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Comiel, AVilliam, coach-liiier, MuiTay st. ; ho.
47 Bristo street
Cormell, Christopher James, 22 Inverleith row
Connell, Jas. {Procurator-fiscal' s office, Sheriff
CourthovMe), 4 Upper Gray street
Connell, Jas., shipmaster, 33 Albany St., Leith
Conning, Peter {C. B. of S.), 7 Cornwall street
CONNOLLY, JAME.S S., wane and spirit mer-
chant. Golf Tavern, 27 Wright's ho. '^SeeAdv.
Connolly, James, giocei', 69 S. Back Canongate
Connolly, John, sjjirit merchant, 10 Gibb's entry
Connolly, Patrick, picture frame maker, 152
Connolly, Peter, broker, 134 Cowgate
Connolly, Thomas, broker, 261 Cowgate
Connolly, Maiy, boot and shoe shop, 93 St
Andrew street, Leith
Connan, Misses, lodgings, 51 Broughton .street
Connon, John, superintendent, Dean cemeteiy
Connor, John J. {G.R.H.), cottage, Pikig street
Conochie, J. (G.P.O.), 47 Bilccleuch street
Conochie, Peter (G.P.O), 10 Middle Arthur pi.
Conochie, "William (G.P.O.), 17 Parkside street
Conquer & M'Kendrick, brassfounders, Mont-
gomeiy sti'eet
Conquer, A. & J., trimmings and smallwares, 65
Conquergood, Charles, corkcutter, 104 Duke st.,
Conquergood, Fr., engineer and millwright, 89
Great Jiuiction street ; house, 9
Considine, Patrick, 13 Annandale sti'eet
Constable, T. & A., printers to Her Majestj', 11
Thistle street ; house, Kirkland, Hermiston
Constable, Joseph, warder, James Gillespie's
schools, 3 Gillespie place I
Constable, "William, 2 East Broughton place
Constable, Miss E. E., lodgings, 42 Queen st.
Consuls — •
ArsTRiAN-HrxGAPviAX, EoTAL Impeeial,
Geo. Worms. C. 0. Naumann, chancellor,
12 Scotland st., and 48 Chai-lotte st., Leith
Belgia>', Jn. Somerville, jun., 37 Bernard st.
. Bolivian, W. P. Hope, 51 Timber bush, Leith
Bkazilian, Hemy Denovan, 330 Leith walk,
Danish Consul-general, Walter Beny, 43
Constitution street ; house, 16 Carlton ter.
German Empire, Adoljjh Eobinow, consul ;
F. von Eotberg, secy., 62 Constitution st.
Italian, Ernesto Zoft", 14 Commeixial .street
Monte Video Vice, H. P. Hansen, 2 Dock pi.
Netherlands, George V. Turnbnll, 23 Sand-
port street
Norwegi.an". See Swedi.sh.
Portuguese, William Muii-, Wet docks
EussiAN, David Tliom, 68 Constitution st.
Spanish, James Gordon, 26 St James' square
S^^^3DISH and Norwegian, A. H. Hutchin-
son, Middle Dock gate. Commercial sti-eet
Turkish Acting Vice, Edward Sang, 2
George .street
United States, Colonel John TeiTel
Eobeson, 94 Constitution street
Conwaj-, Mrs, 21a Lam-iston street
Conyngham, Colonel Lenox, Londonderiy
Militia, 6 North-east Ciixus place
Cook, M. & J., hat manufrs., 10 Nicolson st.
Cook, W. & J., W.S., 61 Castle .street
Cook, A., fi.shmonger, poulterer, and game dlr.,
3 S.E. Circus pi. ; ho. 16 West Claremont st.
Cook, Andrew, town officer. Council chambers,
Leith ; house, 19 Charlotte street
Cook, Andrew, printer, 30 St James' square
Cook, David, S.S.C, 3 North St David .street;
house, 11 Pitt street
Cook, Dr Edmund A., chemist, Viewville
house. Ferry road
Cook, James {H.M. Customs), 2 Allan street,
Feny road
Cook, John, W.S. ( W. <£• /. C), 11 Gt. King st.
Cook, John, 28 Melville teiTace
Cook, John, confectioner, 32 Cros.scaTiseway
Cook, Lewis Augustus, 118 West Gilmore place
Cook, Thomas, 7 Hunter square
Cook, Thos. , shoemaker, 9 Leith street teiTace
Cook, Thomas, carter, 12 Bowling-green sti'cet
COOK, W., hairdresser and perfumer, 3 Dean-
haugh St. ; ho. 29 Kemp place. J}:See Adv.
Cook, Mrs Alex., cai-fer, 12 Portland pi., Leith
Cook, Mrs Janet, lodgings, 28 Greenside street
Cook, Miss, 27 Eegent terrace
Cook, Miss, 5 East Broughton place
Cook, Misses, 69 Great King .street
Cooke, John M. [In. Rev.), 10 Montague street
Cooke, Thomas, commercial traveller, 4 East
Broughton place
Cooke, Llrs, 3 Hope park terrace
Cooper, Craig, & Craig, United ilercantile
Agency, 18 St Andrew square ; London and
Cooper, Thomas, & Co., wholesale warehouse-
men and manufacturers, 18 Market street
Cooper, Alex., can-er and gUder, 32 Constitu-
tion street ; house, 41
Cooper, Archibald, haii-dresser and peifomer,
19 Downie place
Cooper, Charles, printer, 30 St James' sqnare
Cooper, Charles A., 27 Blacket jdace
Cooper, David, accountant and J. P. officer,
5 Elder street
Cooper, Donald, 18 Howe street
Cooper, George W., in.spector of hackney car-
riages. City chambers ; ho. 24 Buccleuch pi.
Cooper, Geo., commercial tiaveller, 7 W. End pi.
Cooper, Hunter, gi-ocer and spirit merchant, 46
Maryfield place ; house, 45
Cooper, James, 27 Hamilton place
Cooper, Jas., confectioner, 14 Montague sfa-eet
Cooper, J. Henry (Madcaij d- Co.), 11 Seton pi.
Cooper, J. E., dockmaster, 69 Madeu-a street
Cooper, James, bootmaker, 5 Leith street ter.
Cooper, James, dentist, 2 Albert place
Cooper, John, piinter, 1 Old Physic gardens
Cooper, Eev. John, 7 Hope park terrace
(i'ooper, Eobert, lodgings, 20 Albany street
Cooper, Thomas (C. <t Co.), 8 Blacket place
Cooper, William, teacher of writing, arithmetic,
and iDookkeeping, 17 York place
Cooper, Wm., cow^feeder, 36 Broughton sti-eet
Cooper, Mrs, nibber shampooer, 2 Northimiber-
land place
Cooper, Mrs, lodgings, 28 India sti'eet
Cooper, Miss, fancy bazaar, 5 S. Hanover street
Cooper, Miss Hannah, 1 Lord Eussell place
Copenhagen ant) Christiansand Steam
Packet Office, 34 Bernard street ; J. Currie

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