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The Cliffs Reduced 2 1
but exactly, know the Intervals of all
the Notes } however they skip and
jump to the end of the Leflbn:or
elfehave the lines and fpacesfo clearly
fixed in our heads, that, without any
Computation, we may apprehend them
as barely fituated in the three-fold dif-
And after all this is attained (which
one would think infuperable \ but that
many years practice, and the vaft
pleafureof Mufick, hath been able to
overcome any thing) you muft, from
the fuppofition of placing any one
Note in any place, by a quick way ot
reafon, argue the (ituation of all the
reft, difordered by the Tranfpofition
of the fignedKeys.
Which difficulty and confufion ap-
pearSj by the following Scheme.
Treble tone

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