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8 the AdvttnUgts ofMufck^
I am perfwaded that were the minds
ofourEngHQi youth, more poflefled
with this delightful and innocent re-
creation, which is hardly capable of
excels, they would afterwards value
it above their vainer Sports, and by
their efteem and pleafure in it, be
fore-ftalled againfl: any extravagant
debauchery. It may therefore upon
this account feem a more ingenious
piece of policy, for fome progging
Guardians to educate their Pupils in
this advantageous divertifemettt, ra-
ther then to inftill their fneaking prin-
ciples of covetoufnefs, which if they
take eflfecl:, Tender them bafe on one
hand, but ofteneft on the other break
out into a contradidtive prodigality 5
as we daily fee the moft fubtle (craping
fellows are f ufually followed by the
wildeft heirs.
Iri Country Recreations ( which
Citizens enjoy not, neither are like
Mufick, always in feafoh, but depend
much upon the time of the year, and
the weather) there is not much to be
valued, except the wholfome exerci(e 3
and the frefh air, which are things al-
together extrinfical, in'refpeci of the
Sport, whofe quarry is always unwor-
1 i thy

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