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The Contents.
IF. To the Viol, where the different
Cliffs being laid ajide, and the Notes
rightfully inheriting the places of their
oltaves. ( Page 46.) There is not half
the time and pains required to be per-
fect in the book as formerly 3 and he
that (hall, or can already play only by
the pricking of the Bafe $ (hall be able
to play the higher parts $ and what-
foever was writ for any other Mufick,
which ever conforms it felf to this its
conftant foundation.
An Vniverfil Tuning propofed for the
Viol, f Page 51.) whereby it is made ca*
fable, at once to exprefs the melody of
a Lyra tuning, and the intelligence of
III. to the Organ, Harpfechord, or
Virginals 5 in which all things are car-
ried by the exaU refemblance cfO&aves 9
as the eye may moft readily apprehend
them, both upon the Bool^ and Inflru*
went, (Page 57.) whereby we avoid ,
1. The perplexed care of different
Cliffs for each hand at the fame time.
2. The invincible difficulties of their
arbitrary transposition. 3. That di-
ffracting multiplicity of fix or more
lines, which are here reduced to five.
IV. To

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