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The Contents.
IV. Xo the Lute ^ for which there is
a scheme propofed, (Page 66.) where-
in all the firings, both open and flopt,
are exprejfd by "Notes 5 which never
chaff ge any place or Cliff upon the Bookj)
and always belong to the fame place up-
on the Lnftrnment. whereby 'tis much
eafier for one who already under-
ftands any thing of Notes, by the
practice of fome other Mnficfa and
even altogether as eafie for a new be*
ginner to play upon the Lute by Notes,
as by Letters. For the fame time, in
which they learn the names of the firings
and their Bops, would be fuffcient to
injiruct them, what Notes thofe Brings
and flops are? which alfo appear more
rational and plain upon the Eoo^, than
the prefent letters do, (Page 65. ) ftnce
all the O&ave Notes have the fame names
and the fame places, which by Letters
required different (ituations and vari-
oufty Jhapd CharaUers*
And for encouragement, he that plays
on the Lute by Notes ,
1. Truly underftands his Leflbns,
and fees into the whole compofure
and contrivance of them.
2. He

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