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Cogliill, J. G. Sinclaii", M.D., F.R.C.P., 24
Heriot row
Cogliill, iirs Jolin, lodgings, 1 3 Dock street
Cogliill, liliss J., 2 George street, Leitli
Coghlau, Miss Frances, 1 Gillespie crescent
Coldeu, John, ■\%Tiglit and undertaker, 26 Tor-
phiehen street ; house, 50 Grove sti-eet
Coldstream, John P. , "NV. S. , 5 St Andi-ew sq. ;
house, 31 Saxe-Cobourg place
Coldwell, John, smith, Mary's pi. ; ho. 28 Dean st.
Collector's Office, Caxoxgate Pooe-eates,
163 Canongate
Collectoe's Office, City Paeish Pooe-eates,
Bristo place
Collectoe's Office, St Cuthbert's Pooe-
eates, 10 Hanover street
Collector's Office, Laxd k Assessed Taxes,
Peopeety k, Income Tax Office, 12 "Water-
loo place
Collectoe's Office, Police, Peisox, Isipeove-
mexts, etc.. Police Chambers, High street
Collector's and Teeastteee's Office, Police,
19 Charlotte street, Lcith
Collector's Office, South Leith Poor-r.a.tes,
94 Constitution street
Colledge, George, 17 Leith walk, Leith
Colledge, Thomas, draper, 2 Clanalpine buildings
and 7a Bernard street ; house, 1 Summerhall
Colledge, Wm., surgeon, 17 Leith walk, Leith
College foe Daughters of Mixistees of
Church of Scotland and Professors in
Scottish L^nitersities, Kilgi-aston road
Collet, Thomas, coal merchant. Rose lane station ;
house, 1 4 ilarylield place
Collie, D. R., & Sou, printers and publishers, N.
Hill street lane ; house, 18 Buccleuch x^lace
Collie, D. R., jun., itrinter, 51 Buccleuch street
Collie, David {Commercial Bank), 3 E. Castle rd.
Collie, William, shoemaker, 116 Rose street
Collier k Gagie, milliners- and di-essmakers, 118
Constitution street
Collier, David, glasscutter, 22 Jamaica street
Collier, John, tailor, 14 Heriot place
Collier, Miss, greengrocer, 332 Lawnmarket
Collins, "VVm., Sons, k Co., Queen's printers and
publishers for Scottish School-book Association,
37 Cockburn street
Collins, David, slat' r, Dairy park ; house, 93 W.
Collins, Henry, wool and waste merchant, 58
Broughton street
Collins, Hugh, artist, 23 London street
Collins, Mrs, 38 !Moray place
Collins, JIrs, 11 Arthur street
Collison, James, 6 Gladstone terrace
Colonial Assurance Corporation (Limited),
56 George street
Colon say. Right Hon. Lord, 73 Great King st.
Colquhoun, Archibald, 11 St Bernard's crescent
Colquhoun, James A., 26 Broughton place
Colqulioun, John, 1 Royal terrace
Colc|uhoun, John, printer, 11 Duncan st., Leith
Colqulioun, William, 18 Coates crescent
COLQUHOUN, MISS, grocer, 70 Cumberland
street ; house, 68. ijiSee Adv.
Colqulioun, Miss, of Luss, 10 Melville street
Colqulioun, Miss, 19 Torphichen street
Colston & Son, printers, 80 Rose street
Colston, James, Viewfield, Trinity road
Colston, Mrs, 10 Fiudliorn place
Colterjahn, AVilhelm, ship-chandler and provision
merchant, 46 Shore
Colthart, William, dairyman, 28 India place
Coltherd, James, 24 Cumberland street
Coltherd, John, dairy, 16 Cumberland street
Coltherd, Thomas {G.P.O.), 56 India street
Coltman, Alexander, 72 Buccleuch street
Colville, Andrew, 30 Avondale place
Colville, Arthur, builder, 2 St Andrew's place ;
house, 9
Colville, James, manager of Edinburgh Co-opera-
tive Building Co., Limited, 32 Bell place
Colville, James, M.A., Senior English Master,
Geo. Watson's College ; house, 11 Glengyle ter.
Colville, Mrs, 7 Scotland street
Colville, Mrs, 100 Lauriston place
Colville, iliss, confectr. , cottage, Hugh Miller pi.
Cohan, Geo. {Di-yhrough A Co.), 33 ilontague st.
Cohan, James, 6 Livingstone place
Colvin, Mrs Winter-Stow, of Torqulian, 7 Cham-
berlain road
Combe, Delafield, & Co.'s London porter store,
15 Quality street and 4 Quality lane; A. & A.
Crawford, agents
Combe, Ree, & Co., corn factors, 17 Constitu-
tion street
Combe, Charles T., 36 York place
Combe, J. S., M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 36 York place
Combe, Matthew, tailor and clothier, 13 North
bridge ; house, 16 Seton place
Combe, Robert (Denham <C- C), 30 Hanover st.
Combe, Misses, 6 Glengyle terrace
Commeecial Advance Co., 12 George iv. bridge
George street ; Branches, 30 Grassmarket, 100
South bridge, 4 Nortli-\\est Circus pi. , 2 Green-
side place, 1 Shandwick place, and 60 Consti-
tution street. iJ^See Adv.
Commercial Printing Co., 22 Howe street;
James Wilkie, manager
Commercial Property Investment Co., 15
Hill street ; Wm. R. Garson, S.S.C., agent
Commercial Union Assurance Co., 79 George
street ; Robert M. Kelly, local manager
Commissary Office, Exchequer Chambers, Par-
liament square: James L. Hill, W.S., clerk;
Thomas Inglis, depute
Common, John S. , 1 1 Grindlay street
Common, Ralph, stereotyper, 25 Thistle street
Common, Robt., 8 Simpson's court, 74 Potterrow
Common, Robert, West Preston street
Common, Thomas, joiner, 8 ITjiper Grove place
( 'omnion, Mrs AVilliam, 6 Haddington place
I'omrie, Robt., agent for the Commercial Bank,
and insurance agent, 4 North-west Circus pi. ;
house, 1 Carlton sti'eet
Comrie, Mrs Alex., 39 Montague street
Comrie, Mrs, 1 Carlton street
Conacher, Miss, lodgings, 3 Alva street
Condamine & Co., wine merchants, 7 Duke st.,
Condamine, John de la, 21 Grosvenor street
Condamine, iirs de la, 39 Drammond place
Congleton, Robert, & Son, funeral office, 3 Back
of Vaults
Conlen, David, spirit merchant, 25 W. Preston st.
Conley, John, & Co. , lathsplitters, Darsie place
Conlon, Mrs, 5 Coninna place

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