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The Cliffs reduced to one Vniverfd
THAT intolerable perplexity
which arofe from the Alterati-
on of Cliffs., caufed fome charitable.,
but lazy Wit, to invent Tableture 5
whereby the Notes are Mechanically
clouded in Letters, and fo darkly,that
the moft quick-fighted Mufick-mafter
himfelf, can't tell what they mean, till
he finds out the Tuning of the Instru-
ment, and then produces the Sound 5
which if expreffed in Notes, might
be under ftood at firft view: whiift;
that the Scholar who is this way in-
ftru&ed, is condemned ever to be ig-
norant of the rational part of his Mu-
ficki and never to Play any thing,
but what he hath pracYifed before, or
elfe is well acquainted with the hu-
mour of it.
For the Voice, and thofe Inftru-
ments that are not able cobe expreffed
by Letters, people learn by rote, and
quickly forget again, what like Par-
rots they ignorantly prated. I would
C 2 there-

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