Book: 'Henrietta Liston's Travels: The Turkish Journals 1812-1820'

'This country certainly is the most beautiful in the world'

2020 marks the 200th anniversary of the Listons' final departure from the Ottoman Empire. This year also sees Bilkent University, Ankara and the National Library of Scotland’s collaborative venture ‘Henrietta Liston, Approaching Constantinople’ make Henrietta's never-before-published writing on Turkey available for the first time in print. Published by Edinburgh University Press in October 2020, 'Henrietta Liston's Travels: The Turkish Journals 1812–1820', edited by Patrick Hart, Valerie Kennedy and Dora Petherbridge, offers an innovative coupling of print publication, providing a modernised, accessible edition of Liston’s travel writing with supporting critical apparatus, alongside the digitised collection of the manuscript journals and semi-diplomatic transcriptions on this website.

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The 'Henrietta Liston, Approaching Constantinople' project team brings together specialists with expertise in early modern and 19th-century English Literature, travel writing, Orientalism, Ottoman history and culture, diplomatic history, and manuscript studies and curation.

Team members:

  • Patrick Hart (Bilkent University, English Literature)
  • Valerie Kennedy (Bilkent University, English Literature)
  • Özden Mercan (Columbia University Italian Academy)
  • Dora Petherbridge (Curator, National Library of Scotland)
  • Kenneth Weisbrode (Bilkent University, History)

An article by two of the team members was published as 'The Eye of a Stranger: Henrietta Liston's Turkish Journals', in the 'Scottish Review of Books' in August 2020.

Twitter: @HenriettaListon

Paperback edition

Edinburgh University Press has published a paperback edition of the book, priced £16.99, which you can buy from the National Library's online shop.

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