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20 The Defign Applyed,
therefore by one fteady fettlement,
bring Notes to be as eafje as Letters ;;
and (o introduce our fore-rnentioned
Practitioners into a more underftand-
ing ways as alio to'fave that Infinite
Expence of Time and Trouble, which
fome Lovers of Mufick were content
jo undergo.
The prefent Practice is to make
three Cliffs, whofe Notes, by which
they are called, are a fifth above one
another 5 and according to the moil:
converiiency in writing, are ufually
affigned to their places in the Scheme,-
Where you firft learn to know the
Notes in fuch a different fituation,
that fometimes the lowermofl: line is g.
fometimes f. fometimes e. and confe-
qucntly all other lines and fpaces
fufter the like perplexed variety.
Where; whb can conceive how great
the difficulty muft be, if from only
obferving-the Cliff Notes at the be-
ginning of the line, we muft (uddenly,

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