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The Advantages of Ainfic\. 5
rude, but they will be attentive, in
pretence, to that accomplishing Ge-
nius, which they are aftiamed it (hould
be known nature hath denied them.
Though you (hall have fome men Co
importunate to (hew themfelves wits,
and tell ftories of the great Turks im-
patience, that they will break out in
the midft of a fuit of leffbns, and
then call for Bobbing Jone, or the
Nightingale 5 as if their brisk fancies
were not to be damped with the gra-
vity of an Almain, and they knew
better from their Countrey Scrapers,
then what thefe troublefom Contrivers
of Confort perplex them with.
It may feem impertinent to prove a
recreation profitable, or to refpeft in-
tereft in the choice of pleafure ■> but
that gain is fuch a taking thing in the
world, as if we can make out Mufick
in this kind advantageous to the pra-
cYtcer, it will be treated with a double
welcorm To this purpofe let us but a
little confider other Sports, as Cards,
Tables, Chefs, &c. and you will find
that its expences may be efteemed
good husbandry, though for its excel-
lency it deferves to be purchafed by
thegreateft charge, fince by its refrefh-
B 3 ing

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