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6 the Adv Ant ages of Mufick^
ing fweetnefs it lulls the foul into its j
own pacate pofture, and gives eafe and
quiet 5 when other games in their di-
verfion only rack and torment it,
But let us purfue the comparifon.
I. Thofe are meer paftimes, which
when we have fpent many hours in
frequenting, do not redifpofe us to
undertake now bufinefs, but leave the
head hot, the faculties tired, and the
man quite difabled to ftudy or work 5
whereas his recreation ought to fit
him for it 5 but after the hearing Come
brisk Airs, or melodious Confort, the
mind is raifed, the fancy enlivened,
care and forrow fuppreffed, and an
inclination produced ready to difpatch
any employment. Such a noble power
hath Mufick over the four 5 which
though it is not (as Plato thought} on-
ly Harmony, yet Harmony may
claim very great acquaintance with it,
fince 'twas ufed as a facred means to
allay Sauls anger, and doth ftill fet
the Soul in order, charming the mad-
nels even of one bitten by a Taran-
But to the pleafure and preparation
for bufinefs, there is another profit
superadded, that when one hath fpent
\ ' \ . , ibme

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