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The Advantages of Mufick. 9
thy (b great pajns, and the charges of
maintenance without proportion. Ma-
ny a Gentleman hath had his efta$e
devoured by his ravenous Hawks, and
undergone the fate of AUeon^\\o^(\Vi
remains an emblem of thofe Hunters,
that have been eaten up by their own
I know nothing that can be alledg-
ed againft Mulick, but that it is too
fedentary and una&ive j which (if it
fhould be foj is no more then the fore-
mentioned unprofitable Games, may
be juftly accufed of, yet being further
confidered, it may vie wholfomnefs
with the beft j for there is nothing (b
efficacioufly opens the breaft, as Sing-
ings which exercifes the Lungs, and
confequently puts the blood into a
brisker motion, whilft fome warbling
thrill, (trains thofe parts, and affifts in
the feparation of the fluggiQi flegm :
They that practice on the Viol, are
able to overcome the cold of a Win-
ters morning, and excite a ruddy
warmth, which, by Phyficians, is fet as
the boundary of an wholiom ex-
After all thefe Advantages of Mu-
fick, which is (b noble and gentile, that

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