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Clephane, H., house painter, 54 Higli street ;
house, 10 Buccleuch street
Clephane, Mrs, 15 Buccleuch street
Clephane, Miss, 19 Tarvit street
Ckn-ihew, Peter, lodgings, 3 Albany street
Clerk, Dugald, military accoutrement maker, 39
Rose street
Clerk, Miss, 30 Royal circus
Cleugh, Miss Eliza, 3 Rutland square
Clifford & Cockburn, aerated water manufac-
turers, 32 and 34 Lauriston street
Clifford, Gilbert, dairyman, West Preston street
Clift, Henry, Castle terrace hotel, 36 Castle ter-
race ; house, 13 Lothian road
Clinkscales, Mrs, 10 St Patrick square
Clouston, Mrs, 13 West Claremont street
Clow, P., mason, 2 Clow's buildings. Dean st.
Clow, AYm., tailor and clothier, 104 George st. ;
house, 18 Pitt street, Portobello
Clowe, David, 17 South St James street
Clunas, A., hairdresser, 61 Low Calton
Clunas, Alex., builder, L"^pper Grove place ;
house, 118 West Gilniore place
Clunas, David, architect, 51 Hanover street ;
house, 19 Gillespie crescent
Clunas, William, pavement and cement mer-
chant, 40 Leith â– walk and Murano place
Clunas, Mrs, 2 Albert place
Clunes, James, collector of assessments, 19 Char-
lotte street, Leith ; house, 189 Leith walk
Clunie, John, 3 West Preston street
Clutterbuck, AValter, telegraph clerk, 5 Living-
stone place, Leith
Clyde.sdale Banking Company, 29 George
street, 269 High street, and 1 5 Bernard street
Cobden, iliss, 9 Macnab street
Cobham, M., professor of the pianoforte and
singing, and composer of music, 11 Greenhill
Cochar, James, 18 Hope terrace
Cochran, Archibald, 4 Caledonian road
Cochran, John, comb and spoon manufacturer,
Water of Leith
Cochran, Thomas {II. M. Customs), 19 N. Junc-
tion sti'eet
Cochrane, Paterson, & Co., corn factors, 46
Constitution street
Cochrane, Alex., assistant superintendent, New-
ington cemetery, Echo bank
Cochi'ane, Andrew, brassfo under, 115 Kirkgate
Cochrane, Edward, 105 Rose street
Cochrane, Francis, 12 Royal Exchange
Cochrane, George, ])hilosophical instrument
maker, 7 Drummond street
Cochrane, Henry, C.E., 4 Fingal place
Cochrane, James (Denhohii d; C), 22 Brougham
Cochrane, James, Harbum. by Edinburgh
Cochrane, James W., 40 Albany street
Cochrane, John, baker, 8 Roxburgh pi. ; house, 6
Cochrane, John, tinplate worker, gasfitter, and
plumber, 77 and 78 Kirkgate
Cochrane, John, M.D., surgeon and apothecary,
503 Lawumarket ; house, 1 Lauriston park
Cochrane, John W., picture cleaner, liner, and
restorer, 46 North Hanover street
Cochrane, Nicol, mason, 24 Brougham place
Cochrane, Robert H. , 1 4 St Catherine place
Cochrane, Rev. Thomas, 24 Rankeillor street
Cochrane, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant,
23 Elm row ; house, 7 Annandale street
Cochrane, Thomas, baker and confectioner, 62
St Mary street
Cochrane, Thoma.s, tobacco-pipe maker, 547
Ca.stle hill
Cochrane, Thomas, brassfounder and gasfitter,
59 Leith wynd
Cochrane, William, 5 Collins place
Cochrane, William, tailor and clothier, 39 Prince
Regent street
Cochrane, iirs, 7 Morton street
Cochrane, Mrs Inglis, 5 Greenhill park
Cochrane, Mrs, 4 Fingal place
Cochrane, Miss M., greengrocer, 116 Kirkgate
Cochrane, Miss, 35 York place
Cochrane, Misses, 5 Randolph place
Cockburn, J., & Campbell, wine merchants, 32
St Andrew square
Cockburn & Co., wine merchants, 127 Constitu-
tion street
Cockburn & Son, bakers, 21 Dean street and Junc-
tion bridge ; factory, 9 North Junction street
Cockburn, J. & G., tea, wine, and spirit merchts.,
135 Princes street and 21 Castle street
Cockburn, Andrew M., teacher, Morningside
School ; house, 6 Tarvit street
Cockburn, Alexander, 12 Walker street
Cockburn, A. D., 6 Atholl crescent
Cockburn, David, medical botanist, 30 Home st.
Cockburn, David, 34 St Leonard street
Cockburn, F. J., 4 Abbotsford crescent
Cockburn, Geo., watchmaker, 22 Brougham pi.
Cockburn, Geo. (/. <& G. C), 2 Darnaway street
Cockburn, George, clerk, 80 Kirkgate
Cockburn, J. F., grocer and wine merchant, 20
North-west Circus place ; house, 7
Cockburn, James {G.P.O.), 13 Gillespie crescent
Cockburn, James, baker, 5 Little King street
Cockburn, James, fruiterer, 1 Lindsay place ;
house, 3 Chapel street
Cockburn, John {keeper, Royal Society), Royal
Institution, Mound
Cockburn, J., family grocer, 15 Earl Grey street
and 106 West port ; house, 4 Brougham place
Cockburn, John {J. d- G. C), 2 Kilgraston road
Cockburn, John, 8 Tantallon place
Cockburn, R., lemonade manufactiu-er, 30 High
Cockburn, Robt. {Innes d- Grieve), 11 StAndi-ew
square ; house, 30 Castle street
Cockburn, Robert, 21 Brougham street
Cockburn, William, dairy, 4 Glover street
Cockburn, Mrs C, capmaker, 13 Bank street
Cockburn, Mrs H. D., 63 Frederick street
Cockburn, ]\Irs Peter, cowfeeder, 42 Duke street,
Cockburn, !Mrs, 5 Douue terrace
Cockburn, Mrs, stationer and toj' dealer, 195 Gt.
Junction street
Cockburn, Miss Margaret, 30 Castle street
Cockburn, Miss J., 41 India place
Cockburn, Miss, 1 Albyn place
Cockburn, Miss, 3 Chapel street
Cockburn, Misses, 28 Gillespie crescent
Cockle, Wm., draper, 138 Canongate ; ho. 160
Cogan, Miss, Anelma cottage, GreenhiU park
Coghill, D. A. T., 14 West Ne\rington place
Coghill, John, 7 South Charlotte street

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