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Peggy. Wer't in my pow'r wi' better boons to
I'd gi'e the beft I cou'd wi' the fame eafe ; (pleafe.
Nor wad i, if thy luck had fall'n to me.
Been in ae jot lels generous to thee.
Pafie. I doubt it not; but fince we've little tjine.
To ware't on words wad border on a crime.
Love's fafter meaning better is esprcft.
When it's wi' kiffes on the heart impreft. (Exeunt.
A C T V.
See how poor Baiildyjiares likeane pojfej}.
And roars up Symonfrae his hindfy reft;
Bare-ti'^^g^d, ivi' night cap, and unhittonhi coai,
Sfci? iLf iiild mari cmnesforivard to the fat.
WHAT want ye, Bauldy, at this early hour.
While dicwiy iieepkeepsa' beneath itspow'rT
Far to the north the leant approaching light
Stands equal 'cwi>:t the morning and the night.
What gars ye ftiake, and glov. r, and look fae wan ?
Tour teeth they chitter, hair like briftles ftau'.
Bauldy. O le-.i me foon fome vater, milk, or ale,
My head's grown giddy—legs wi' Ihaking fail i
ri'i ne'er dare venture forth at night my iane;
Alake ! I'll never be myfeil again.
I'll ne'er o'erput it J Symon ! O Symon ! O I
{^y-iiion give$ him a drinh

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