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»>i*i SIC i^JS 5tB JjC JJJC J?I5 vT» V?* <l5 C!JC 5JC CJC Ojt jjjt
<ift> «ifc «Jt» fifff <iTi> «ifr» rfrt . flft» Otg «Jg «ft» fifr» fffo -iTj-> »*■»
The Contents of the Chapters,
and Advantages which arife
from this Effay.
MVfick^ truly valued from its Au-
thentic^ Creator \ its Ancient
Patronage, and that proper
faculty, which was created for its recep-
tion. ("Page I. 2,3.) The Advantages
whereby it excells all other recreations
in beji accomplifhing its performers, and
re-difpoffng them for any employment,
("Page 6.)
The Scale ofMufick^ reduced to feven
Notes, encircling themfelves in Jeveral
OUaves, exprejfedby the feven firji Let-
ters of the Alphabet. (P. II.) Whence
it follows, That the hard names of the
Gamut, and its conjuring repetition
backwards and forwards, becom e un-
necessary j

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