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the Advantages of Mufick; J
fome hours in this Recreation, he hath
attain'd an Art, which where-ever
the perfon comes, fhall bring him in
efteem, and create a delight to the
fociety he is in 5 whilft what glory is
it to fhuffle and cut the Cajrds well }
or dexteroudy to jog the elbow, un-
lefs in a difcreditable phrafe ? and I
don't doubt but this argument will be
valued amongfi: thofe that are ingeni^
oufly covetous of accomplifhments*
2. The charges of this recreation
are much left then of others 5 for no
Gamefter will play, unlefs his wager
be confiderable enough to oblige his
attention 5 if then we fuppofe a Gen-
tleman to keep within moderate
bounds (fo he plays like himfelf) he
may eafily lofe more in one night, then
his Mufick will repair for a month} but
how often doth a bewitching pa(fion
prevail to double the {takes, and then
venture at all 3 till at laft a crofs call:
ruines his eftate, and miferably de-
ftroys a Noble Family , many fad ex-
amples can prove Gaming guilty of
this : but though Mufick was never
famous for enriching men, it was never
known to have begger'd any.
B 4 I

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