack, Mrs, smalhvares, 9 Bangor road
Cormack, Miss, 10 South Charlotte street
Cormack, iliss il. , grocer, 2 Northumberland st.
CoEN Exchange, Edinburgh, Grassmarket
Corn Exchange, Leith, 35 Constitution street
COENELIUS, Y^LLIAM, painter and decora-
tive artist, 46 Hanover street ; house, 66
Broughton street. ^See Adv.
Corner, Alexandei-, tailor and clothier, 72 Thistle
street ; house, 9 St Bernard's row
Comer, James, carpenter and cabinetmaker,
Heriot hill, Canonniills ; ho. 1 Catherine pi.
Corner, Jas. M., wood engraver, 8 Brighton st.
Comer, Peter, joiner, 10 Drumdiyan street
Corner, Mrs John, 136 George street
Corner, Miss, confectioner, 8 St Patrick square
Corner, Miss, dressmaker, 7 Drummond street
Comer, Miss Mary, ladies' body-belt and stay
maker, 161 Eose street
Cornet, Mrs, lodgings, 13 Union place
Cornfoot, D., greengrocer, 43 Crosscauseway
Cornfoot, Mrs, grocer, 192 Eose street
Cornillon, Hypolite W., S.S.C, 67 George
street ; house, 1 Duncan street
Corns, William, 16 Hart street
Corns, Miss E., teacher of music, 16 Hart street
Cornwall, James, M.D., F.E.C.S., 6 West
Circus place
Cornwall, Mrs, dressmaker, 5 Howe street
Cornwall, Miss, 8 Osborne teiTace
COEE, HUGH, tailor and clothier, 142 Ben-
nington road. Jj^See Adv.
Corston, John, buUder, 6 East London sti-eet
Corstorphine, David, boot and shoe maker, 8
South St James' street
Corstorphine, Peter, shoemaker, 3 Cumber-
land street
Cosens, Peter, advocate, 70 Great King street
Cosens, Mrs, 70 Great King street
Cossar, G. {Bank of Scotland), 3 Frederick st.
Cossar, James, S.S.C. and N.P., 3 East Broiigh-
ton place
Cossar, John, spirit merchant, 14 Greenside row
Cossar, Laiu-euce, bookseller, 7 Cockburn street ;
house, 31 North bridge
Cossar, Miss, 8 India street
Costa, Peter, grocer and wine merchant, 47
London street
COTTAM, JOHN SIDNEY, musicseller and
pianoforte warehouse, 40 Cockburn street ;
house, 46. ^See Adv. (
Cotterill, C. C, assistant-master. Comely bank
Cotterill, Eight Eev. Henry, Bishop of Edin-
burgh, 24 Eutland square
Cotton & Finlay, W.S., 52 Frederick sti'eet
Cotton, George, & Son, tobacconists to the Eoyal
household, 100 Princes street
Cotton, George, 15 Union street
Cotton, George {G. C. tfc Son), 71 Bristo street
Cotton, George (C d- Finlay), 52 Frederick st.
Cotton, George, tobacconist, 231 High street
Cotton, Ju., snuff manufacturer, 122 Princes st.
Cotton, Wm. (G. C. d; Son), 18 Maj^eld ter.
Cotton, Mrs, 14 Queen's crescent
Cotton, I\Iiss, 10 Buceleuch place
Coubrough, John, grocer and spirit merchant,
19 Greenside street
CouU, Eobert, china merchant, 15a North-west
Circus place ; house, 18 Collins place
Coullie, John, victual dealer, 37 Bridge street
Coulson, J. L. (Steel, C.,(L- Co.), 46 N. Lauder rd.
Coulter, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant,
131 High street ; house, 1 Carrubber's close
Council Chambers, 10 Eoyal Exchange
Council Chambers, Leith, 19 Charlotte street
Country Gentleman's Magazine Office, 6
India buildings
COUNTY FIEE OFFICE, 75 George st. : John
Bryce, manager ; Lockhart Thomson, soli-
citor. Agents : 'T. Wliyte, 114 George st. ;
J. Murray, 1 India builcUngs ; J. H. Stott, 12
Niddryst. ; A. Gordon, S.S.C., 8 Drummond
pi. ; John Cruikshank, 99 George st. ; Thomas
Millar, 9 Bernard st. ; William Vertue & Co.,
8 Constitution street. JjiSee Adv.
County Police and Prison Tax Office,
Coimty buildings ; W. Kennedy, collector
County Police Office, Coimty buildings :
Alfred John List, chief constable and J. P.
Fiscal, County rooms ; ho. 34 Grange road
County Prison Board, 46 George street ; Wm.
Skinner, W. S. , clerk to the Board
Couper & Hogg, grocers, 13 Grassmarket
Couper, Chas. 'Tennant, advocate, 3 Charlotte sq.
Couper, Peter, accountant ; offices of United
Industrial School, Property Investment Co.
of Scotland, and Southern Cemetery Co., 47
Hanover street ; house, 3 Pirniefield place
Couper, Eobert T., 38 Lady Menzies place
Couper, W. H., to-Rm-clerk of Leith, 19 Char-
lotte st. ; house, Cardrona, Ferry road, Leith
Couper, Mrs, 19 Warriston crescent
Couper, J. & A., dressmakers, 57 Hanover street
Couper, Miss, 91 Causewayside
CouRANT Printing and Publishing Office,
188 High street
Cousin & Ormiston, surveyors and valuators of
buildings, 12 Eoyal Exchange

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