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The Contents.
neceffary 3 and the perplexed compu-
ting of Confonant Notes are brought
to one plain account.
The fame feven Notes and their 0~
Baves are ever (ituated upon the feme
lines and /paces. (Page 25LS So that
we have no troublefcme variety of
figned keys., none of their perplexed
Tranfpofitions -, but a 'conftant and
Univerfal Character, the fame in all
parts of Mufick upon all fnftruments.
Hence alfo it follows, he that knows
his Notes in one part, knows them in
all parts.

The De/ign Apply ed.
I. To Composition j that the confonant
and dijfonant intervals 3 being ever ftu-
ated upon the fame places in all the fe-
deral Farts. (Page 32.) You may-
more clearly perceive which they be,
and where they are to bewrittea

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