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(90) Page 76 - At setting day and rising morn

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(90) Page 76 - At setting day and rising morn
Pe^gy. Vv'i' ev-'ry fetting day, and rifing morii,
I'll kneel to heav'n, Knd aik thy f.-ife return.
Under that tree, and on the fuckler brae.
Where aft we wont, wher. bairns, to rin and play ;
And to the hiiTel.lhaw, where firft ye vow'd
Ye wad be mine, and I as eithiy trow'd,
I'll afren gang, and tell the trees and tlow'rj,
Wi' joy, that they'll bear vvitnel's I am your's.
Orfung asfulhiTJS.
SANG XIX.— Tune, Bujl) abaetiTraomh.
At fetting day and rifing morn.
Wr' foul that ftill (hall love thee,
I'll alii of heav'ii thy fafe return,
Wi' a' that can improve thee,
rilvifit aft the birken hufh.
Where firft thou kiiidly tald me
Sweet tales of love, and hid my hhifij,
Whii ft round thou didft enfald me.
To a' our haunts I will repair.
By preennood fhaw or fountain ;
Or where the iimmer day I'd Oiare
Wi' theeunoii yon mountain.
There will I tell the trees and flow'rs.
From thoughts unfeign'd and tender.
By vows you're mine, by love is your's,
A heart which cannot wander.
Vatle. My dear, allow me frae thy temples fair
A ihinin^; ringlet of thy flowing hair.
Which, as a faujple of each lovely charm,
I'll aften kifs, and wear about niv ^<.n'a.

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