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Cousin, David, city architect, 11 Royal Ex-
change ; house, 9 Coates crescent
Cousin, Geoige (C. <!• Ormiston), 5 Bnintsfield
Cousland, David, & Co., wholesale and retail
ironmongers, 55 George iv. bridge
Cousland, William, 41 Dick place
Cousland, Mrs, 1 Clerk street
Couston, Miss J. A., portmanteau, trunk, and
brush manufacturer, 8 Gillespie place ; house,
5 Hope street
Coutie, Alex. {M'Gilvray tt C), 11 Roxburgh
Coutie, W., hoot and shoe maker, 235 High st. ;
house, 14 Gladstone terrace
Couts, Alexander, 20 James street, Pilrig
Couts, Andrew, 4a Anderson place
Coutts, Andrew Magnus, 7 N.W. Cii'cus place
Coutts, Andrew, pilot, 55 Bernard street
Coutts, David K. , Head Master Dr. Bell's School,
Leith ; house, 5 Restalrig terrace
Coutts, James, writer, 10 Dublin street
Coutts, John, coal merchant, 2 Hermitage ter.
Coventry, Andrew, advocate, 29 Moray i)lace
Coventry, H. J., AV.S. (J/e?i2ies <£• C), 9 Lans-
downe crescent
Coventry, James, 40 North Richmond street
Coventry, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer,
2 Dundas street and S. W. Thistle street lane
Coventry, William, cooper, 23 Port Hopetoun
Cowan & Co., papermakers, stationers, and
envelope manufacturers, 38 West Register
street and Craigside works
Cowan k Strachan, silk mercers, etc., 15 Princes
Cowan, William and Benjamin, gas-meter manu-
facturers ; works, 58a Buccleuch sti'cet
Cowan, Alex. 0., M.D. {Cowan d: Co.), E
Morningside house, Whitehouse loan
Cowan, Archibald, 50 Albany street
Cowan, Dugald, 35 Lady Menzies place
Cowan, Duncan, 27 Regent place
Cowan, George, M.D., surgeon, 30 Clerk street ;
house, 14 Rankeillor street
Cowan, James, 35 Royal terrace
Cowan, James, gardener, 28 Croft -an-righ
Cowan, John, flesh er, 15 West Nicolson street
Cowan, John {Redpath, Brown, <k Co.), 67
Great King street
Cowan, John J. , 5 Albei't terrace, ]\Iorningside
Cowan, John, W.S. (Dalmahoi/ d; C), 7 Green-
hill gardens
Cowan, John, house governor. South Leith Poor-
house, 172 Great Junction street
Cowan, John, sheep and cattle agent, 8 Hope
park square
COWAN, JOSEPH A., lishing-tackle and
gymnastic apparatus maker, 146 Rose street.
H<See Adv.
Cowan, the Hon. Lord, 4 Ainslie place
Cowan, Patrick, 5 Merchiston place
C'owan, Peter, 36 Lady Menzies place
Cowan, P. {C. it Strachan), 9 Hatton place
Cowan, Robert, W.S., 9 Cai-lton terrace
Cowan, R. Cameron, C.A. {Nlven d; C), 12
Dundas street
Cowan, Walter, 24 Drummond place
Cowan, William ( W. <t B. C), 22 Grange loan
Cowan, William (C. <£• Strachan), 2 Montpelier
Cowan, W., governor of St Cuthbert's Poor-
house, Werter, Comely bank
Cowan, William, grocer, wine and spirit mer-
chant, 1 Lindsay place, Leith ; house, 2
Cowan, AVilliam, wood engraver and draughts-
man, 15 St James' square
Cowan, Mrs, 11 York place
Cowan, Mrs, 6 Gayfield square
Cowan, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 56 Clerk street
Cowan, Mrs, 17 Melville terrace
Cowan, Miss J., 34 London street
Cowan, Miss C, draper, 10 Romilly place
Cowan, Miss, 16 West Newingtou place
Cowan, Miss, 36 Ann street
(Jowan, Miss, 35 Royal terrace
Cowe, Henry, fishcurer and cooper, 51 Giles
street and Old Church wharf; house, Tweed
villa, Newhaven road
Cowe, Mrs Robert, 3 Abbotsford park
Cowie, James, builder, 38 Haddington place ;
house, 1 Roslyn street, Pilrig
Cowie, James, 15 AVest Newington place
Cowie, Thomas, 21 North Mansionhouse road
Cowie, Mrs, 2 Alljert place
Cowieson, Peter, printseller and general ware-
houseman, 39a Lothian street, and 1, 3, 5,
and 7 Brighton st. ; ho. 4 Morningside place
Cownie, AVilliam, & Sons, tailors and clothiers,
63 South bridge
Cownie, David ( IF. C. ot Sons), 4 Park street
Cownie, Jas. G., 39 S. bridge ; ho. 11 Sylvan pi.
Cownie, T. 0. (W. C. <t Sons), 12 Melville ter.
Cownie, AVilliam, clothier and general draper,
5 Nicolson street and 46 South bridge ; house,
8 Lauriston lane
Cownie, Mrs, 4 Carlung place
Cownie, j\Irs, dressmaker, 5 Nelson street
Cowpar, ilisses, 3 Howard place
Cowper, A., 12 Coates crescent
Co\\"per, A., 2 Rutland square
Cowper, Charles N., S.S.C. {Curror d: C), 5
Cambridge street
Co^vper, James B., 10 Dublin street
Cowper, Liddle, grocer and spuit merchant, 17
Dean street
Cowper, Mrs William, 6 Union street
Cowper, Miss, 31 Buccleuch place
Cox, Col. J. Hamilton, Fort-major, Edinburgh
Castle ; house, 20 Gilmore place
Cox, John (/. cC' G. C), Gorgie Itlills, 3 ilelville
Cox, Robert, jimior, 13 Manor place
Cox, Rev. AVilliam J., 2 Vanburgh place
Cox, Mrs George, 13 Manor place
Coxe, Sir James, Commissioner in Lunacy, Post
Office buildings
Coxson, James, gi'ocer, wine and spirit merchant,
104 Abbey hill and 7 Elm row ; house, 2
Comely green crescent
Coyne, Roderick A. F. A., civil engineer, land
surveyor, and valuator, superintendent of
works (Edinburgh and District AVater Trust),
11 Royal Exchange ; house, 17 Cheyne street
Crabb, Peter Smith, 49a Crosscauseway
Crabbe, Mrs Alexander, 6 AVest Preston street
Crabbie, J., & Co., wine and spirit merchants
and rectifiers, 108 Great Junction street
Crabbie, John, 22 Royal terrace
Crabbie, John Miller, 33 Chester street

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