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The Contents.
II. To Vocal Muftc^ where a regular
hflat can be placed only ttpon the
fecond line and third fpace 5 whence
arifij a moft perfpicuous eafinefs in
the Sol-fa-ing of Notes 5 fo that Mi
hath the fame (Ttuation in all parts,
(Page 3 5. ) Whence it follows , That
one who can Sing a Treble part, can
immediately Sing that which is writ-
ten for the Bafe or any intermediate
parts. Becaufe the jttuation of Notes is
always the fame> which require hut four
lines more eafily to be apprehended by
the eye, (Page 38.)
The Dejfgn applyed to Inftrumental
Mufick^ andfirii *>
I. To the Violin , (Page 42.) where
G being fit in the loweft line. You
will be exercifed, in the common cha-
racter, to play readily thofe Leflbns,
which were writ for any other Inftru-
ments,upon the Violin: And then the
higheft and moft lively Notes will fall
moft conveniently within the com-
pafs of the lines.
II. To

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